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Pairing: Bunny      
     All of South Park was occupying downtown for the annual Spring Festival. Every year, the small town in Colorado, celebrated the beginning of spring and the welcoming of the blooming flowers. At least, that’s what the elders say. The young kids of South Park just attend for the games and food.
     Especially for a group of high school boys, who were just arriving at the festival in the afternoon.
     “I can’t believe we missed the opening band,” the red head of the small group of friends complained. “I told you guys we should have woken up earlier.”
     “Whatever, Kyle, it was just some hippie band. They were probably lame,” the more heavyweight boy said with a wave of his hand as to dismiss the topic. The group approached the entrance where the single ticket booth was located.
     “I like that band, Cartman!
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What are these feelings?
Pairing: Bunny
     “Kenny, have you seen my nice shoes?” I looked up at my younger sister before I motioned towards the kitchen, where she had previously left her formerly mentioned shoes. Karen smiled and said her thanks as she practically sprinted into the kitchen to grab her shoes and run back up the stairs to finish getting ready.
     I couldn’t decide if I was happy or depressed that my little sister had found a Valentine’s date while I was stuck at home for the day. Even though many girls had asked me out for the special holiday, I had decided the year before that I wasn’t going to spend Valentine’s with someone I didn’t have true feelings for.
     Just thinking back to last year made me want to hit my head against the nearest wall. I had always been a flirtatious guy, so getting a date was easy. I had asked Heidi Turner to accompany me to dinner at a fancy restaurant that was normall
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 22 6
Mysterious Chocolate
Pairing: NaruSasu      
     I wasn’t expecting that day to go any differently than the other days, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my front door that morning and saw a box full of chocolates sitting there.
     First, I thought somebody had sent the chocolates to the wrong door, but on closer examination, I saw ‘Naruto’ written on the top. I picked up the box and went back inside, both excited and anxious to know who sent me chocolates on Valentine’s Day.
     I set the box on top of my kitchen table and examined it carefully. The box was red with white swirls and a white bow on top. I slowly opened it and saw a dozen milk chocolate minis on the inside. My heart swelled at the gift as I drastically searched for the sender. After not finding anything to indicate who sent them, I popped one of the chocolates into my mouth and started to get ready for the day.
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Pairing: Bunny    
      Today was a rare hot day in South Park. I even shed my well-known orange hoodie, so that I didn’t die from heat stroke.
Summer had just started and already our group was bored with nothing to do. Cartman had suggested that we go to Antarctica, where it was always cold, but that was quickly shot down by the rest of us. I could tell Cartman was suffering more than everyone else, because of his excessive weight. He was sweating while we were sitting in his own home!
      “I think the pool opened today,” Stan said off-handedly as he switched the channel on the television.  
      “I don’t want to go outdoors. I’ll burn into a lobster.” Kyle replied. I huffed from where I was sitting on the ground, getting annoyed at everyone’s lack of enthusiasm.  
      “I think we should go to the pool.” I stated, ignoring Kyle’
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 19 3
See the Obvious
Pairing: SasuNaru
     Everybody takes their lives for granted. Just because they can see, hear, talk, and breathe, they think they don’t have to worry. Death is normally at the edge of people’s brains, where they don’t have to think about it or even acknowledge it.
     I have to confess that I, Uzumaki Naruto, was once one of those people. I used to live my life, carefree, only thinking of becoming the Hokage and getting the villagers to acknowledge me. I never thought that something could happen to me and make those dreams come crashing down.
     I looked out where I perceived my window to be and thought back to the day where everything changed.
*¥ *
     “We’re going to leave you, Dobe,” I could hear the monotone voice of my rival, Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke had only returned to Konoha a few months prior and I was honestly shocked by Tsunade-baachan’s approval to have
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 23 9
Holiday Card Project by CuriousRuby Holiday Card Project :iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 3 0
Forgetful Halloween
Pairing: Bunny
     I could hear my alarm screeching in the distance and thought if I ignored it long enough, it would just disappear. Today was going to be horrible. It was Halloween, the worst holiday of the year and the most dangerous. People thought they could get away with anything as long as they were in costume and chalked it up as ‘trick’ for the holiday spirit. Somehow, though, I always got caught up in the ‘tricks’ and ended up getting killed in the most brutal way every Halloween.
