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Cute as pie Rules [Updated] - Please read before joining

:star: Cute as pie club rules :star:


:bulletpink: We are a club that shows cute and adorable things ONLY!!!. This means cutesy cute art.Not beautiful art or art where the person is just standing (unless a chibi) and isn't doing anything or isn't in a cute outfit or pose. D; All art will go through a voting process to be approved or declined.

We also only take medium to high quality art now. However we have an "Art in training" folder if you'd still like to submit~ It doesn't mean your art is bad, it just means there's lots of room for improvement. <3
:star: requirements :star:

:bulletpink: If submitted in the wrong folder it will be declined.

:bulletpink: art work must look appealing and look like hard work got put into making the art piece. No quickly done sketches.

:bulletpink: Cutesy Romance (not beautiful) work is fine~ Just no sexual stuff!

:bulletpink: No quick sketches or WIP

:bulletpink: no bad coloring...or bad line art.

:bulletpink: make sure you put forth all efforts into all artwork.

:star: What can be approved: :star:

:bulletgreen: cute, pretty , adorable, girly, pink!!!, chibi, sparkly , bubbley , sweet Lolita... Anything that makes you say Kawaii!!!

:new: Skulls,Gothic Lolita, Dark cute, Unhappy Cute, etc. Can go into this folder:… (It has it's own rules~)
:new: Uncolored works,black and whie, etc. can go here:… (rules also are in the folder~)

:star: What can't be approved: :star:
Gore, seductive outfits, adult poses, most weapons, people just standing without having any of the themes that can be approved etc. , panties. (Unless they are panties and panties ALONE and not on a person's body and such, aka no Panty shots.)

:bulletpink: Please say "I like pie" to let us know you've read the rules in your application. =3 Not in the comments.

:new: We are a club for young and young at heart. If the art it not appropriate for young eyes its not allowed. Adult material such as the middle finger and bad language is not allowed. In addition sex appeal, showing provocative, or sexual undertone suggestion is not allowed. Like mentioned above it what can't be accepted.

NO NUDE or sexual provocative. We are a cute club!!!!!!!!!!.

Please limit 1 deviation per Week if you are a member

:bulletpink: We have the right to remove work or move work to a new folder.

We show digital art , and traditional art , photography , and crafts. We welcome girlyness and cuteness XD

Hope we as a club can be good friends and have fun along the way of becoming better artists ^-^

Welcome to the club!!!!!!

:bulletpink:Group advertisement:bulletpink:

Holley Tea Time l Bekyoot l Happy Cosmos l Kimchi Kawaii

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Hello. I'd just like to firstly apologize to all who had submissions expire.This group has been around for yeaaars, and much of our admin have poofed. I just got back from a 2-3 year hiatus, and our submission process was soo complicated and tedious.

:bulletpink: I have adjusted how the submissions are processed so that we can accept your work more quickly! For now, submissions will only need 1 vote.
:bulletpink: Join requests are now auto-approved.

I might have to go through our folders and do a clean-up. We have an excess of unnecessary folders, I feel.

If you have any suggestions for the group/it's folders, please feel free to leave a comment!

I'm not sure what other admin have been active, but myself SquiggleCakes ( :iconsquigglecakes: ) and GrandmaThunderpants ( :icongrandmathunderpants: )have been doing our best to maintain the group.

I might open applications to be a contributor as well, but we will see!!

Thank you all for your time and patience with us. I hope to get this group back on track with GrandmaThunderpants and our members!

P.S, I'll be trying to integrate changes throughout the month.
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Cute as pie is a group that holds a common interest of cute and adorable things. It will be a club to submit adorable art , photography , and crafts .We as a group will also display cute fashion know as sweet Lolita. Our focus as a group is to show cute and cuddly things to brighten up a girls day. The group will display girly attitude and items. It will be a place to show adorableness to others and also to inspire young and old from all over the world.
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