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Hip Hurts v. 2

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My original version of this has threads on so many differnt forums that it had been downloaded on my website approx. 50,000 times in two weeks. I figured I could make it even better and went back and lipsync'd the entire thing and added expressions and blinks.
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I was trying to find out who had called me (there are quite a few unknown numbers on my caller ID), googled reverse numbers and found And I found your hilarious video on their website. When my son was a teenager he used to love to "talk" to telemarketers. He would carry on these completly nonsense conversations with them. Your video reminded me of those times. Thanks for a good laugh and a trip down memory lane.
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I work with the guy who invented the tc2k. I love the animation you did for his invention.
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Thanks. Even though it was kind of tedious to do the lipsync I was laughing so much previewing it as I went so it was fun.
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Well, I remembered how tickled Jon was when he showed me what you had done with his recording. We all had a good laugh a second time by seeing it set to animation.
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Found the link on /. and I LOL'ed. Good job!
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Bask in the glory of your skill, while those of us without can only watch in envy. (Dude, you're good.)
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wonderful! :+fav: :lol:

is this like, avalable as an aswerphone message or what?

btw, the link didnt work for me, real site? or am i having internet issues :?
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Thanks, the file seems broken.
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Nice one! Tnx
Keep up the good work..!
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Absolutely great! 8)
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You are amazing, this work is MARVELOUS!
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much respect.good work.
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