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Color UI (1.5.1 RPF 2 Build 19)

Color UI was originally posted on GNOME-Look, if you want to see the page I originally posted it on, you can find it by following this link -> !

Color UI was made with maximum usability in mind, from the window borders to the color scheme, Color UI was made for the user who wants an elegant simple theme that does not look broken. If any part of Color UI has any problems in any of the things I listed as this theme supporting, please notify me in the comments and I will try to fix it ASAP! Feedback is always appreciated, if it was not for feedback how else would Color UI improve.

Color UI is based on:
Link to Flatts:

*Sable (Cinnamon base theme)
Link to Sable:

Theme Includes Support for:
*cinnamon shell

How to Install Theme:
*Extract archive to /usr/share/themes.

*murrine (gtk-engine-murrine)
*pixbuf (gdk-pixbuf2)

Giving credit where credit's do:
*Icon pack is Numix-Circle-Light!
*Wallpaper is Pen Tool Wallpaper!
Link to Wallpaper:

0.0.2 WIP:
*Fixed the dates on the Metacity and Mutter themes!

0.0.3 WIP:
*Made panel buttons blend in with different panel colors!
*Added an about file in the theme folder, for easy identification of version, author, and license!

0.0.4 WIP:
*Now XFCE notifications match the theme!

0.0.5 WIP:
*Fixed XFCE notifications to have the correct text color at all times!
*Made the text colors on the panel more visible with darker panel colors!

0.1 WIP:
*Added closely matching cinnamon shell theme based on Sable!

0.1.1 WIP:
*Fixed cinnamon shell theme colors to match my theme!

0.1.2 WIP:
*Fixed some off colors in my cinnamon shell theme!

0.1.3 WIP:
*Fixed colors in Open Box to better match my theme!

0.1.4 WIP:
*Fixed text in unity to not be white on a light window border (fix was thanks to DeviantArtdadanopan ->

0.1.5 WIP:
*Themed XFCE tab window dialog to match theme!

0.1.6 WIP:
*Fixed menu selection color to not be white on white, that effected some programs (like Chromium; Vivaldi; Google Chrome; and other Chromium derivatives)!
*Added README file!
*Added missing LICENSE file!

1.0 EarlyRP:
*Changed lighting behind cinnamon shell command dialog from solid color to dimming background!
*Removed README file!
*Added INFO file!

1.0.1 RP:
*Made openbox menu backgrounds white and removed borders on the menu!
*Fixed error from running a gtk app like this one -> /home/YOURNAME/.themes/Color-UI/gtk-2.0/styles/tabwin:20: error: invalid string constant "xfwm-tabwin-button", expected valid string constant 
*Fixed theme to make it work again!

1.0.2 RC:
*Cleaned up design of panel buttons and improved the contrast of them to make it easier to see!
*Fixed background on cinnamon-shell overview!

1.0.3 RC 2:
*Fixed blank shade and menu images in Cinnamon, GNOME, MATE, etc. , by fixing Metacity theme!

1.1 RC 3:
*Added version control by moving project to github!

1.2 RC 4:
*Improved of this theme, by providing a description!
*Fixed username text on user applet in Cinnamon to not be white!

1.3 RC 5:
*Fixed bug where text in clock area gets cut off in XFCE by reversing the 1 pixel cut off from the images for the taskbar buttons!

1.5 RPF 1 Build 18:
*Swapped blue for dark grey color on the check boxes and radio buttons!
*Removed dark grey strip from left side of buttons!

1.5.1 RPF 2 Build 19:
*Removed black strip from buttons, menus, and text fields!

Source code page for Color-UI:…

NOTICE: I'm the owner of the repository!

© 2015 - 2021 CustomArtDesigner
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beatorizu's avatar
I'm gonna  to install in my machine. It's amazing ^^
It should be very useful to have on unity panel user name font color and unity panel clock name font color to be white considering that (on the other side) windows menu font color need to be dark on gray color of the windows top border.
This two colors are now the same (the unity panel clock/name font color and the windows menu font color)

Hope you keep updating this very good theme
danjackson1's avatar
Great work! Thank you :) Looks good on Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.1
Announcement: New Release out for Color UI theme (1.5 RPF 1 Build 18)!

I apologize for not working on this for almost two months!  Hope you enjoy this new release!
Good News: This project is now back online!

I will start posting updates to this theme when I get Linux running again on this computer!
WARNING: Project has been shelved temporarily!

Will be back as soon as I'm ready to tackle this project again!
Charlie-Henson's avatar
Xioneb's avatar
great! Thank you.
Updated zip file to actually contain the changes in this version, sorry about that!
Do you think it would be worth it to make a GNOME-Shell theme for this?!
Why did I even ask, I was planning on implementing it anyway!
Thanks for the feedback will release an update with this fix included!
dadanopan's avatar
There's a small bug in Unity, the font in the titlebar is white, and hard to read, here's a screenshot:

I've modified the theme (unity.css), so it works now:

here's the css file:
dadanopan's avatar
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