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May 9, 2008
Avatar + Brother Elements + by *curry23. From the suggester: "Kinda grungy, kinda sleek and super cool, this playing card style Avatar fan art is a lot to take in at once. I can't stop staring at it." The piece is really whimsical, especially with the leftover sketch lines, and I always love fun and unusual interpretations of our favorite characters!
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[edit] thank you so much to everyone for the favorites and comments! I still can't believe that I got a Daily Deviation! Thank you! [edit]

Avatar fanart for Aang over in a Avatar LJ community :iconzvko:

He won my "Support Avatar contest" Because Avatar is awesome and we should all support it by drawing fanart, buying toys, and dvds, making cosplay, or whatever else you can imagine!

Lines done in colored pencil then again in plain pencil, colors in painter, textures in PS.
My friend :iconneriah: helped me design Zuko's fire C:

I kept the blue in there because I liked it.

[edit] sorry it's a big load D:
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This is really a high-quality piece of work. It isn't just because it is Avatar Fan-Art that I find myself attracted to it. You took an idea that has been used before pretty frequently (playing card layout) and made it pop out from among its peers.

It is rendered very skillfully. I can see a high quality of craft and applied knowledge here. I love the contrast between the soft sketch under-drawing and the defined sharp lines. I also like how the two figures' poses balance each other. The way that you visually designed the piece directs the viewers eye around the image.

One thing that I think could make this image stronger, is if you had kept the air and fire on the right side within the format of the image, or if you had extended it on the left side to also go off the format there as well. The reason I say that is because I think this piece deserves a good, honest critique. Having the elemental designs go off the format on one side and not the other creates a visual weight on that one side and puts the image a little off balance. Since this piece to me seems to focus so much on "flow" and "balance" creating that bit of asymmetry feels really out of place. However, I think you sensed that yourself, because you pushed the air and fire off on the same side--good job on that! You clearly have an eye for design, that is half the battle right there!

The simplified color scheme was a nice touch. It adds a punch of drama without bogging the viewer down by inserting unnecessary or distracting details.

Overall, excellent work. I enjoy this piece very much. If you haven't already, I would suggest is as a candidate for your professional portfolio.