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Please read the journal carefully before commissioning me ! <3

All slot taken

Slots: 1. @/matchakame (1 Chibi | 1 Headshot) || 2. @/pixeldesu (1 fullbody) || 3. @/Akellie_chan (1 fullbody)

    → Introduction

I am no professional artist, so please respect the fact that I have to deal with other things next to comissions as well (e.g. school).
Therefore, please don’t rush me to finish your commission. Of course your commission will have first priority to me, but rushing me will only add pressure.
Also, please note that difficult comissions will take more time.

    → Information

☀ Payment via Paypal and in Euro
  ❄ I take on 100% paypal fees
  ❄ In general, I’m not willing to refund unless there was a mistake
☀ I’ll start on your commission once I received your payment
  ❄ If your circumstances don’t allow you to pay first, I’m willing to start first, as well
☀ Please don’t send the payment before I accepted your commission
  ❄ Sometimes I might not be able to accept it, for example if I think it is too difficult for me.

    → I don’t draw

☀ R-16+
☀ Mecha
☀ Furry
☀ animals

    → Note

☀ max. 3 characters per commission
  ❄ One person -> one commission
  ❄ I’m willing to talk about more characters per commission if I’m not too busy!

☀ Depending on the difficulty level, I’ll need 1 - 5 weeks per character:
  ❄ Please consider that I cannot work on more than 5 characters a week.
  ❄ I’ll inform you about how much time I need to finish your commission
  ❄ If I need more time than I told you, I'll pay you 10 % of the price back
  ❄ I might charge a little more (aproximately 3 - 6€) in case there is a close, set deadline

    → Prices

Chibi about (800*800)
- one character - 6,-€
- more than one* - + 4,-€ each

Headshot (about 1000*1000)
- one character - 9,-€
- more than one* - + 7,-€ each

Halfbody about (1100*1400)
- one character - 14,-€
- more than one* - + 12,-€ each

Fullbody about (1320*2400)
- one character - 25,50€
- more than one* - + 24,-€ each

* = “More than one” doesn’t necessarily mean “in one picture”

Simple Background -> free
Detailed Background -> discussable (aproximately 3 - 10 €)

    → Examples
NOTE: soft coloring will take 0,50€ off the price since it is easier to do!

☀ Do tell me what style of above ^ (or another style) you’d prefer me to draw with!
☀ I am able to provide you with WIPs when necessary!
☀ I prefer having a reference of the character I draw. It is not necessary, though.


If you want to commission me, please send me a note with the following form filled out:
Type of commission (chibi/headshot/halfbody/fullbody):
Background (non/simple/detailed):
Amount of characters (up to 3):
Reference(s) and personality(/ies):
Coloring style (soft/cell/default):


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February 13, 2016


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