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Hi guys!

:star: UPDATE 2/9/2009 :star:

:new: The system files now are Working on any Windows Vista version (SP0, SP1, SP2).
:new: Taskbar buttons
:new: Some small fixes
:new: Windows explorer borders more like Windows 7
:new: Fixed Start Menu Shutdown/Lock Buttons ( no more bugs!). some other small visual changes. ;)

:bulletred: :star: The Theme works now on Windows Vista Home Basic WITH Aero Transparency enable!!!!!! ;) :star: :bulletred:

Thanks to killermole23 [link]



Windows Vista x86 (32 bit) any Version
VistaGlazz 1.2 to patch your system files to use 3rd Party themes [link]
You MUST have your system Up to Date.


:bulletred: The theme works PERFECTLY on x64 systems, not the system files but ONLY the Theme. :bulletred:


...and for those who want the firefox 3.7 theme take a look here [link]


How to Install and Use 3rd Party Themes in Windows Vista by Vishal [link]

How to Apply 3rd Party Themes in Windows Vista and Server 2008 without Using any Software by Vishal [link]


:bulletred: Looking for the best Windows 7 theme for XP? click here :bulletred: [link]


:bulletblue: See here How to Patch Windows Vista to Enable Custom Themes (Visual Styles) [link] :bulletblue:


Thank SalvoG92 for his great shellstyle [link]
Credits to Crystal-Coke for making this shell32.dll and imageres.dll
Also thanks to sunBeem2000 for helping me with some mods, fediaFedia for giving me some nice feed back piedelp for suggesting me some awesome ideas and zeroing for his help [link] Thanks guys. :)


If you like my daviation just :+fav: it. ;)
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:bulletred: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Compatible
(Read the FAQ Area at the end of the description)

:bulletred: Important Notes, Read Carefully:

If you like it, please :+fav: it :)
You can support my works by donating me some money from here: [link]

Please read carefully the deviation description and the included Readme before ask for support about the visual style and it's own parts.
At the end of the description there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Area.

:bulletred: About the Product
SteelFlash is a professional and elegant visual style for Windows Vista, with calm colors and style.
Is one of the most customizable visual style because of a revolutionary mode to modify the parts of the visual style.
Many thanks to the betatesters for this release: ~him7x and ~Nosf3r


:bulletred: Package also includes:

:bulletgreen: 2 Visual Styles: SteelFlash Final (2008) and SteelFlash 100k (2009)
:bulletgreen: Patchers to change many parts of the visual style.
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash CdArtDisplay CAD Skin
:bulletgreen: Windows Vista x86 (32bit) / x64 (64bit) compatible.
:bulletgreen: 2 Sidebar Styles
:bulletgreen: 3 Logon Screens
:bulletgreen: Different Taskbars Patchers
:bulletgreen: Taskbar Button Styles Patchers
:bulletgreen: Context Buttons Styles Patchers
:bulletgreen: Start Buttons Patchers
:bulletgreen: Windows Media Player GUI and taskbar styles (x86)
:bulletgreen: Additional required fonts.

For the detailed rar content description, please refear to the included Readme file, with tips for the folders and files.


:bulletred: Related Packages
:bulletgreen: Tex Wallpaper Pack 01 [link]
:bulletgreen: Alter Wallpaper Pack 02 [link]
:bulletgreen: Oobefldr.dll Patcher (Welcome Center) [link]
:bulletgreen: System Files dlls [link]
:bulletgreen: Extra Logons + PSD [link]
:bulletgreen: Extra Shellstyles - Animated/Static [link]
:bulletgreen: Updated Shell32.dll and Top Gameux.dll [link]
:bulletgreen: Growing Aurora Wallpaper Pack [link]
:bulletgreen: Additional Patchers [link]
:bulletgreen: Centered Big taskbar trick [link]

:bulletred: Related Packages from other Artists
:bulletgreen: Carbon Flash Icon Package by TheDarkenedPoet [link]
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash 2560x1024 Wallpaper1 by Dreamchasermusic [link]
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash 2560x1024 Wallpaper2 by Dreamchasermusic [link]
:bulletgreen: SteelFlash Logon1 by Dreamchasermusic [link]
:bulletgreen: Growing Aurora HD Video by Janosch500 [link]


:bulletred: Misc F.A.Q. [Important]

To download the file, click on the Download button on the top-left of the page.
To open the .rar archive, us a zip program like winRAR: [link]
The visual style is perfectly compatible with both versions of vista, x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit) SP1 and SP2, but it is not been tested on the SP0.
If you have Windows Vista 64bit SP1 and want to use SteelFlash Final (2008 version) please download this package: [link]

Before use this visual style
- Make sure you have rightly patched your system with the uxtheme patches or vistaglazz.
- If you want to manually patch your system , follow this guide [link] and use these files You can find them here: [link]
- If you want to automatically patch your system, use vistaglazz: [link] (re-patch if you updated from SP1 to SP2)
- If you have Windows Vista SP2, you can also use this patch: [link]
I didn't tried it but thanks to ~cclloyd9785 for the submission.