     Last year, it was when Cartman wasn’t very happy when the local dentist handed us floss as his treat. He decided that the best way to handle the situation was by egging the poor guy’s house. Unfortunately for me, an egg somehow got stuck in my throat and I choked for a full five minutes before I passed away. Also, none of the guys even noticed when I was flailing about with a blue face.
     I didn’t
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Frowny Faces
Pairing: Bunny
     I wonder if anything interesting is happening tonight, I thought to myself as I did my routinely night patrol as Mysterion.  South Park had been eerily quiet lately and it was putting me on edge. I actually wished that the Coon would come out to do some mischief, so that I knew everything was alright in the small town.
     After a full hour of walking the empty streets, I became restless and decided to just go home. When I turned back around, though, I heard something in the nearby alleyway. I slowly walked over, making sure I was in the shadows, and peeked behind a wall. There was a small light coming from a flashlight that was on top of a dumpster.
     As I got a little closer, I could see a small figure vandalizing one of the walls.  The figure was turned away from me, but I could tell it was a boy with blonde, puffy hair and a blue sweater on. I only knew of one boy who fit that description.
     “Butters?” I called out as I stepped i
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 17 9
Pairing: Bunny
     “Excuse me; do you need help with anything?” A nurse asked a certain small, blonde headed boy.
     “Oh,” The boy gasped, surprised by the nurse’s sudden appearance. “No, thank you.” The boy looked at the ground and mashed his knuckles together in anxiety. When he looked back up, he realized that he was alone, again, in the quiet hallway. Weren’t hospitals supposed to be loud?
     The boy held the piece of paper in his right hand tighter in his grasp as he looked at the door that he was standing in front of. He read the name plate that said ‘K. McCormick’ for what seemed like the millionth time. He had been standing in the hallway for about 20 minutes, trying to get the courage to enter the room. Three nurses and a doctor had already asked him if he needed any help.
     The boy finally took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. “
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 15 9
Trying to Move On (Part 2)
Pairing: Bunny
     Butters woke up suddenly and he couldn’t figure out why. He looked over to the digital clock that was on the bed instead of a bed side table and saw it was only 2 a.m. Butters was sleeping on the right side of the bed with Kenny in the middle and Valerie on the left side. When Butters turned over he saw Valerie’s sleeping face with a bit of slobber coming from her mouth. He sat up to see where Kenny was and noticed the living area’s light was on. He crawled on the bed to the door and opened it to see Kenny’s back to him, sitting on the ground.  He left the bedroom and quietly closed the door. He walked over to Kenny and the creaking floor wood let away that he was behind him.
     “Sorry, did I wake you?” Kenny asked, not turning around.
     “No, I just noticed you were gone.” Butters sat down next to Kenny and saw that Kenny was holding a photo of Bebe. Bebe had a blue gown on and was sitting in a daffodil fie
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Trying to Move On (Part 1)
Pairing: Bunny
     “Stan, Kyle?” The two boys in question looked up to see a couple of their female classmates standing in front of their desks.
     “Yeah?” They asked in unison.
     “You guys are friends with Kenny, right? We were wondering if you could ask him something for us.” The four of them glanced at the boy who was sitting in the back of the classroom. Kenny McCormick was not like how he used to be. He now, normally, wore a gray hoodie to cover his face piercings and dark, ripped blue jeans, that weren’t for trend purposes. He was quiet in the class and tried to blend in, but once he was on the streets, he became loud and a flirt. He would never say no to any romantic advances from girls or boy. He always had girls with him, because they liked his ‘mysterious’ side and he was handsome.  
     Kyle and Stan turned back around to look at the girls who
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 14 3
Can We Work?
Pairing: Bunny
     “Ken, I don’t know. I’ve never done something like this before.” I said, feeling myself tremble in anxiety.
