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reminds me of Luca from Chrono Trigger.....
thatgreenbean's avatar
I love your arts!!
OmegaDez's avatar
It's her again!
This character is great!
juliawang87's avatar
why do the details say that its 2480×3425 but i cant see it this big??
Reyorechan's avatar
i just can say i loved
bunnyx4's avatar
i was just looking through my faves and saw this.again. i want to fave it...AGAIN i love it so much!!!
Geom5's avatar
Besuricat's avatar
i want that hair! xD cooool
MirandaDeLioncourt's avatar
nothing like smoking shirtless after creating a machine.
Aneirin-Aryon's avatar
The title... you weren't lying! :XD:

Almost makes me wish I hadn't decided I would not be going into science lol. The hair is just so vibrant. : O Also... cool mech. Hmm. I have a question too... Is it hot where she's working? Or maybe her department had to make some cut backs and that included the air conditioning. XD
daemon37's avatar
I wish i could favorite this again...
botchiball's avatar
Hmm, that robot reminds me of a mix between "Robo" from Crono Trigger, the metal man from wizard of oz 2, and something else I can't place. Thanks for sharing.
Zaleig's avatar
smoking, hot chicks, and robots what more could you ask for in a picture...
wonderful, reminds me of someone
MT-000's avatar
awesome. Omg i am fan of your work.
Raidanzoup's avatar
A lil' different and that robot could've been a part of the Sinestro Corps. Just an observation I made, wearing my Blue Lantern shirt and all.
Hoittore's avatar
Wow that's an awesome nerd :iconimhappyplz:
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