To use a Patcher, place it where the visual style is located (C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\SteelFlash 100k\) and run it as administrator.

If you want to use the smaller taskbar instead of the original, follow these passages:
-Rename the "steelflash 100k.msstyles" to something like "steelflash 100k-copy.msstyles"
-Rename the "steelflash 100k normal button.msstyles" to "steelflash 100k.msstyles"
-Apply one of the .theme files on the \themes\ folder

To increase the size of the quick launch buttons, do that: ([link])
- Right click on a empty area of the taskbar.
- Click Lock the Taskbar to uncheck it.
- Right click on a empty area of the Quick Launch area between the dotted bars and the icons.
- Click View and click on either Small Icons or Large Icons to check the icon size you want.


:bulletred: Legal:
The modify or the redistribution of the included package, in part or whole, is Prohibited.
You can post a direct link to this page where you want, but you can't host the file because is property of the author.

2008 STEEL89.
Thanks so much to all my supporters and specially to ^mrrste for the Daily Deviation!
Thanks to all the supporters of this visual style and the beta version.
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Donate via Paypal

>>> [link]<<<

Every amount is highly appreciated! Thank you


ThaImpact VS</u>

Well, I decided to make this visual style, because of two reasons:

1) creating a matching VS to :iconotisbee:'s great ThaImpact wall and objectdock skin

2) lack of dark themes for Windows Vista

-UPDATE 26.04.2009-

-added a second VS [see included readme]
-few updates and fixes

Package Content</i>

-2 Visual Styles [see included readme]
-Explorer.exe [x64/x86]
-browseui.dll [x64/x86]
-used fonts

I recommond you to use a dark wallpaper and to set the transpareny to 0%.
Moreover, the taskbar looks best, if you choose big icons for your quicklaunch.

I know that there are a few things that are NOT black, because I really don't find them. But the most used things (imo) are fitting to the rest.


-Preview Wallpaper: ThaImpact Walls by :iconotisbee:
-Objectdock/-icons: ThaImpact Dock / Basic5 Textual by :iconotisbee:
Rocketdock users >>> ThaImpact Dock for RD by :iconeos8:
Explorer-icons: W R E N by :iconapathae:
Startmenu-icons: Albook by :iconstopdreaming:

A special thanks goes to :iconotisbee:, because of his kindness allowing me to upload this VS, which is inspired by his great work.

I hope you all appreciate my work, comments and :+fav:'s are welcomed :)

For help using Visual Styles, click here to see :iconsweatyfish:'s tutorial

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Visual Style only
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...the wait is over!
From now you can enjoy my newest visual style for Vista :D

Bring your desktop to the next level with the NEXTLevel!


Package contains:

NEXTLevel visual style in 2 versions:
modern taskbar
alternate classic taskbar

Matching nature wallpaper (dual monitor versions available):

| Ryan


Quick Guide:

To use custom visual styles you need to patch your system, via VistaGlazz or TuneUp Utilities

Next unpack 'NEXTLevel' folder to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' (where C is the partition with Windows installed)

Now you can change the visual style by clicking any .msstyle file, or via 'Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance'

Click here for the full installation guide

I want to thank very much ~Michel8170 for his help and support

Also ~patrickgs for the help,

~UkIntel & ~psycoB for their great work on HEX reserching

And thank goes to Mando for allowing me to use his wallpaper.

Some parts of this theme are inspired by Thallos VS, a beautiful theme for Windows XP by `-kol

Check out THIS custom shellstyle if you prefer topshell.

Check out also THIS sidebar skin to get more NEXTLevel.

Click here to get official NEXTLevel skin for the ObjectDock

Click here to get official NEXTLevel skin for the RocketDock

Update v1.1:

27-03-08 -> NEXTLevel has been updated - I've included the most requested "features" such as "new" classic taskbar with custom orb and transparency on maximized windows :D

Check update log below for full information.

NEW - version with classic taskbar + custom orb
NEW - transparency in maximized windows
CHANGED - overlay images in Alt+Tab menu
CHANGED - background image when dragging files in Explorer
CHANGED - redesigned sidebar of classic Save/Open file window

NEXTLevel has been featured as DD :D Big thanks to ~chalkley3 for suggestion and `manicho for featuring :nod:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License
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Here is what has been my latest obsession since the last update to Vega, stage 2 ProjectX. (made with fresh resources, the original ProjectX was not recycled)


Download includes:
-Visual Style - any version of Windows Vista (32bit or 64bit)
-browseui.dll - requires 32bit Vista w/SP1
-and shell32.dll - requires 32bit Vista w/SP1
-Installation Instructions

After applying the Visual Style, set your color to "Graphite" and your color intensity control to about 5-10% (real low). The reason is even though the borders are made black, Vista still adds a very slight tint to the default color.

x64 System Files by ~2bfree
ProjectX 2 ObjectBar by ~sweatyfish
IconPackage Used by ~mrskope
Matching WMP Skin by ~StopDreaming:
Miranda Skin by ~Cyntar7

Modifications are allowed. No permission needed. Credit to me as the original author required. You must share your work under the same license.

