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All-In-One Tray

All-In-One Tray v1.0 (AIOT) is a minimize to tray application, but to think its for just minimize to tray is not enough so I added more usefull feature, maybe more to be added in the future. For the first release, i think the added feature is quite messy. ^_^

Anyway I hoping this program to help your smoothing daily task.

Preview on YouTube - [link]
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Also saw this on the Tekzilla show on Revision3. Looks great, giving it a try! Thanks! :)
Also saw it on Tekzilla on Revision3. Looks great, going to give it a try! :)
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seen this on Rev3 TZd 803, and thought I'd give it a try, looks cool.
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thanks for trying... dont forget to leave some comment. ^_^
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wow, I must try this... Thanks for the usefull help.
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great work mate.downloadin it now..wil try it & inform of any bugs/freezes :)
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What is the skin used in that PC?
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I mean, in Youtube video ; )
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cool work, i will download it :D
Excellent app, installs and run fine : )


* Unlimited Custom Path Requests ( Add an "Add Custom Path" button)
* Custom HotKey Launch for Custom Path apps

Think you have a winner here !
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Thanks for download and suggestion. good idea, but i'll do it if I got free times.
Sounds the way. You make some incredible themes. I've downloaded a few and can't really decide which one is the best. They are all fabulous. Thank you very much, I love your work. Grettings from Northern British Columbia, Canada.
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Thanks for the greetings, but I never make any theme.. does this comment really for me?
Nice work, may i ask what language you used to program this?
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Very good job, I like it :)
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^_^ glad someone 'Big Shot' like my work! I really appreciate that!
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this looks like cool little program, I will try it now :)
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1+++ downloaded, but 0 comment, hope all thing went ok.
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