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ponyo on the cliff by the sea

By cuson
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Excellent work, I loved it !
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ooo, the character in the newest works by studio ghibli! like it!!
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I like the painted look of this one, digital has such a unique creamy texture. I'd eat those pixels.
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This pic reminds me to Alice in wonderland
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I loved that movie!! and this is like perfectly illustrating it
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Oh I love this movie! Ponyo and her sisters look great in your style. :)
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對不起 看到這張我笑了
不過你真的畫的很棒啊!! 強者!
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So cute, just such a good depiction of, :heart:
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Ah Fujimoto! Ponyo and her sis's! :heart: I love the way his make-up is much more apparent, and also your brighter choice of color. The character reminds me a little of Howl, but a older whipped (by his wife) version ^^
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Ahahaha I loved that movie! Ponyo looks very cute btw~
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haha tatz sweet !
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ponyo!!! you should apply at studio ghibli!!!
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Excellent fanart but you got that theme song stuck in my head ...AGAIN! Hehehehe no no, it's pretty cool, really like the way you colour it and stuff.
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I love how you captured the character's traits with your style. So fitting and cute!
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:heart: Its Fujimoto! :heart: Thank you so much for painting this! The style is wonderful and its an awesome take on the character!
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I'll have to get onto seeing this!
Lovely :D
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That's hot.
I love this movie.
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The film was awesome, you've really captured the essence here!
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