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I Drew it for the online game "Ninety-Nine Nights" in Taiwan [link]


come to see my friend Wuduo's artwork:[link]
He drew cute girls!;)
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dude you're so talented O_O
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I love all the colors!
Thinking about it, unless he's some sort of futuristic aerial hunter, judging by this bright blue clothes I doubt he'd catch anything.
But cool picture, and excellent handle on anatomy.
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Brilliant garb for a male character! I don't think male characters get enough love. And certainly this is a step away from the typical brutish-type outfits common to them in games. You certainly proved that design does not have to be boring. This feels sophisticated and so intriguing! I love, love, love it!
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I wish I were as good as you.
love your style of drawing!
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nice colors! really give him something more then the usual characters from fantasy cenaries!
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Hmm, I don't know why but I like this most among your "Ninety-Nine Nights" works~
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Actually I prefer cute boys ;P like the ones you do :heart:
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pretty cool character
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The colours are so rich! Love it.
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I really love your style
it's pure awesomeness XD
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the bird is a nice touch
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Cool, looks awesome. ^_^
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Okay srsly are you getting paid for these, because these are just like PURE EPIC!
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I like this alot, great looking archer guy. And great colour, well done. I like the hawk as well, colours blend very well.
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Great detail. I love the bird. :)
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Awesome, I love this design too! This game looks really fun.
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