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Lined and cell shaded small stylized drawing; white outline optional, 500x500; will draw most MLP species, humans, and other furry/scaly characters. SFW only.

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Sweet Keys are Made of These


3 of my mutuals have birthdays coming up and I just downloaded hollow knight and LA Noire...

what have I done Teletubbies say uh oh Icon 
god...changing so much right now. 

living and learning is hard DX
It's pretty cool when you're a part of something new in a fandom that's 3 years old

deltarune was neat, but confusing as hell
When you have the window open and someone opens a door somewhere...

inuyasha gif kikyo inuyasha gif kikyo inuyasha gif kikyo inuyasha gif kikyo inuyasha gif kikyo 

i'm not watching inuyasha, you're watching inuyasha
Yo, how's it?

I didn't want to post this here before I was 100% sure it was happening, but I got ANOTHER new job. I know, it's kind of funny how much stress I put on myself when I lose a job, but then I get one near instantly and it's literally no big deal.

Anyways, I'm starting today and then my schedule is gonna be night shifts tues-sat, with mon and sun off. I'm not gonna have a lot of time to art, but I'm thinking I might have a lot of time to write while at the front desk of where I'm we'll see.

Might be switching gears on the content I release and when- like every other adult on this site seems to be doing (i say lovingly bc we go thru some real shit irl)- so just keep an eye out.

Sorry to all those on the keychain that I couldn't get to your freeart. I know I'm not the best at finishing projects or coming thru when I say "I'M GONNA DO IT THIS TIME" but I'm starting to realize that I'm not as reliable as I think I am and I want to change that about myself.

Anywho- cheers to ya'll, I know Halloween is coming up so be safe no matter what you're doing and remember to treat all black cats with extra care. They get a lot of shit this time of year by douchebag humans and deserve nothing but love and attention from us good ppl faces.

Z5ocq28n0ip11 by curiouskeys




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