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Vote Twilllary

Tired of arrogant globalists and redneck bigots? Here is the leadership the USA has been crying out for!

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I bet she has a private and public face too!
I would say she'll rape us all, but it's not rape if you want it.
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Satanically sucking out your soul does not count as rape either.
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Will Twillary run again in 2020? I frickin' hope so.
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The planet will be long gone by that point!
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I noticed USA flag is upside sown
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You have great observation skills.
Kirbymyfriend972's avatar
Yeah my mom tells me that too
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I was being sarcastic.
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I would be laughing... if the voice actress wasn't, you know a Hillary supporter.
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I fail to see how some random person's political beliefs affect your life?
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It doesn't I'm just saying, it's just ironic to say the least
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Did ya vote for Clinton n' Twilight? I most certainly did.
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I didn't vote for anything, seeing as I am from Britain. I just laughed at your circus of politics.
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that poster twillary look cool.
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Werry awesome and cool and super hot :D
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evil never looked that good!

i've gotta say, i dont like any of the USA candidates (billary/crump), because they are both liars/selfish/dishonest people, but i really like your drawing, and the clever message that it has:
''vote for the evil you can trust'', AKA=''vote for the lesser evil'' (out of two evils).

either way, i dont like politics, so im just gonna say that this is a perfect propaganda poster: i like the design, the logo's arrows, the lettering, and i LOVE that twilight can even make a jumpsuit to look HOT!
how can she look sexy in a jumpsuit? thats impossible! (lol)

and lastly, i like how you drew twi's pointy tits, and i also like the detail of the upside-down USA flag pin on her suit. its a clever detail, you always make clever details.

good work.
lets make equestria hate again!
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Twillary is a better choice than Molestia for sure!
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A better option than Trump by Fushigi-Okami   election's over but still this is quality gold.

aside from that, Dolan has won, he is our lord and savior now.
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Yes - Stop moaning and begin kissing his boots!
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