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Retrofuturist revolver

This is my first attempt to design a revolver handgun. It can be reloaded by basculating the tube + drum assembly.
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i like your design, it's simple, clean and beautiful. i'd love to own one in real life
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sure wish you didn't crop out the top of the gun
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Fantastic and really cute! For a concealed hammer, trigger should be double action,but still we can use for precise single action sports shooting :-)
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it looks interesting. The modeling is top notch by the way.

It would be an interesting gun to shoot. 

if you don't mind some suggestions... the screws are a bit least to my eyes. 

and from handling guns..the safety lever would tend to snag, most of the time hand guns have their controls a bit more stream lined to avoid snagging on clothes or holsters as the are drawn. and most revolvers don't have manual safeties. Keeping the cylinder under the hammer empty is usually as much of a safeguard as you need for a revolver.

the lack of a frame over the cylinder always makes me a little dubious.but that is entirely a matter of my own personal tastes. For the design you put together it works. I've just always preferred the cylinders that snap out to the side, or have loading gates.

on the whole I'd say that's one hell of a first try!!! :D I would love to see more firearms with your unique style 
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Cool! That looks great!
Mateba Revolver images (Some seven shot types. Some fully automatic types)…

Wiki article…

Rhino Handgun images…

Wiki article…

Hope there's some help in there. :)

Much cheers to you and yours.
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Very nice looking gun. That trigger is going to need some more pull-back space to completely cycle the revolver mechanism, unless this is shown after being fired. Not sure what the piston's for.
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As art work, it is pretty.  As an engineering design, it doesn't make sense.
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nice mix of retro and future design... I'd like to see an working prototype! ;)
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