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December 2019
Oh Cupid by Bai-Jiu

Mature Content

Tentacles attack by Imeraldes
Mechagnome Iskrol's by Sad-Sehna
Surrounded by flowers! (YCH #5) by macaarons
November 2019
C: ryakishouu by kyuar
Commission: Goupi and cynder by Foxhatart
comm JemSob by Heirozen
Halfbody commission 43 - x-cute-ktty-x by Lady-Bullfinch
October 2019
Little Angel by sparklytoys
BNHA: Always The Serious One by HaraaJubilee
Green Ladies of 2019 by HaraaJubilee
My Patreon! by Lemanntim
September 2019
20190223_OC by prisonerovo
(CLOSED) SWEETICALS ONE-OFF #03 by ScarletDestiney
Shinobu from DEMON SLAYER by Daemo72
Plazma - Auction - CLOSED by BluuLeopard
August 2019
[CLOSED] Spring and The Sun by PygmaMoth
Jackalope Adoptable Pending by Brodoptable
Full moon by kugiboogy
[CM] Super hug! by Clerii
July 2019
[DB] Mythic Type Corsola - Open by Krizpie
[DB] Beat The HEAT - 3/8 Open by Krizpie
Lilith Outfits Tumblr Social Media by AlexFlis
Siamese Fighting Fish by Klairs
June 2019
Notice Me! animated Commission by Bai-Jiu
Nessa by keropluvia
Pax by keropluvia
more randos (closed) by fatpeaches
May 2019
CLOSED \\ adoptable angel \\ set price by kugiboogy
2019 HiHi Puffy AmiYumi by IchigoRanch
[COMMISSION] BungoTaiga by RamboNyanKitty
Butterfly Mermay adopt auction [CLOSE] by Fumi03
April 2019
[AT] Sakura and Azar by Exeidur
[Commission] Fee by 6nepurin6
Roy's Dream - Fire Emblem Heroes by Rukia520
Adopt 11 [CLOSED] by AnpleOR
March 2019
COMM-Capcom Ocs: Megaman Exe Hub and Xiaomu by Sony-Shock
February 2019
Adoptable for Inntary by AkesiSan
January 2019
December 2018
[Closed] Mixed batch by Reineka
November 2018
[GM] Mora, Coli and Neis by Squishy-Latte
October 2018
Pennywise  Mimiplushie by PeziCreation
September 2018
you better not by crown-rachel
August 2018
annabelle by dreamymoongirl
July 2018
Demon cat Adoptable [closed] by Yanmii
June 2018
DATE MY SONIC OC!: Alex route (UPDATE) by piink-rose
May 2018
[OC] I know You belong to somebody new but... by Flamingo-sama
April 2018
Oshawott Sketches by Sm-ArtThings
March 2018
Just hang'n out with the Boss by Plasmatiel
February 2018
Feb'18 - Dorothy Ann -nick07208 by Sm-ArtThings
January 2018
Timmy and Chloe v2 by Sm-ArtThings
November 2017
Shinobu by Pink-cigarets
October 2017
com . vonnir by snow-puffs
September 2017
beach girl commission by jeromehrs
August 2017
Snail Witch by Eclipsing
July 2017
Paper Craft Plant Decor by ariaoftherain
June 2017
C: Bright Future! by Strawberryica
May 2017
April 2017
[SOLD] Purple Bat Baby by Slothie-Studios
March 2017
[CM] TuLettu by Fareow
Feedback Requested 2
Hawk-chan and Elizabeth by IchigoChoco-o3o
February 2017
amigurumi marill by hiro-chan28
January 2017
The Good Cop by xMadamexMintx
December 2016
November 2016
Paradise by Cat-Anna
October 2016
AT: [ Someone-chan ] by nemuui
September 2016
August 2016
Pistanthrophobia by de-mise
July 2016
Red Lipstick by Yu-ann
June 2016
May 2016
AT - Dawn and Dusk by RedvelvetPierrot
April 2016
C: Revontulet1982 by misuuri
March 2016
Dance, Neka, dance! by molegato
February 2016
January 2016
Erica by HanaPiana
December 2015
Lioness by clockworktheatre
November 2015
YIN by mayaflare
October 2015
Marceline (repaint) by thirteenthangel
September 2015
August 2015
July 2015
I'm free by Jianaiko
June 2015
New Batgirl by Costalonga
May 2015
Dashie Cake. by Sukesha-Ray
April 2015
Happy Birthday Muchuni! by MeIsGeanie
March 2015
~Alice~ by Pomskyy
February 2015
wip fluffiiez by trashkunn
January 2015
Deviantart Frozn Tiwi by ples001
December 2014
Happy New Year, King Aragorn! by FeatherQuilt1988
November 2014
Rapunzel Request by MissYellowCanary
October 2014
Mustache Monster by koshadesing
September 2014
Murakumo by Ku-On
August 2014
hav u seen mah baer tabbahs by Ellouises
July 2014
For Rena. by Chibbur
June 2014
inFlammable by moremagic
May 2014
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Usagi Attack!! by kathy100
April 2014
Fan Art: Cutiepiemarzia by lichilin
March 2014
Hbd hyacinthess by blavk
February 2014
December 2017
A curious situation by Imiximago
January 2014
Jelly and flan charm by sosogirl123
Feedback Requested
Rachelween by BLARGEN69

