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Back from Japan ! (1/3)

Wed Sep 2, 2015, 5:52 AM

Hello guys!
As some of you might know, I've been in Japan from 1st August until 22nd August this year! I attended to a summer holiday course to study the language and learn about the country at the same time ! ☆
This is going to be quite long since a lot of stuff happened so I'll divide it in 3 journals: 1 journal for each week! However, since I'm having some work to do, there'll probably be some days between the journals haha// I hope you don't mind and I also hope you'll enjoy these kind-of-travelling-journal-things <3

NOTE: It was really hot in tokyo: The first week was around 34°C, the second and last ones were around 30°C+. Also, it was really really humid hahAHAH//

Alright let's start ☆

-31st July (Friday)-
Last preperations before the flight. To be honest I was not even that excited www I didn't expect the whole thing to be THAT amazing haha //slaps self
anyways, my flight was in the morning, around 9 AM. I had one transfer flight so the total time of flying was like 14 1/2 hours haha </3

-1st and 2nd August (Saturday & Sunday)-
On 1st August I arrived in Tokyo at around 7:30 AM (I started to get a little excited here) so when I went out of the plane I came into a corridor thing where they wanted us to fill out stuff as for immigration into japan w I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL SO I DID A LOT OF WRONG THINGS before there was a friendly japanese guy (ikemen too-) who explained on English (more gestures than English tbh) that I needed to go back a bit to fill out some stuff so I could finally get into the "real" air port thing w So after maybe a half hour of confusion I finally got into the lobby-thing, where a person of my summer school was waiting for me. They had to organize some stuff before they finally sent me off to a bus which brought me to another hall-thing, where my hostmother and my hostsister would be waiting (about 2 1/2 hours). I wanted to sleep here so badly because I didn't sleep in the plane at all (who knows why amg ww) but I was very afraid of missing the stop I needed to get out at so I kept myself awake somehow-- ww
When I arrived at the hall with that heavy luggage of mine, my hostmother and little hostsister (8 years old) greeted me very very nicely! I immediately liked them /o/
After this my hostfather came and picked us up with the car. So after this I didn't really do much but sleeping tbh www (finally). The second day was the same actually: Getting up - food - going to school to see the way with hostmother & little hostsister - sleep - food - sleep wwww I HATE JET LAGS HAHHA
(oh btw, I had one 3 hostsisters: 8, 15 and 19!)

-3rd August (Monday)-
SO IT WAS FINALLY TIME FOR THE FIRST SCHOOL DAY! I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS /o/ On the first day we were supposed to take a little test and also a little interview thing, so the school knows which class they can put us in. Basically just a little test of how good our japanese is. After this test they took us to a meeting point, where we'd always meet for day trips.
I wanted to make some friends on the very first day but kind of failed wwww I talked to a really nice girl but only a little because she had to do some stuff after that-- so I went home after this w

-4th August (Tuesday)-
Every second day (Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday) we had a little event or day trip (because it was the holiday course). This day we had a yukata-try-on-event. But first let me talk about my class! They were all soooOOoooO nice to talk to !! To be honest I was a bit afraid of some of them at first but they turned out being really nice people in the end so I felt really good in this class. The level was very good too! At some points it was a bit easy but at other points it was hard again so it was really good all in all ww Unfortunately the only person that was in the same course as me was gone very quickly so I couldn't ask her to go to the event together haAAHAHHA
Anyways, when I arrived at the event thing (which was set for 2:00 PM), it was like 1 PM www I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat lunch ! w (I actually didn't eat any lunch until the second week-).
Anyways, the event went pretty well. I was too shy to talk to anyone though wwww so no friends haHAHAHAH //cries
Here's a little picture of my yukata ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ wwww
Yukata by Curulin

-6th August (Thursday)-
On this day we had a tea ceremony thing where we wore our yukatas! The tea was realllllyyyyyyyy tasty aefafajheflkja 

