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Music And Piracy Infographic

Infographic about the Music Industry Industry and Online Piracy.

Design by me :iconcurseofthemoon:
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This is beautiful.
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The Day by day improving of online music marketing presented in this the growth of digital music explained very
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Heh, a vast majority of music I listen and pirate would never apppear in those shitty charts and is distributed by underground labels and independent musicians, who often see internet piracy as a form of free advertisement.
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great life for TPB and P2P!!! haaaaaaaar!
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excellent post but I would like to add two points that you didn't add 


 the first is the fact that music and movies have many different was to make money


legitimate sales of both physical and digital copies

first day box-office sales/ live performance sales



and so on


second is the fact that people have proven time and again that if there is a reasonable system people will use it




and so on



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would you mind if i included this example, with credit, in a blog post about infographic?
curseofthemoon's avatar
No problem at all.
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You got the truth in one single devianation, a great job
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looking at the stats of the top ten most purchased tracks makes me happy. only retards with no taste on music will keep throwing money on that mafia.

4.2 billions not selling a physical support or anything material. they really fuck the world. both listeners and artists.
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This is really great! Nice to look at and easy to understand.
curseofthemoon's avatar
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Love the colours (:
PoeticReverie's avatar
Muhurrrr *paralyzed by awesome colours
RichardTheRough's avatar
Good infographics.

Terrific informations about music.

"It's all about the benjamins baby!" (Notorious B.I.G.)
curseofthemoon's avatar
Thanks man, yeah the benjamins LOL =D
nudnedziecko's avatar
awesome chart mate :beer:
curseofthemoon's avatar
Thanx a lot man! :handshake:
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Heh. This poster/image is showing up in a bunch of places on the net now. Took a little while to find the actual Devart submission page.

Good information, though it sort of lacks a conclusion. What message are you intending to convey with this? Is piracy making the impact that they claim, or are they bullshitting? Needs a statement at the end.

Graphics wise, everything is very nice - the layout is quite functional.
curseofthemoon's avatar
I'm really glad of how this work has spread on the net and I really appreciate your comment. I think that you are right about the lack of conclusion, actually this was only about showing the facts but a conclusion would be something great to add.

Thanx a lot :peace:
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Free the MUSIC fuck the Corporations, Id rather pay for music directly to the artists or just go on their concert. Anyway Great job there M8 !
curseofthemoon's avatar
Thanx man, that's right it would be better to support the artist directly ;)

BTW I just saw you changed your ID, looks great dude :peace:
inject's avatar
This is really great!! I think something might have messed up with the "where does the money go?" portion - I think some of the words are cut off.

It looks brilliant though, great colors and type.
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