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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2008, 5:57 PM

:bulletblue: Is this group only for girls?
:bulletpink: No way! Everyone is welcome to join.

:bulletblue: I don't draw so well, can I still join?
:bulletpink: Of course you can, you don't even have to post anything. We only ask that you still follow the rules.

:bulletblue: What if I don't draw but take photos?
:bulletpink: That is welcome as well. Anything that is cute can be added to the group, like crafts or even baked goods.

:bulletblue: Someone is submitting really bad art into the group, can you kick them out?
:bulletpink: If you don't like what is posted in the group, then you are welcome to leave. No one is making you stay, plus that is just flat out rude for you to even think of asking us to do that when the group doesn't judge people on levels of drawing skills.

:bulletblue: Someone has posted something that is stolen! What should I do?
:bulletpink: The first thing you want to do is note the group about it and we will remove it from our gallery. But you should report it to the help desk after you do because the group will not take any further actions after we remove the stolen work from the groups gallery.

:bulletblue: How many deviations does the group take in a day?
:bulletpink: We take in about 100-200 deviations every other day. We try not to flood anyone's inbox but if you feel like that is too much deviations coming into your inbox, then removed the group from your watch.

:bulletblue: May I post into the feature folder?
:bulletpink: Sorry but that folder is for the Admin's to feature some of the Elite deviations that come in. It's also for the contributors to add into but no one else. Regular members must add into the other folders.

:bulletblue: May I add 'Boy on Boy Love' or 'Girl on Girl Love' in the group?
:bulletpink: That's fine, just as it follows the rules and that it's clean sweet love; nothing sexual please.

:bulletblue: Does the Group Accept Adoptable's?
:bulletpink: No. They bring the group way too much trouble so please keep them out of our group and submit them to a group that specializes in them.

:bulletblue: Is Fan-Art okay to add into the group?
:bulletpink: Yes, it just has to be cute of course.

:bulletblue: May I post photos of Plushie's that I have made?
:bulletpink: Yes of course! We love cute and fluffy plushie's. Just remember, has to be cute and follow the rules!

:bulletblue: Why can't I add sexy things into the group?
:bulletpink: Because this is a cute-art-club, not sexy-art-club. Don't be silly; plus, it's one of our rules that nothing over a G-rated level may enter into the group. We just want to keep things nice and cute.

:bulletblue: I want to post something from another member, can I do that?
:bulletpink: The Admin's would like to apologize, but no. If you want to share something that belongs to another person; that is what the groups favorites are for.

:bulletblue: What if you guys stop logging on and submission build up?
:bulletpink: That is impossible; there are Admin's and one of use is always online. So don't worry about that. If anything, the worse that can happen is that you all have to wait till one of use comes back.

:bulletblue: May my group affiliate with this group?
:bulletpink: Sure thing! If your group has anything to do with ours, then you are welcome to send an affiliation or a NOTE to the group with the affiliation. If you comment on the front page or here we will not take in the affiliation and mark your comment as spam.

:bulletblue: Why are we only allowed to post 1 deviations a week?
:bulletpink: The group has more than 20,500 members right now and growing. Do you really want 20,500+ deviations in your inbox every morning? We don't think so.

:bulletblue: I'm a friend of one of the owners, does that mean I get away with some of the rules?
:bulletpink: No. The rules apply to everyone; even the owners.

:bulletblue: Why was my deviation removed?
:bulletpink: Sometimes the Admin's take it down because it broke one of our rules. We make mistakes too and press YES when we mean to press NO. Or maybe we notice that the deviation wasn't yours and a deviation that is stolen. Ultimately there can be many reasons but just know that it wasn't for no reason.

:bulletblue: Why Was My Deviation Declined?
:bulletpink: If you are asking then let the group start by apologizing for not sending you a reason why. Sometimes we are so busy getting to other deviations that were declined and we end up missing someone else's. These things happen, but just know that if you really an answer as to why, please send the group a note and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

:bulletblue: Why was I banned from the group?
:bulletpink: If you were banned from the group without warning, it was because of one of three reasons.
1.) You were trying to add stolen work into our group. Not only is that a violation of the groups rules but DeviantART's rules as well. We have reported you to the staff, so just wait for your banishment off the site.
2.) You were constantly adding deviations that broke our rules and ignored our comments when we have asked you more than enough times to stop.
3.) You posted up some type of spam or self advertisement on our group's front page or in another area of the group.


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