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Westminster map

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Faction icon from The Book of the War
Faction litany from The Eleven-Day Empire BBV audio
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NEW PALACE OF WESTMINSTER [Faction Paradox: Location (Eleven-Day Empire)]

In the "real" version of London, the focal point of Westminster and the central seat of British government. In the "shadow" London of the Eleven-
Day Empire, the site used by Faction Paradox as its base of operations.
The Palace is built around two key axes,both of which cross the Central Lobby: the line from the land to the river dividing the House of Lords
from the House of Commons, and a second line from the Speaker's Chair in the Commons to the Lord Chancellor’s Woolsack in the lords. These two seats are perfectly aligned (at least, it’s assumed so as nobody has confirmed what’s actually in the Eleven-Day Empire's House of Lords)

-Excerpt from The Book of the War
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that IS a neat quote.
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I recently found out that the author of City of the Saved not only made a version for Little Brother Edward, but he had created some margin notes that weren't published - you can see them here though (including the litany)-
Book 2, chapter 49, page 130 (about halfway down the webpage)