     “It’s okay, just trust me.” I heard Kenny whisper in the darkness. I could feel the air around me get warmer as Kenny was getting closer. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my heart that was about to beat out of my chest. Suddenly, a white light streamed in through my eyelids and when I opened them, I saw a very pissed off Kenny.
     “Guys! You couldn’t wait a few more minutes?” He yelled at the group of kids who were peaking into the closet.
     “Dude! It was seven minutes. That’s how you play Seven Minutes in Heaven.” Stan said, moving over to let us out. “Did you guys not do anything? What were you doing in there, then?”
     “Butters was freaking out, okay? I had to calm h
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It Works for Us
Pairing: Shikamaru X Temari
     I let out a sigh as I walked around the crowded streets of Konoha.
     “Temari? Whatcha doin’ here?” I turned around to see the anxious grin that belonged to the one and only, Naruto Uzumaki.
     “Is Shikamaru around?” I asked, getting straight to the point. This, however, seemed to have interested the spiked blonde. His grin grew into, what some people might call, a perverted smile.  
     “Why?” He nudged me on the side with his elbow, “You guys going on a date later? I hope you guys are careful!” I glared on the boy, hoping he would get the hint, but unfortunatley he was pretty stupid.
     “I just have something to discuss with him.” After not hearing from him in a month and finally getting a few days off, I decided to take a trip to Konoha to see if the lazy bum was still alive.
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Pairing: NaruSasu
     Like always, I was alone. I was sitting in the open pasture, staring up at the starry night. In the village, that was about three miles away, they were having a festival to celebrate the beginning of Summer. Sakura had pestered me to go, saying it would be good for me, but I knew I couldn’t handle the stares and the whispered insults that were going to be directed at me. They could tolerate me, but that didn’t stop them from being afraid.
     It was so quite out there, I could hear the chirping of the crickets as if they were playing a melody just for me. I closed my eyes, listening to nature’s sounds that I rarely slowed down enough to pay attention to. I could barley hear the festivities in the village, that it sounded like it was so far away. For a few seconds, I pretended that I didn’t have the Kyuubi inside me. That I lived a peaceful life and the villagers would just ignore me as I walked past th
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 20 12
First Anniversary
Pairing: Bunny
     Butters rushed through his room, trying to make sure that he didn’t forget anything. He glanced at his Hello Kitty calendar that marked today as the first anniversary for Kenny and him. The blonde boy was nervous, but excited at the same time. He still remembered how it all started out during their sophomore year.
~1 year ago~
     “Butters? Did you do the math homework?” The small, blonde boy looked up from the book he was reading to see the chubby face of Clyde Donovan. He showed off his usual, cheery smile and nodded to the other boy, reaching for his backpack to grab the before mentioned homework.
     “Dude, Clyde! You should do the homework, yourself!” Butters looked up and was shocked to see the orange clad boy speaking to the brunette. Kenny never tried to cause any conflict. He normally just let everyone do what they want while he watched and laughed from the sidelines,
:iconcuriousruby:CuriousRuby 18 6
Who is this? Ch. 10
Butters’ POV
     I looked over at the clock by the tv and saw that it was already midnight. I couldn’t fall asleep, though. My thoughts kept going over the night’s events. I supposedly had a conversation with Chaos and was able to get rid of him by protecting myself, I stood up to Eric, who was thrown out of the party by Kyle, and the most important thing that happened was that Kenny kissed me! It was a quick peck on the lips, but it was the most exhilarating experience I had ever encountered.
     My gaze drifted to Kenny’s sleeping figure next to mine and I couldn’t help, but to stare at the perfection that was laying there. His messy, dark blonde hair was strewn over his pillow in an attractive way. His mouth was slightly open with a bit of drool at the corners, which would normally gross me out, but it just seemed like another amazing trait that Kenny had.  
     “Butters?” A voice f
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I'm working at a daycare now as a Teacher's Aid! I'm really liking the job so far! I'm currently writing a chaptered Bunny story and a chaptered NaruSasu story. These might take a while for me to post though, so I'll try to write some one-shots in the meantime, but since I'm working, it might take some time. Please be patient with me! 
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