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I Drew it for the online game "Ninety-Nine Nights" in Taiwan [link]


come to see my friend B.c.n.y's artwork:[link]
He is a young,talented artist in Taiwan!
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Very cool design!
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I would think a dress would severely inhibit a knights movement and agility...
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Grr, spending way too much time in this gallery.
Ahem: the gilding, ornamentation and overlapping/petal theme are all exceptional, keeps the armor feminine and utile.
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Wow! What a beauty!
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Lovely knigt girl¡
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her outfit is cool....
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^o^ Love the hair color!
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The characters living in these fantasy worlds would be at the high-end of the fashion industry in the real world.
Even though us mere mortals wouldn't be able to pull off a dress like that, at least their stuff actually looks good.
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very regal, i love that this woman not only displays martial power and beauty, but she is depicted doing so in such a regal manner i cannot help but get the sense that this is a queen of some distant fantasy land that many knights compete for (for her hand in marriage- hot damn shes gorgeous!)
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Neat! :camera:

A female Knight is called a Dame btw. :D
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Love your style of art... :D
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Great!! The armor corset looks really nice!!
And her face is beautiful!!
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I love purple, and I LOVE this dress!
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Gorgeous! You truly know how to craft some inspiring masterpieces!
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Whoa! If I was a knight, I'd totally want that outfit
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I love this design as well. I think she looks both graceful and fierce at the same time. Very nice!
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do they have a translated version of this game it looks good
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