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IMPORTANT NOTE: Commissions are closed for an indefinite time but the customs/ pieces in the "Featured" section all look for a new home.


Hello to all deviants!

As you can see I specialised in restoring and customising "My Little Pony" figures and accessories.

My techniques are the following:

--> airbrush incl. sealer

--> repinking

--> painting fine details

--> rehairing with all kinds of hair (esp. nylon hair) + styling without heat or chemical products

--> Sculpting

--> electricificaton (on demand only!)

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My little Pony customs, Model Kits

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Hi you make beautiful commitions wow! .. I read you don't take new ones. So I want to try it myself than. Can you help me by telling me what paint you use to create a custom hashbro my little baby pony? And how to change their hair collor? Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations 😍 kind greetz Aaltje from Friesland

Thank you! Usually I airbrush with Createx Colors and paint with Vallejo Model Color (eyes, symbols, etc.). For the change of the hair color, please check youtube, you have a lot of tutorials there. Simply look for "my little pony rehairing"

Hello! Are you accepting commissions? I would love to have a custom of the Prototype G3 Celtic Triskel Pony. Let me know :)

Hi, At the moment I don‘t accept new commissions for an indefinite time. But I‘m glad you like the pony!

Oh my goodness. The newest so soft babies you posted are phenomenal. Down the road will it be possible to commission so soft babies and is there a base price? I'm imagining a so soft baby Truly and my heart has melted! I'd love to be able to commission one someday if it's an available option when my funds are better. ^^

Thank you so much, currently I‘m not accepting new commissions but doing a Baby Truly was in the planning since she‘s simple and I want to test another fur length. So once she‘s done I can send you a message, maybe you want to buy her...

Depending on the price and what my funds are like at the time, I would definitely appreciate a message just in case I can! Funds are going to be a bit tight for the next few months so I'll have to see where I am then. :)