For help using Visual Styles, click here.
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This is my very first visual style for Windows Vista.:) Take about 1 month to finished.

- .msstyle requires Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
- other .dll file require Windows Vista SP1. (32-bit only!)

:bulletorange:The easiest way to change theme is to use Styleselector [link]

:bulletorange:Download includes:

(change back/forward button)

:bulletyellow: explorer.exe
(change user picture's frame at startmenu, and also change two button on shut down panel)

:bulletyellow:Pastel Skies Wallpaper pack
(as in screenshot above)[link]

:bulletyellow:Install Instruction

As always, Your opinion matters~! Critic & suggestion are always welcomed!


You can post direct link to this page, but not host the file on your own server.
The images used in the theme is the property of mine.
No modifications or redistributing without permission.


:bulletorange:Special Thanks to

The first inspiration to create this VS is from minimalistic rein Firefox theme by Naoto Kusumi [link]

:iconukintel: for greatest Vista VS-making tutorial of all time.
:iconpsycob: for his hex editing research & introduces us Styleselector program.
:iconinvaderjohn: for all his help.:)
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Now for something really dark…

For Windows Vista SP1 32bit & 64bit

A totally dark theme with grey backgrounds.

If you download it and enjoy it, please add it to your favorites :+fav:!

For the best effect, go into Windows Color & Appearance and choose the Graphite color scheme.

Media Player from :iconlonghornfusion: here is a [link]

Icons from :icondanillooc: here is a [link]

8/21/08 fixed bug on border of start menu options
12/28/08 now with 64 bit files!

---The Stuff---
New IeFrame.dll will change color of tabs and new back & forth buttons.

New Browseui.dll will change the back & forth buttons to match IeFrame.dll.

And lastly drag theme files into c:\windows\resources\themes.

All these files must be replaced from your current files for the complete effect. Follow procedures included in this pack. Be careful as they are system files and if not properly replaced it may cause your system not to start.

I included the wallpaper…

To the “newbies” I stress the fact, go slow and follow directions properly!

The instructions...

First of all, we as themers sometimes forget how difficult it was for us in the beginning to install these themes and change .dll files so that we may max out our visual style or theme experience. I realize how frustrating it must be when our PC does not start after we change any .dll or .exe file.

So do it at your own risk!

Below there is an explanation on how to step by step on what to do to install any theme with all the bells and whistles. These instructions, of course, are only for the Windows Vista SP1 Operating System.

First thing to do is disable UAC. Go into control Panel and click on Administrative Tools, then Local Security Policy, then choose Security Options, Scroll to User Account Control; Run all Administrators in Admin Approval mode double click it and disable UAC. This will now allow you to change anything on your Vista Operating system without OS informing you don’t have Admin privileges. You will still have to take ownership of files to rename and replace them.

In order to take ownership or rename any .dll or .exe files right click on any .dll or .exe file, Go into properties...Tab into security...Click Advanced, Tab into Owner, Click Edit, Highlight Administrators and apply, click yes when prompted...then exit out of properties all together, Right Click the .dll file again, Go into properties...Tab into security... then click edit, Highlight Administrators, Click allow full control and apply, click yes when prompted...and you’re done...Now all you have to do is replace old with new.

In order to do this… you must rename the old IE;
ieframe.dll as ieframe.dll. old and drag the included ieframe.dll in c:\Windows\System32\

Then Restart. You don’t have to restart, but it is the easiest way.

Secondly you must patch your system. You can either use Tune Up Utilities, the beta version of VistaGlazz or patch it manually.

For VistaGlazz, here is the [link]

To patch it manually, here is the [link]

Just follow instructions stated in the link

Be Careful! Especially if you are replacing Explorer.exe, IeFrame.dll or Brouwseui.dll on account any of these will, if not properly renamed or replaced, might cause your PC not to work properly or start at all. SO I WOULD CHANGE ALL FILES VERY SLOWLY and carefully and follow instructions so that no issues arise.

But if in case something does go wrong, a system restore will do the trick, if it does not… Use your Windows Vista installation disk… You must reboot with Windows Vista Installation CD in drive and boot with CD when prompted. You will have to choose repair your PC and it will prompt you to choose method, choose System Restore. Now you will be able to restore with no problems as disk will have necessary files that you may have deleted or changed and is not allowing you to restore without disk.

Then all you have to do is try again. Have fun!

Comments disabled by owner.
***** For Windows Vista Only *****

Homepage -…

New theme for Windows Vista. Your system must be capable to support Aero to use this theme. ;)

I have tried to make it more transparent and simple.

More Information & How to Use Instructions:…

To Get "Top Details Pane" -…

Windows 7 version -…

Windows 8 version -…

Windows 8.1 version -…
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Finally here

Browseui.dll x86/x64
Shutdown shortcuts (cuz u dont have them in the startmenu)

DEUCE icons
DEUCE for miranda
DEUCE for cd art display

Hope you all enjoy it
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