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I Drew it for the online game "Ninety-Nine Nights" in Taiwan [link]


come to see my friend Wuduo's artwork:[link]
He drew cute girls!;)

come to see my friend B.c.n.y's artwork:[link]
He is a young,talented artist in Taiwan!
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May I cosplay this? *^*
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Perhaps just a LITTLE too much fan service here.  But still a good piece of art. :)
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I meant "yep" for the good piece of art, huh ? I didn't mean the fan service. Of course not. ^^
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awesome design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
prussiancrimsonheart's avatar
Wow! This is pretty dang cool!
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All of your art is beautiful!
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impressive work! love the colors~ :iconilavplz:
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this is so amazing!
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Very good!I love your work...
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I really like the armor n.n (well, the girl too XD )
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gorgeous!!! *0*
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very nice armor design! great work !
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this would be great for the next armour designs.. of monster hunter xD
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yay she's not wearing a skirt for once. usually girl warriors have some kind of skirt
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