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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 14, 2014, 5:38 PM

Cute Art Contest Ad

Hello members of the CAC group. This blog is where you will find all contests that the group might be holding and other groups as well! We make sure to keep it updated and the newer ones moved to the top. Be sure to have a nice took at all the contests being held and be sure you let the contest holders know that we sent you!

    + Group: Shengyan-zhi-shen
    + Theme: New Group Icon
    + Started: April 26th
    + Ends: June 26th
    + Contest Blog:
    + Objective & Prizes: Create a avatar for the group, inspired by the Chinese horoscope. Some of the prizes for the first place are 1000 points, a Chibi drawing and an icon. Please see more information in the link listed.

Groups That Constantly Hold Contests

:iconanothercontestgroup: :icontransparentplz: :iconcontest-office: :icontransparentplz: :iconbandlerocontests:

If you want to have your contest posted here just be sure to send a note to the group with all the information we ask below. But if you comment on the blog about your own contest, you will be marked down as spam then permanently ban from the group.
    + Group:
    + Theme:
    + Starts:
    + Ends:
    + Contest Blog:
    + Objective:
    Please be sure to give the Admins some time to get back to you when you do send the note!

Hey everyone, we just want you all to know, no one hacked the group or messed up our front page or journals. Its just messing my the images I have made and posted on the website that is now messing up everything in the group. This happens every year on the website, so if everyone can be patient till its fixed, it would be greatly appreciated.

- Tami6677

General Group Rules Update

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 3:13 PM

If you are serious about be a member of this group, keep in mind that once you are a member you have automatically agreed and are obligated to follow our rules. So if you don't agree to what we have or just aren't good with following rules; it will be best if you find another group that suits your standards. Now if you do agree please be warned that if you push our limits or are purposely acting up, you will be permanently banned from the group.

General Rules & Behavioral Guidelines

    Respect your fellow Members and Staff: We ask for all Members and Staff to be kind to one another and to treat others like you would like to be treated. Our group is very large and it only takes one person to ruin all the fun. Rude and unacceptable behavior may result in permanent banishment of the group.

    Please be patient with the Admins: This group was created for fun and for people to share their cute work with other members of the group. The Admins do not get paid to run this group, so please be patient with us if we don't get back to you right away. All of us have a personal life outside of DeviantART and can't be on 24/7; but we will do our best to assist you when we are able.

    Do not bother Admins on their personal accounts: All and every question, problem or concern must be sent to the group and the group alone in a form of a comment or note otherwise your questions will be ignored; you have been warned.

    No personal advertising: This group isn't for your own personally advertisements or promotions. We are about sharing cute art work with one another, not your commission sheets/journals or any other kind of self promotion. So please don't spam the front page or our journals with your advertisement. Now this doesn't mean the group can't help you promote your commissions and contests, just so long as you go to this link here >> [link] << to find out what you need to do to promote your commission or here >> [link] << to promote your contest.

Standard Submitting Procedures

    Please submit things that are Cute related: There is a reason why the group is called Cute Art Club, so please only submit things that are Cute and remember what you think is cute, might not be cute for others. What the group is looking for in submissions is deviations that are delightful, pretty, delicate and playful in a childlike matters. But if you aren't sure, please read a little below on what we don't take into the group.

    Only submit artwork created 100% by you: We will not take anything done with bases, snapshot, cropped drawings or photos, traced or stolen work that you 'found' off another site. That is stealing and the group doesn't support thieves that think its okay to use other hard working artist's creations. If we catch you in the act, we will report you to the DA staff. The only exception to this rules is using custom made brushes/shapes or stock photos off DeviantART; just remember to credit the original artist.

    Submit things you are PROUD of: While the group doesn't judge members on any level of drawing skills we still want everyone have pride in the work they created. So before you submit it into the group, think about how you feel about your deviation. If you feel like its not your best or it was done more than 9 months ago, then don't submit it here. Though again, we welcome all levels of drawing skills; all we ask is that you are proud of the work you want to submit into the group.

    No more than one deviations a week: Seeing as the group has over 20,000 members, we only allow one deviation per week. As much as we would like to accept more deviations from our members, we simply cannot. With so many members trying to add a deviation a day the Admins won't be able to keep up with it all nor will you members be very happy if the group spams your inbox with over 500 deviations. Also, if you feel that you're getting too much deviations in your inbox, then simply remove the group from your watch.

    Please submit to the correct folder: If you so happened to add it to the wrong folder, withdraw the deviation and add it again to the folder subject. We will not move the deviation for you seeing as it is not our job to do so. So please, be careful with your folder placement or your deviation will just be declined and you have to wait another week to add again.

What The Group Accepts & Declines

    Both Digital art, Traditional media, Crafts and SOME Photograph is welcome: Anything that is considered Digital Media is welcome into the group and the same thing goes for Traditional Artwork. We even sometimes allow Crafts like charms, handmade plushies, paper children or sweets/foods. As for Photograph, just about anything that is cute is welcome as well. Just remember it has to be in good quality and taken by you. Also, we would like it if you refrain from adding self portraits you took in this >> [link] << kind of angle; this isn't MySpace or FaceBook.

    Tutorials, Journal skins and T-Shirt designs are welcome: This is something that most people don't know that we allow into the group but we do just so long as it doesn't break any of the stander submitting procedures. We ask that Tutorials are well put together and understanding when read. Journal skins must have quality to them and must work or they will be declined.

