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I know it's not got the most fancy background, but I remain terrible at backgrounds. Admittedly I just about never practice them either. Fully detailed pieces are not currently offered- I find they drain me a lot due to the amount of time taken on one piece

I am currently accepting paypal, and for a limited time only (as I have moved house and am still missing a fair few things) I would be willing to accept vouchers.

My Terms of Service (TOS)

If you have any issues with my terms and conditions- please make these known before completing the payment.

For any coloured piece (not including YCHs) I will provide the rough sketch for approval.

PLEASE NOTE- once you have approved the sketch- you cannot make changes not evident in the sketch once the piece is completed. This is to help streamline the process and prevent large delays having to alter pieces.
I am willing to make small changes to lineart on completion if they will not take much time, or, if they were not evident in the sketch.
I ask that if you are unsure of the sketch to make it clear, or if you need more time to think about it then I urge you to do so as well.
Work will be paused while awaiting approval of the sketch to ensure mistakes are not carried through.

My usual turn around on a single flat coloured piece is a couple of days, a shaded piece is three days- so how long it takes to complete will depend on my queue (found here:… ). If you have any concerns over this please do not hesitate to enquire.
You are also able to secure a place in the queue if it is longer than 5 persons without making any payment and then payment will be requested before your piece is worked on.

While I prefer to post my works, if you do not wish a piece to be made public you can request it to not be published.

Once work has started- you cannot receive a full refund. I aim to complete every piece of work to my best ability and am willing to tweak pieces on request including colours or missing markings.

In cases where you wish to commission work for other people/including other people it is your responsibility to make sure they are okay with being included in the commission or are okay with the content involved. If you accept the sketch also make sure the second person is okay with the sketch.
In instances where it is a surprise then no changes to the lineart or pose will be made due to a lack of communication between yourself and the other person (errors will still be fixed as normal- this is cases where things evident in the sketch were okay'd but the second party wanted something different).
If there is a complaint from the second party who wishes for the piece to be removed due to them not giving their approval for being in the piece (not included: is if they gave permission but revoked it later) or due to the content of the piece I will have to remove the work in question and no refunds would be offered at this time.

Completed picture will only be shown after full payment has been received.

Please note that original files are kept for at least one week after approval of the finished product, so if you do have any changes you wish to be made please make this known within one week to ensure I have the original file to work with.

Thank you very much!
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