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Gallery Folders

Queen Chrysalis - BronyCon 14 by dustysculptures
Derpy Hooves by renegadecow
Applejack by frozenpyro71
Cadence Toss! by EarthenPony
Twilight Sparkle
Masked Matter-Horn Custom by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Crystal Twilight Sparkle Custom by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Custom Equestria girls Twilight Sparkle by ShiveringCanvas
Princess Twilight Sparkle Coronation Dress 3 by Gryphyn-Bloodheart
Pinkie Pie
Pinky's Personal Armor by batosan
Custom Five nights at Freddy's Pinkie Pie by ShiveringCanvas
Custom Pinkamena by LittleMissAntiSocial
Applejack with Lasso Custom by Amandkyo-Su
Custom Ponys Apple Jack Power Pony by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Apple Jack's Personal Armor by batosan
Mistress Mare-velous Custom by atelok
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Jousting Armor 2.0 by batosan
Custom Equestria girls Rainbow Dash by ShiveringCanvas
Rainbow Power Rainbow Dash blind bag custom by Antych
Shadowbolt Dash by Nsomniotic
Rarity's Personal Armor by batosan
Custom Ponys Rarity Camping outfit by ELJOEYDESIGNS
G3 Rarity by GoEatCheesecake
Rarity sculpture by Blindfaith-boo
[My Little Dread Pony] - Rainbow Rocks/Fluttershy by Badjuju86
Sculpted Hair Jousting Fluttershy by Gryphyn-Bloodheart
Fluttershy Custom by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Sculpted Hair Flutterbat by Gryphyn-Bloodheart
My Little Pony Celestia and Luna Customs by kaizerin
Sculpted Hair Shining Armor by GoEatCheesecake
Commission: Princess Luna by phasingirl
The Future by liz-neko
Gray And Nerdy Deets by Eskerata
Gray And Nerdy by Eskerata
Trixie Lulamoon Custom007 by ELJOEYDESIGNS
Minor Characters
Babs Seed by Soulren
Background Ponies
My Little Pony Mane 6 Magnet Set - Handmade by Monostache
Non-Pony Characters
My Little Pony - Wendy Whedon by MarionPoinsot34
Wonderbolts, Shadowbolts
Blindbag Soarin by Gryphyn-Bloodheart
Tatzlloo is watching YOU by Kleintier-Manufaktur
MLP - 'Operation 'Custom Luna' Part II by Ksander-Zen
OCs, Ponysonas
Welder Pony by RosesWebofNightmares
Previous Gen and Concept Mane 6
Tex v.2 by Soulren
Spike, Pets, Animals, Etc.
owlicious custom by balthazar147
Too Much Derpy
Derpy the Mailmare by ChibiSilverWings
Fallout: Equestria
Steampunk Calamity by McMesser

RULES and stuff

For a list of customs artist who take commissions go here:…

Group chat is here:…

This group is only for the Friendship is Magic incarnation of My Little Pony. WE have a folder for previous gen ponies if you wish but it's really not our focus.

What do we accept?
-Customized MLP FiM toys. This includes anything from repaints to toys that have been cut apart and remade to sculpted from scratch
-WIP shots are welcome as well
-As are tutorials on rehairing, painting or anything else you'd like to share

What don't we accept?
-Plushies. There are several plushie specific groups on DA already - check out :iconmy-little-plushie: - :iconmlp-plushismagic: - :iconplushponies:
-General crafts. Things like, pins, clothing ect But :iconponies-for-everypony: allows all kinds of crafts

Please submit to the correct folders!

FEATURED - DO NOT SUBMIT TO FEATURED. The Admins will move things to featured as they come in.

MINOR CHARACTERS - Is for named characters who are not part of the mane cast; Big Mac, Braeburn, Photo Finish ect

VILLAINS - All antagonist characters. Trixie, Nightmare moon, changelings, Flim and Flam, ect.

ROYALTY - Celestia, Luna, Candence, Shining Armor(he married into royalty, technically it works)

BACKGROUND PONIES - Is for the (until recently) unnamed characters; Vinyl Scratch, Lyra & Bon Bon, Dr Whooves, Derpy ect

OCs AND PONYSONAS - Is for characters who do not appear in the show. This includes pony versions of characters from other shows, games or movies.

PREVIOUS GEN / CONCEPT MAN 6 - Was just added. For Lauren Faust's original concepts mostly; Firefly, Surprise, Posey, ect. Or if you're a fan of the older generation ponies and have redone one as a Gen 4, it goes here!

NO adult material (although if you can mange this with pony toys I'll be a bit impressed. We still won't feature it though)
NO harassing other deviants
If an artist you contact isn't taking commissions at the moment, or is to busy to take yours, or anything to that effect, please be polite. Harassing the artists is incredibly rude and we won't tolerate it.

Just in general, love and tolerate, my bronies.
After noticing a steady increase of Fallout:Equestria submissions I have created a new, separate folder for any customs created based upon the fanfic, any side fics, and any other characters created to inhabit this world.

However, please do not submit any existing characters from the show in here, such as Applejack or Twilight Sparkle. They should still be posted in their name folders.
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MarionPoinsot34 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
I have send many pictures, none of them accepted yet. Is this group closed ?
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Is this club still running?
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erm.... are people still wanting to buy customs?
i have about 3 *one of which is not finished* and i want them to have a good home :3
so... yeah xD

i  haven't posted pics yet, but if ya want me to, become a watcher :)
EmR0304 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi everypony! im holding a giveaway contest for a pony sculpt! Check out my profile page/journal for info on how you can be a part of it!! :D
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Can someone please read this and help me?: [link]
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