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Welcome to Cute-Café! ♥

Cute-Cafe is an art group dedicated to cute art! Unlike most groups, our main focus is cute things, not dependent on skill or product.

This group is an art group for artworks/crafts, so no literature, journals and wordy submissions (memes, tutorials, comics, adopt/OC reference sheets)! Thank you.

:bulletgreen: Please do not advertise in the comments section. If you have a contest to advertise, please note the group. Any comment ads will be hidden.

:bulletpink: Submissions are into the group are 2/week per member.

:bulletgreen: Art submitted into all folders must be finished!

:bulletpink: The Featured folder is currently closed.

:bulletgreen: Please so not submit art with any gore into the group, no matter how cute.

:bulletpink: Pin-ups and panty shots will not be allowed. Please submit things you can show to kids.

:bulletgreen: Lace dividers by firstfear

:bulletpink: Suggestions, comments? Note the group :)


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Am offering Commissions for those who are interested in and looking for Commission 
Please comment in this journal 
Money commission 2024 [Open]Headshots inks are 5 USDHeadshots with colors are 7 USD,,Inks/lineart are 12 USD for half body (5+USD for extra character)Inks/lineart are 16 USD for full body (5+USD for extra character)Colors are 21 USD for half body ( 5+ USD for extra character)Colors are 30 USD for full body ( 5+ USD for extra character),,,I will DrawSfwSonic officials and OcsOc X OcCanon X CanonOc X CanonI will NOT DrawNSFWPedophilia or anything nasty/badHate artsGoreRobots/mechaComplex designs/charactersRules1) I have the right to refuse a commission if I don't feel comfortable drawing it.2) payment must be upfront before I start working on your commission, as long as I don't get paid I will not work on your commission.3) I have other things to do outside of arts and with my mental health being a bit exhausting to me so please be patient.4) you can use my art for personal use ( profile pictures, banners, wallpapers and ect) and please credit me when you do so.5) I can only draw One extra character for lineart/inks and colors ordersI Don't answer on point commissions on my front page nor through notes if you like a commission please comment below on this journal.I may have missed some things or may not answer all your questions, if you have any questions feel free to ask and comment below in this journal don't worry I don't bite ^^I accept money USD For money USD I accept PayPal, ko-fi and patreonNote: I have closed DA points commissions at the moment /for the time being and I only accept money USD commission At the moment since I need some cash/moneyMy ko-fi: patreon: Any form of donation is appreciated too! And if you wantto donate...
pocketbeetle Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2024  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Smol Fire Animation ♥

Lil Pink Fire Loves You =D (Animation) by pocketbeetle
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HuannitaChu Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2024  Professional Digital Artist
In Lilac By Huannitachu Dg778bx-414w-2x by HuannitaChu  
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Ww by HuannitaChu  
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