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Der Autism Reich

Dedicated to a rather interesting gentleman.

For those who wish to know more:
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I remember this mutant trying to defend himself on KF, you all tore him a new one

Glasolia1990's avatar

What does autism gotta do with this scumbag? Does he hate people with autism?

curtsibling's avatar

It's a long and terrible tale. Best left in the past.

Didn't the Nazis want to kill autistic people, or are they one of the few groups they didn't hate
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The nazis want to kill everyone. It's the core of their sick death cult.
Not everyone, that's Pol Pot's strategy.
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NeroVance's avatar
I think you just drew the essence of the alt-right.
curtsibling's avatar
It's the essence of someone who needs to quit the web for a while.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Given the depressing revelations about Doctor Asperger recently, this takes on an odd irony .
curtsibling's avatar
Everyone knew he was a nazi scumbag. It isn't news, bud.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
There was a case to be made in his defense, before. Ah, well, at least he saved lives, if for the wrong reasons. Even so, I’ve had to stop calling myself an “Aspi”.
curtsibling's avatar
Dooming yourself with autism labels is not the way.

Just call yourself a human. That is what you are.
NurseBoobies's avatar
Ehhh.....I don't get it
curtsibling's avatar
It's an old story.
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
Autism = Nazi pedoplegic with a hunchback and lobotomy, you learn something new every day, makes me wonder what his definition of ALS is Nixtack 
curtsibling's avatar
Spazzy nazism as described by neo-scumbag stormfront book-burners is indeed the essence of autism.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
No, The Nazis killed most Autistics, save for the talkative ones Dr. Asperger wanted kept alive and in-neutered for experimental, intellectual breeding. He actually was thinking beyond mere superficial looks, so at least he wasn’t the pseudoscientist that Mengela was.
curtsibling's avatar
So, I assume you are autistic?
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Yes, but I’ve actually learned to mostly compensate. If there was a cure I wouldn’t hesitate to take it. Having to figure out hints manually is a tedious Pain, while the rest of you just KNOW, instinctively. My second favorite sci-fi device, after brain boosting drugs, would be display glasses that project probability messages in words after an AI in them reads the body language of people around me for me, then translates them into terms I could quickly understand, as well as suggesting practical probable responses I might give. Think of it as Prosthetic Street Smarts. That may be around the bend soon.
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The keyword here is self control, bud. Not every response requires a massive novel of a post.

Just chill and get a feel for how people post around here.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Flaxman is more my cuppa, in that regard. Your interests are similar, but he likes to Show and tell, while you like to show and quip. Again, I apologize for being too verbose, myself.
curtsibling's avatar
You do know that DA has a forum for conversations and huge posts, right?
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