    Do not submit Scraps or Sketches: This group isn't a dump bucket so keep in mind that we do not accept scraps, sketches, doodles or poor quality line-art. Anything that is uncolored, on lined paper, a working progress or a "tester" deviation will not be accepted into the group. We only take in colorful pieces of art or crisp-clean digital line-art for other members to color in. The ONLY exception to the no color rule would be a deviation that was drawn in pencil but with nicely done details and shading.

    Keep deviations at a G-rated Level: We cannot stress enough that this group is only for Cute Art and Cute Art related things. We want to keep our gallery at a G-rated level not just our younger members, but in the name of all things cute. So if the deviation has any of the following below, we will not accept into the group what-so-ever. And remember, if the deviation has a mature filter on it, then it's obviously already breaking the rules.

    • Profanity: Anything that has a curse word or indications of a curse word, is a no.

    • Blood: Be it a boo-boo, bloody stain, bloody nose or bloody Zombie, is a no.

    • Violence: Someone being hurt, guns, rage like matter or negativity towards another, is a no.

    • Nudity: If you character is not clothed or is showing an excessive amount of skin, is a no.

    • Sexual Content: Characters that indicates sexual like behavior or pornographic matters, is a no.

    • Drugs: Marijuana, Pills, Needles, Cigarettes or anything Paraphernalia of any kind even alcohol, is a no.

    • Religionist Content: Any sort of religious like deviation, be it good or bad, is a no.

    • Disturbing Images: Things that are creepy, gross or just plain weird, is a no

    • Offensive Images: A deviation that indicates hateful or racist like matters, is a no.

    • Negative Images: Dark, depressing, sadness, scary or anything that is not delightful, is a no.

    • Sexual Items: Lady pads and/or tampons, Condoms or sexual toys, is a no.

    • Bodily Fluids: Poop, pee, vomit, boogers or even Farts, is a no.

    • Strange Fetishes: Inflation, Apotemnophilia, Zoophilia, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Paraphilic Infantilism, Vore and Guro, is a no.

    Absolutely no Literature: We apologize for any member that joins that are into written than drawing, crafting or taking photos but we cannot accept any literature into the group. You members are amazing but its very difficult to determine what is cute sometimes with written work and the Admins just don't have the time to sit and read everything that comes by. This rule also applies to Character Sheets/Applications that have too much written to it along with Journals.

    We do not accept Adoptables: Given the fact that Adoptables seem to cause the group a lot of trouble... more way than one in fact; we do not accept any form of Adoptables. Be it free, open, sold or resold, we just don't want them in the group. This group is not an adoptable group so please take them to groups that specializes in helping you sell your Adoptables. But if the Adoptable is a character that you bought and are now making artwork of your now owned character, that is fine; other then that, no other exceptions.

    No Memes of any kind: Despite the fact that some memes are pretty cute, we aren't that kind of group. Memes are hard to categorize and to judge and most of the time most Memes are sketchy, something that the group doesn't accept. So we don't make any unfair judging with one Meme to another, we just don't want them into the group so please do not submit Memes of any kind.

A Few Things....

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 28, 2013, 3:42 PM
First... please, please, please stop submitting adoptables into the group. We do not accept adoptables nor do we plan on accepting them in the future. We have had this as a rule for more than a year now and yet it people completely ignore it when they join or have been a member of the group for a while now. So we are asking you kindly to please refrain from adding adoptables into the group and take them to a group that specializes in helping you sell them.

Second; there is going to be a few updates to the group with in this week and all of next month. These updates shouldn't affect anyone but we still wanted to give people a heads up.

And lastly, we want to give a big thanks to one of our newest mods, Lahtistar for helping us these last few weeks. So grateful to have you part of our staff :heart:

Thanks everyone else for taking the time to read this blog!

Heads Up and Special Thanks!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 22, 2012, 5:32 PM
Hey everyone! The Admins here giving everyone a heads up on submissions. First and foremost, we are more then just a little behind with accepting everyone's submissions. We want to apologize for that. But with more and more of you awesome people joining the group and with holidays keeping everyone busy, it happens and we are greatly sorry. But don't any of you worry! Today we are going to do what we can to accept everyone's work then place submitting on a small hiatus for a day or two. We want everyone to enjoy the holidays and for everyone to spend time with their family with no temptations on our end. So I hope you all understand.

But for those of you that are waiting for your work to be taken in, please be sure that you are submitting your artwork is really acceptable. We can already tell some of you that are submitting adoptables, open or close, we do not accept those kinds of deviation into our group. You can read about it here >>… << in our group rules just encase some of you didn't get around to reading it before or after you joined. So please have a look at our rules even if you have read them once before, look at it again because sometimes things can be missed when our rules are a little long; we are hoping to fix them as a New Year new start.

On other news, we want to take all of you that have been donating points to our group. But we want to give out a special thanks to :iconsssilver-c: SSsilver-c for donating the most points, well over 3,000 points to the group! Really with your help we were able to buy another sub for the group! It really means alot to us all. But he wasn't the only one that donated a hefty bunch, members like DiMoo, YukiBean, Hourglass34, LostTideLover and EmeraldAngelStudio really helped too by giving a little extra. So again, thank you so much, not just the people we named but even just the people that donated for commission spots ^^ we Admins here in the group have placed your donation to good use like we promised we would :heart:

The Admins want to wish everyone a great Holidays and a New Year! Be safe and share your love along with happiness with everyone around you!


Need help finding things within the group? Can't find the rules or maybe you are looking for something the group is holding? Well have a look at the buttons below! We make sure to help you get to where you need to go.

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Help out members that need it, buy a commission!! For info on getting a spot on the front page or in a blog, check out this journal here >… < for all the details! But please don't comment your Ad's on the front page or in the groups blogs because we will permanently ban you.
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