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Gorochu X Ketchup OTP
Remember that old episode where Scyther battles Electabuzz, the one people only really remembered because Pikachu fell in love with some Ketchup? That was a good episode. I have been meaning to draw Gorochu again (Pikachu's cancelled evolved form after Riachu which may or may not be coming in the Let's Go series).

Shading came out...interesting on this one. It surprised me how a few lighter colors in some area's can brighten up the whole picture. Looks just a bit cartoonish for my taste, but I think it came out alright. 

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Game Freak, ect....I wonder if any of the newer episodes have Pikachu eating ketchup, I should look that up.
Huh, forgot Bulbasaur was a Toad
Well, technically toad, but frog makes for a snazzier title in my opinion. Inspired by the currently most recent Pokemon Let's Go trailer that showed Venasaur hopping behind its trainer. The moment I saw it I immediately thought of other toad-like behaviors that the whole line could have, which led to these drawings...that and I couldn't resist drawing a Bulbasaur ribbiting once it came into my head.

I know Bulbasaur can't technically use Poison Jab in game, but if they could (and they should) they'd use it by launching a long, poison covered tongue at their target (the entire line has these now and you can't convince me otherwise). I mean, we all know the Bulbasaur line, sadly, lacked a bit in popularity compared to Charmander and Squirtle, and this little bit of "personality" is something to help the line get a bit more notice to catch up to the other starters.

I'm honestly fairly happy with how these came out, took just a bit longer then a wanted, but I think they're alright. I also remembered while drawing these that the Gen 1 Bulbasaur sprite looks like it was hopping, it's been there from the start guys!

Pokemon is copyright Game-Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company...anyone got any other fun idea's for certain Pokemon to have in relation to the animals they're based on, if you give me a good one in the comments I'll draw it.
Black Luster Soldier Dn'D Monster Sheet
Hey, a picture I'm semi-proud of, I actually did all of this with my tablet so that's cool. I decided to do a more well known Yugioh card this time, The Black Luster Soldier who actually wears blue armor, though to be fair, it's actually a bit of a darker blue then I made it in the picture, but other then that I think it came out alright. I actually build a Blue-Eyes/ Black Luster ritual deck was O.K at the time. 

Yugioh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi and Konami, Dungeons and Dragons belongs to Wizards of The Coast...while drawing this I realized BLS uses a Scimitar, which made me imagine him as a knight pirate like the Greyjoys in ASOIAF, 
Dn'D Creature: Cross-Wings
This one came out a bit better I think, at least in terms of Art-quality, not amazing, but passable. The stats definitely need a buff. When to a D&D session with these guys a few days ago as bosses, what I didn't count on was seven people showing up instead of the expected three. Even after doubling the Health and adding 3 to their AC, they still blew threw them! Guess it figures, despite being the DM and playing D&D for about a year I'm still probably the least experienced person there. Everyone still had fun though, and that's what counts.

Yugioh is copyright Konami and Mizuki Takahashi and Dungeons and Dragons is copyright Wizards of the Coast.  
DD 5e Wild-Horn
Wow, been a while since I posted a Yugioh card inspired D&D Monster, not too happy with how it came out, but eh. 

Yugioh is copyright Kazuki Takahashi and Konami and D&D belongs to Ernest Gary Gygax among-est other people...I feel like if I was more popular I could start I betting pool on how long it takes for me to get used to my tablet. I'd bet on about three months or so....


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