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evil snow white

like to draw dark side of fairy tale characters~
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All those years out in the woods has warped her sense of values.
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Somebody pissed off Snow White!
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i like the bad side!
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"I'm back and I'am very angry !"
It's like a poster for Snow White II : The Revenge.

Great Job and nice drawing ;)
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That expression and THAT HAND! Say it all :D LOvely.
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Muahahahahaha! XDDD

Snow "I told ya.... I'm a psycho"

that Queen should be very afraid
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and I thought Rammstein's version was dark lol
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This picture rocks a lot !
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This rocks! Way cool idea!
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Love the dwarfs in the background. :D
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Absolutely brilliant! I love the look on her face! :D
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Ha ha! I love this!
I like how you captured the smoldering malevolence of the dwarfs!
I do not believe there is going to be any talking your way out of this.
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love that scary look in her eyes. and the dwarfs in the back, it makes the piece even more scary, like "snow white and her gang" XD
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awesome ^^ love it =)
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Ahahahahah! The expression is priceless! XD
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that's pretty cool :D
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Snow White has no respect for the laws of physics.
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Oof, looks like all of the dawrves are Grumpy now.


My favorite is the fourth from the right.

Really cool drawing. I love Snow White's expression, and how she, being the point of focus, is vivid with bright color, whereas the dwarves are in a sepia sort of tone, giving her a really eery backdrop.
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Hi! Would you like to participate on my art jam this month??? "fairy tale characters transformed into evil characters" u only have to write on my journal the thumbnail or link to this deviation!!! and that's it, you got the feature in my journal and later in a NEWS i create to show all the art uploaded! :)
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Hahaha I loved it man, your work is really amazing!
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I didnt know Snow White could be so cool...and evil ;)
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