(in the meantime I made some friends in my class ☆)

-8th August (Saturday)-
A trip to Nikko was set for this day !! I actually don't mind visiting temples and stuff like this- I don't like it more than other things though w but this day was a bit.. uhm- how do I say this... exhausting?
First of all the way to Nikko: We went by bus at 8:30 AM and arrived at 12:00 AM. That was really exhausting tbh www anyways, when we arrived there I was not really pumped for this because the last 3 1/2 hours blew my power away www however, I made some friends there~ ! ww
On this day we visisted two different places before going back (about 2 1/2 hours): A place called "Edo-Wonderland" where there were a lot of attractions about the edo-period and ninjas. This place looked quite interesting, but unfortunately we only had about 1 hour for this before we went by bus again (~30 minutes) to the next place. I'm not sure where exactly we have been here, but it was basically a big shrine ww everything was very old and peaceful. It was quite beautiful-- but we had like almost 2 hours for this so it became boring quickly.. 
This is why I was glad when we finally arrived back in Tokyo www

If you want to see photos of Nikko, please tell me ! I've deleted them from my phone because I took a lot ww but my sister has them on her phone so I could get them if they're wanted !

On this day there was also a small Natsu Matsuri in the town I lived in ! My host family took me with them and we ate lots of tasty stuff there <3

Natsu Matsuri by Curulin

-9th August (Sunday)-
On the day before, my hostmother, two of my hostsisters and me decided to go to Disneyland today ! Tokyo Disneyland eYYYYYYYY
tbh I love disneyland !! I went to Hong Kong's a few years ago so I was really excited for this <3 It took us about 30 ~ 45 minutes to get there! However, today was at least as hot as all the other days so the whole day was kind of exhausting but really really fun!
The thing I enjoyed most was called "Splash Mountain". It was a whiter-water-ride! The whole thing was made really beautifully and when you think "ahh this is so nice", the next second you suddenly go up for a few seconds and  then down ww also a roller coaster called "Space Mountain" was really fun !! The soap at the toilets came out of the machines in a mickeymouse form //// that was so cute ahahha
unfortunately there were a lot of people there so we always had to wait at least an hour to ride something ;;u;; at the end of the day there was also the Toyko Disney Land Light Parade and also there were fireworks later ! It was really beautiful to look at and I took a looooot of pictures! If you want to see them, please tell me ! I'd upload them then <3

Disneyland by Curulin
(woops, don't ask me why it's like this ww the original photo is upright w)

OK this is it for now !! I'm sorry for not being very detailed// if you want  to ask something or sth like that, don't hesitate to leave a comment <3 Same with photo-requests btw! I'm just quite lazy rn so www but if you want to see more pictures, please tell me ! /o/
I'm going to work on some stuff again starting now so I hope to write the second and third journal soon <3 

Thank you for reading <3

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Kuroshiro-Ki Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You weren't expecting it to be amazing what even Q A O But I get you ;; v ;;
Awesome ikemen guy amg <3 XD
Wahh your hostmother and hostsister sounds so cute * A *
Wait what you had 3 hostsisters waaaah O A O

Waaah which class were you put in?? Amg I'll save all these questions for later waahh
Wuwuwuwu ;; A ;; But you still enjoyed yourself in the end so that's good even if it took some time to make friends and wahh your yukata is so pretty!!!
AH I'D LOVE TO SEE PHOTOS OF NIKKO ;; A ;; A nice spam of photos please <333

Disneyland as well waaah your host family is really so so nice waah I really want to know more ;; A ;;
So please spam more pics as well <3333
Judaime Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Wahhh this sounds like an amazing trip! * V* 
I cannot wait to read more. <3
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Gahhhh that's so cool :iconzoominplz: :iconpapmingplz:

can't wait to read the rest of your trip to Japan journals :la:
catdoujin Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
Japan sounds awesome ! Glad you had fun and the experience to learn a new culture ! Can't wait to read more of your trip!
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