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KoFi Story: Lightning's Peachy Plumpification
Lightning Farron was many things. A known soldier and combatant, a dear friend, and once upon a time even considered a god. The pink haired combatant had faced many threats and many more dangerous situations, yet one moment left her feeling nervous.
“Are you sure they’re considering me?” she asked Cloud as she was guided towards the Smash Arena.
“As sure as I can be,” the blonde said as he guided her forward. “While the others are trying to figure out who to nominate, I decided to throw your name into the ring. After all the times we fought together in World B you left a huge impression.”
Lightning recalled the war of the gods, Cosmos and Chaos, and later Spiritus and Materia, and how both she and Cloud had fought along and against one another. It was also the place where Lightning had met Terra before the two grew closer. “From one fighter to another, I really appreciate it.”
“No problem. Honestly, aside from wanting you in o
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Connie's Soles by AtaraxiaD Connie's Soles :iconataraxiad:AtaraxiaD 134 14 Katara's Soles by AtaraxiaD Katara's Soles :iconataraxiad:AtaraxiaD 256 45 Clementine's Feet by AtaraxiaD Clementine's Feet :iconataraxiad:AtaraxiaD 112 17 Spinelli's Foot by LazzyLad Spinelli's Foot :iconlazzylad:LazzyLad 427 34 Kim Possible's Foot Tease (Colored) by Got-You-Colored Kim Possible's Foot Tease (Colored) :icongot-you-colored:Got-You-Colored 210 5 Princess Fiona by SkullManDan Princess Fiona :iconskullmandan:SkullManDan 199 44 Penny Proud Showing her feet by waffengrunt Penny Proud Showing her feet :iconwaffengrunt:waffengrunt 109 21 Dork Elora by Da-Fuze Dork Elora :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 121 16 Penny proud feet by AtaraxiaD Penny proud feet :iconataraxiad:AtaraxiaD 151 24
After Today - Roxanne TF TG
It was the first day of high school, and a senior named Randy was having trouble finding a girlfriend. He saw two girls that he never met, so he decided to talk to them.
"Hey!" said Randy.
"Who is this guy?" asked one of the girls.
"He's just one of those guys who pranks random people with his friends," said the other girl. "Let's go somewhere else."
"No, wait!" said Randy as the girls walked away. "I just you."
An upset Randy walked to his first-period class and took a seat next to his best friends, Rodney and Ryan.
"Hey Randy," said Ryan. "What's happening?"
"I can't get a girlfriend," said Randy.
"Maybe me and Ryan can cheer you up," said Rodney.
Rodney opened his backpack, which had three water balloons inside it.
"Are you crazy?" asked Randy. "You'll get us suspended! We only pull pranks after school, not during school!"
"Come on, Randy," said Rodney. "We're pranksters. We're supposed to be crazy!"
"I guess that's why I don't have a girlfriend," said Randy.
"Me a
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Trudy Proud's Big ole' Booty by bxBLAZExd Trudy Proud's Big ole' Booty :iconbxblazexd:bxBLAZExd 221 21 Gala sbbw Commision by Carmessi
Mature content
Gala sbbw Commision :iconcarmessi:Carmessi 1,075 54
Lusty Tharja by Bamboo-Ale
Mature content
Lusty Tharja :iconbamboo-ale:Bamboo-Ale 815 52
Commission - Satsuki Once More by CodeNameBull
Mature content
Commission - Satsuki Once More :iconcodenamebull:CodeNameBull 1,395 26
Big Date with Mercy by Micro-Mike
Mature content
Big Date with Mercy :iconmicro-mike:Micro-Mike 247 7


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HI EVERYONE IT’S ME AGAIN!  Yes me, as in that silly simian that still can’t keep any of the promises that he makes because he’s just too lazy…  

That got a little depressing quickly didn’t it?! 

Beating myself up aside though, I thought it was probably time to lay down some things that I feel should be explained to you newcomers.  At least I’ll try to since I can come up with an entire pull page journal while at work ONLY to forget every single little thing the instant I sit my behind in this chair!  Maybe I should stop doing that and just get on with things huh?

Anyways I’m here to tell you folks that this journal will be part recap and part update on what’s going on. 

To start things off; some more info on that favorites folder I mentioned yesterday in a status update.  Well the explanation for that is that I have constantly been trying to make a favorites folder completely dedicated to those works of art, and stories, that gave me my own ideas.  Before anyone asks, YES I will credit the ideas to those whose work made this possible.  The one problem to whole thing however, was that every time I tried to make it the stupid thing would quickly devolve into something more along the lines of a double favorite’s folder or something dumb like that.  So things like simple screencaps aren’t gonna be included this time.

Next up is a series of drabbles I will write, from time to time, explaining how my wondrous mind works with some of more bizarre stories ideas I’ve got and why.  A good example you will see later on is how I want to apply limb stretching/elastic body to belly dancing and hypnosis.  Another one will be how I broke on my ‘Will Not Write’ rules because I think I can make it work in a way that won’t be considered really, REALLY GROSS!

Finally to wrap things up is an inclusion to that list of stories that I said I really wanted to work on (see previous journal for that).  What are these stories you might ask?  Well they will be a collection of TF What If’s featuring certain episodes from shows that I’ve wanted to explore more into.  Heck you could consider the Frenchfry Sleepover series to be one of them!

Well hopefully this will tie everyone over until I get something finished and show to the world that I’m not a dirty little liar!

See ya later! 

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Hello everyone, I'm the CuriousMonkeyDude and I'd like to welcome you all to my neck of the woods. If you are into things such as tfs, tgs, body inflation of various kinds, wg, a wee bit of vore, and all sorts of strange combinations of previously mentioned, then you've come to the right place! And if it just so happens that you're not into some of the REALLY heavy adult versions of these things then don't worry, neither am I! Course I'll be sure to let you all know whenever something really weird might turn up.


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