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Some of you that are adverting without donating are really making the Admin's upset. Just because this is a cute group doesn't mean that the Admins are incompetent fools. If we see one more person advertise their commission without donating to the group first, we will kick you out of the group PERMANENTLY. We will mark your comment down as spam and tell you that you have been kicked out. There are no second changes on this, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GROUP!!!

Cute Art Update

Hello all you little cuties! This is Tami6677 here and I see that we have gotten quite a lot of commissioners buying commissions from those that donated to the group to have a spot. This makes it wonderful news that the group is helping you out by you helping us; this means a lot to me and the Admin's.

Now if you are here to gain a spot by have your commission information posted, it cost 30 points. Your information will be posted in the blogs and on the front page as a button that comes up at random. The 30 points is a donation to keep our group a super group; so you are really helping us by donating these points.  We use to get donations out of the kindness of other members, but as time went by, members wanted something in return. So we took it upon ourselves to give back by advertising commissions.

So before you purchase your spot, there are some things you need to know listed below.

  • When you buy a spot, your commission information will stay up in the group as long as we are around. If you like to remove it, just note the group; but please know that if you do, you will have to pay again.
  • We are not responsible for updating your commission information if you change it; that is something you will need to note the group to have us updated it for you. If not whatever we have will stay that way until you contact us.
  • Changes to the blogs and information buttons can and well be change given time. What we find affective now might not be later; just know that whatever we change, your commission information will still be posted up in the group in some shape of form.
  • Not everyone is as lucky as the next. We do not stat or guarantee that anyone will buy your commission by having your information up in the group. All the group does is promote your commission to help you get a possible buyer; nothing else.
  • Points are non refundable. Once you've given your points to the group, you are not welcome to a refund. But there has been certain circumstance where the group has failed to post up commission information after we told the member that it has already been added into the group. Then and only then, will you be entitled to a refund.
  • If your account has been banned or deactivated, your information will be removed. We only promise sports for members that are still around, not gone. Also, if you do return we cannot give your new account the old spot. You will have to buy another spot unless you can prove that the banned or deactivated was you.

Alright! After you read and agree to those terms, the next thing you want to do is donate your points to this account here -> <- and in the donation box. After that you are welcome to comment below with your commission information or note the group. Ether one is fine just as long as you donate before you comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Members Commissions Ad

Looking for the commissioners and there prices? Well check out the buttons below to find them and remember don't let the prices fool you in to not having a look at some of the other artists. ♥

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