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Pony Slaughter 2011

It's time to sharpen the blades and eradicate this plague of ponies!
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JoeWere's avatar
Poor little fella afraid of some little ponies. There, there.
curtsibling's avatar
Looking at your favourites that are full of pony sex filth, I think I have a right to be afraid.

Afraid for your future as a free man out of jail. :)
JoeWere's avatar
Your hate obsession is a same thing as love obsession of others.
Keep on doing more pony stuff, brony man. =)
curtsibling's avatar
By your "logic" then...Concrete is the same as ice cream...Hmmm.

Keep working on your metal art, stop defending your pony wank fetish.

It's shameful.
Adananian's avatar
(Evil-Throatier Laugher x30 times) 
Dethcon5001's avatar
You're doing God's work, McCoolGuy. We're all proud of you~<3
curtsibling's avatar
This is from years ago, and god is fake!
Dethcon5001's avatar
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh you need not trivialize your holy clerical duties with such nonsense
curtsibling's avatar
Thanks, my edge-slicing bro!
Crunchildor's avatar
Love your pony hating work keep it up :D
Suqardaddy's avatar
Now the earth ponies has horns!
curtsibling's avatar
Ah! A very out of date image!
Shade-os's avatar
Aaaah, so this is where it all started.
curtsibling's avatar
All great crusades have to start somewhere! :)
Hatred creates nothing worthwhile, unless it deserves to be hated. And given you're just doing this to troll a fandom, then you are wasting your life

Unless you make bronies laugh. Or mocking loonies bronies. Probably you're just an asshole
curtsibling's avatar
This thing took me an hour to make, at most. You're insane if you think this is all I do.

Here's a tip: Don't leap in making big statements about a person you don't even know.

Otherwise, you are going to seem like an even bigger simpleton than you are.

Thanks! Have a nice lobotomy!
Then you have wasted 59 minutes of your life, and so have I. The question is why you're like that
curtsibling's avatar
Stop acting like some interview host - No-one has to answer your questions.

Why did you have breakfast this morning? Pointless question? Exactly!

Who gives a flying monkey anus why I draw?

I don't - So you shouldn't either!
Note to self: interviewing a troll is a stupider than feeding them
curtsibling's avatar
I'm glad you have learned something!
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