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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 1, 2010, 11:33 AM

The Works

Hello members of the CAC group, here is where we explain how each folder of the groups gallery works. We find this blog to be important for members that aren’t too sure on where some of their deviations will go; so we break it down for everyone to understand.

    Featured: The featured is only for the Cutie Nobles (aka the contributors) and the Admins. From time to time the Admins go through the gallery and add artwork we think to be very well drawn. We believe that artwork that has quality to it and hard work deserve a feature. CAC Mascot - Chime-Chan: This folder should be obvious, it's a folder that we dedicated to the groups Mascot. Nothing but drawings of the mascot can go into this folder.       
      CAC Mascot Contest: A closed folder of the contest we held to pick our mascot.       Cute Art Mascot Entry: Another closed folder of a contest we had for the groups mascot.
    Digital Media 4 This is where members place their digital work done on the computer. Traditional Art: A folder to keep drawings done traditionally on paper or canvas with crayons, markers, color pencils or paint. Vector: The vector folder is almost like the Digital folder, but the only differences is that the artwork done with illustrator. Photography or Manip: Anything  that has been taken with a camera is place in this folder. Even if the photo has had some manipulation done to it.       
      Crafts and Trinkets: Everything that is a sculptures or clay makings, jewelry or charms, plushies or dolls, pins or buttons, pieces of clothing, outfits or costumes, and paper crafts or orangery go into this folder. Werther you made it yourself or bought it.       Paper Children: Photos of cut out characters from a piece of paper go into this folder
    Pixel or Emoticons: All pixel art or emoticons go into this folder; all expect for icons and stamps. Icons or Stamps: Every single icon or stamp are collected into this folder. They don't go anywhere else but here. Just keep in mind that icons we take cant be lager then 50x50 or 100x50. The same thing goes for stamps; they must be around 100x55. It's okay if they are off by 5 pixels, but anything that is just to large will be declined. Animation or Flash Games When we say animation we don't mean Japanese cartoons that go by the name anime. We mean drawings that you have made a flash, film or game out of. This is also were we keep dress up games~ Designs or Interfaces This folder is for web designs, shirt designs, logos and any interface ideas. Wallpaper or Themes A wallpaper you made from scratch and themes you want others to use for their computer or phones go into this folder. Tutorials or Stocks Color me in lineart, tutorials of just about anything and stocks that people can download is better place in here so its easy to find for other members. Group Memes This folder isn't really used anymore and has been closed down, but we use to keep internet meme's in here. Commission Ad's Another closed folder that no one but the Admins can add into. We keep all of the members commission information in here so that members can have a look around and buy their work.


Need help finding things within the group? Can't find the rules or maybe you are looking for something the group is holding? Well have a look at the buttons below! We make sure to help you get to where you need to go.

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