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Megaskanks Gaymersgate

Some lovely art for Megaskank Mansion II, created by that talented demon, Wicked-at-heart!
The new comic sees Trollslut declaring total war on sexist video games...
Leading to convention chaos and a super dyke-clash with Wowslut!

More Megaskank comic details to follow!
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Jesse-the-art-maker's avatar
man she really is angry when shes cute!
chris-the-sword's avatar
this is a battle that i would love to see.

wait for me, im grabbing some pop-corn and im ready.

also be sure to have the girls to fight near a mud pile/a swimming pool/somewhereforanawesomesexybattle

good drawing, and a prelude to something wonderful.
curtsibling's avatar
Worry not! In the comic, they do get down to some strawberry yogurt wrestling!
Is it odd that I'm kinda crushing on Trollslut? I dunno, there's just something about her, aside from her looks, that really appeals to me.
curtsibling's avatar
A few people have said they like her! :)

It might be her free and wild attitude...
It also might be her awesome handlebars!

Combinecommando's avatar
And then they made out and every nerds in the convention fapped to their death. What a sad way to go, but I guess I can't speak much myself, being single and all.
curtsibling's avatar
Making out for the service freaks is the only thing sluts of their calibre can do!
Combinecommando's avatar
then let us see it happen :3
345rv5's avatar
I have a feeling this all ends within sex.
curtsibling's avatar
Among other mind-warping revelations!
345rv5's avatar
What kind of revelations ?
curtsibling's avatar
What is really behind feminazism! And I will reveal no more of my comic plot...!
345rv5's avatar
Jesse-the-art-maker's avatar
Nice i really like the emotion in this one man!
curtsibling's avatar
Thanks, Jesse!

Wicked is a serious talent!
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
I bet 25 cents that they will both KO each other from their own stupid antics! :lol:
curtsibling's avatar
The conclusion of their clash is more insane than anything before!
JewBringer's avatar
I anytime butthurt & mad in chats with another gaymers too like a dat .
mhm98's avatar
oh boi those tits, booping against each other hnhnhnhnhnngnggnngghhhngnhn
curtsibling's avatar
Wowslut has bra-straining 50+ class bonus!
mhm98's avatar
What incredible stat!
She must be the heat of every battle!
PLCTheCd's avatar
THis will end in death...or an orgy...
VoidStalker23's avatar
It ends with SJWs controlling the video-gaming industry forever and thus causing the Dark Ages of Video-Games. Where the only good games you would have to find on Pirate-Bay.
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