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Cancer, defeated! :D
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South Park - Side/Secondary OCs by Cusackanne, visual art

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My Bio

Art trades and requests are CLOSED! Commissions are OPENED, for now! Only trusted friends will get my Discord or Steam names.

Just a silly, random and insane person trying to draw and have fun~ My more active and dominant fandoms are currently Pokémon, South Park, Splatoon and The Lion King.

Favourite Movies
If I had to pick, I would have to say Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. Its a huge guilty pleasure from my childhood. XD
Favourite TV Shows
I have too many to say. XD
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Evanescence, any person who sang any of Final Fantasy song, anime songs
Favourite Books
The Harry Potter series
Favourite Games
Any RPG/Adventure/Action Game
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All of 'em minus the Xbox family. XD Sorry Xbox fans.
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Adobe Flash Professional CC, GIMP, MS Pant/PAINT.NET, Source Filmmaker
So, I got fantastic news, good news and then a little bit of bad news. So, fantastic news first: I am %100 cancer free, as it turns out! I didn't realize my cervix had been removed (The lady who called me made it sound like it was still in there, dammit. XD) and that, it was all in my uterus, entirely! So, by it being fully removed... I beat the cancer! The good news: I will be getting some radiation treatment for safety reasons, just to ensure any lingering/hidden cancer cells in hiding are killed off for good! And then, the bit of bad news: If I end up having a condition called Lynch Syndrome or something like that.. My ovaries, which were kept in for my benefits and I wouldn't go into early menopause, will be removed. And it'd increase my odds with getting heart disease. ...Basically, picking a lesser poison to endure. ^^; But, overall everyone? I'M IN THE CLEAR! :D ...Just shit, I didn't know I actually did have legit cancer! ...But not anymore~ ^^ Your gal is in the clear and
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First, let me apologize in advance. Been focused on other things so, I'm sorry this news came so damn late, but... As you guys recalled? I had precancer in my uterus. Thankfully, the removal was a success. I'm recovering well and I'm expected to make a full recovery by October~ ...Sadly, I wish that's where the story itself ended. But.. sadly, that was just the first chapter. I have stage 1 cancer in my cervix. Now, like with the precancer, this is very easily curable! I'll be going to see my doctor on the 14th to see what treatments I can get for this. Radiation might be my best bet as the other treatment would be, ding, surgery.. As I'm already recovering from a major one, I doubt they'd let me have another so soon. ;w; But yeah, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on my current status and I promise, it'll be okay! I'll do whatever it takes to beat this cancer once and for all! And be done with it!
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Never forget the lives we tragically lost on this day...
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hey. I just wanna apologize for unwatching you. main reason, your stuff is based on a franchise I'm no longer into. (South Park) So don't take this personally.

...I didn't even notice you unwatched me? Didn't get a message or anything.

But hey, no worries, you know? You do you! ^^

*Yeets myself over. XD*

How much are commissions? and do you take points?

Sadly, can't do points, I really need money. XD If the point to cash converting was still a thing, then yeah, would of included points. But now dA's just a broken mess. :'D

I'm charging $5 for commissions at the moment.

I will get a commission from you, when I get my bank amount :)