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Unfledged and Other Updates

Sun Jun 3, 2018, 7:08 AM

Hello my lovely watchers! It has been a while since I did an update, and I have a lot going on so I thought it was time for a journal.

The biggest project looming on the horizon for me right now is the Unfledged launch! All the pages are completed and formatted. The only thing left to do is schedule the posts. I will be posting ahead of time on Patreon (link at the bottom of the journal). Until launch, this DeviantArt account is going to be all Unfledged all the time! I'll be posting new art with the Unfledged characters, and old art that hasn't been posted on DeviantArt before. It will be a lot of fun! I have been a bit less active than usual these days, but I hope to step up my activity a bit in the lead up to the launch :D.

Unfledged launches July 3rd, 2018!

Patreon Launch is June 19th, 2018!

Unfledged Cover Art - Take 1 by curiousdoodler
The biggest project in my life overall is my pregnancy! I announced on here a little while ago, but as my due date (8/13) approaches, my activity will decrease. Rest assured! Mountain Divide and Unfledged will continue uninterrupted, however, announcements about new pages may not be coming out as regularly. If you rely on Twitter, Facebook, or DA for links to new pages, those links may go away for a few weeks in August. I suggest a bookmark folder with links to the webcomics. Mountain Divide is updated automatically every Saturday and Unfledged will be updated automatically every Tuesday. Another option is Patreon. Patreon will also automatically update the comics at least two weeks ahead of the main websites. The extra nice thing about patreon is that you can set it up to deliver push notifications to your phone through the mobile app and/or email updates about new content. Apologies for the changes, and I do intend for them to be temporary. As soon as I start to put my life back in order with a new little human, I will go back to posting update links on social media for new pages, but I am certain that will take some time!
I'm Pregnant! by curiousdoodler
Finally, I am launching a new NSFW DeviantArt account curiousafterdark. As you may have guessed from my most recent poll, I have some NSFW ideas that I want to play with. Since I have not been posting NSFW content on this account, it feels unfair to watchers to change the content suddenly. However, I do need to practice drawing nude characters and some of my characters are a bit more raunchy than I feel I can draw them on a SFW account. So, I am basically moving Samsah and Delilon (gender swapped Samson and Delilah) over to curiousafterdark. Samsah just does not fit in a SFW world. I will post other NSFW pieces over there also. There may be an occasional cross post between the two accounts, with a censored version being posted here and an explicit version over there, but for the most part I intend to keep art exclusively to one account or the other. So if you want to see all my work, you need to watch :iconcuriousafterdark: along with this account. 

Here's the first post on curiousafterdark:
Samsah by curiousafterdark
That is all the news from me! Let me know if you have any questions :D

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CuriousDoodler on Reddit

Sun Jan 14, 2018, 7:09 AM

I have started a sub-Reddit for CuriousDoodler projects. I thought about creating sub-Reddits for Mountain Divide and Unfledged separately, but decided against it. Neither project is big enough to sustain it's own sub-Reddit and, this way, I can make announcements that relate to both or neither project in the same convenient place :). Primarily, I'll be posting page updates there. I prefer the comment section on Reddit over the comment section native to my comic hosting site so Reddit will be a good place to talk about the pages :D…
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Mon Nov 20, 2017, 4:33 PM

Tagged by :iconbeane-cat:


Answer 10 questions that you have been asked
Create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
Tag 10 people.


1. Favorite type of drink?
Caffeinated or alcoholic. Preferably both ;)
2. Do you have a preferred medium of art? (Digital, tradition, 3D even?)
For long drawn out projects, I prefer digital. It's easier to keep track of everything digitally and it's the medium I've been working in the longest so it's the one I have the most familiarity with. For just relaxing after work, I like sketching and pen and ink. If I have a lot of free time, I like to bust out the water colors :)
3. Whose an artist or some artists that really influenced your style? If you can't think of that, then one or a few whose style you're really into? (Or both these questions, if you'd like!)
On DA I love the work of StressedJenny and WildEllie My hands down favorite artist of all time is Jacques Louis David.
4. Dream job?
Internet content creator. How fan-fracken-tastic would it be to be paid to create my comics Smiley: Heart eyes 
5. Any pets?
A dog. Large. A mutt. Seven years old. My pretty girl, Bella Blue.
6. Favorite song? Or even one you're just really into right now?
At the moment, anything by Watskey.
7. What do you think is your personal favorite deviation right now?
Snails Pace by SarahCulture or  A caged beast by WildEllie or  Green fire by GreekCeltic hard to pick. I have a lot of faves ^^;
8. Do you like speedpaint/timelapse videos?
I prefer gifs where its super sped up.
9. Cheesecake: Yay or nay?
Hells yay.
10. Final question! What's your favorite season and why?
Autumn. Leaves. Nuff said.

My questions Mwahahahahahahaha! 
  1. What's your number one highest priority goal right now?
  2. What's one thing you do everyday to drive towards your goal?
  3. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
  4. What's the perfect size for a dog?
  5. Where do you get your art supplies?
  6. Coffee or tea?
  7. How many books have you read this year?
  8. How does your answer to question seven make you feel?
  9. Pie or cake?
  10. If you had to become one fictional character for the rest of your life, who would it be?
I tag:


I had every intention of ending Mountain Divide at the end of 2018. I have an ending written and drawn and I was going to pack up that world and move on to other stories. However, as you may have noticed if you read my status updates, I am not enthused with the idea of saying good bye to Lily and Mia. So, I have decided not to. I am plotting and have a first arc roughed out to continue that story for two to three more years. I'm going to call this year and next years chapters one story, Mountain Divide: Origins. The story that will be going out 2019 and on will be self contained. You won't need to have read Origins to understand what's going on, but it will be a huge help as the new series will be continuing where the last left off. I only want to separate it from Origins so I'm not forcing new readers to go back and read pages with art I'm not overwhelmingly proud of. 

If you're more interested in Unfledged, fear not! I have been drawing pages for Unfledged and Mountain Divide since July, and it's going well! I can pretty easily work on both stories at once, so I will continue with my Unfledged plans. Unfledged will still launch 7/3/2018. The only thing that might be slightly delayed is the ebook version which probably won't be ready on webcomic launch day. 

I hope this news makes some of you happy! I love Mountain Divide and I don't feel like I've told all the story I set out to tell. I hope that by splitting Origin and the next series, I can give myself a bit of a clean start without needing to scrap the story entirely. I'm going to bump up the art and writing quality for the new series. It should be fun!

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This journal is going to be about the nitty gritty of making Mountain Divide, not much on the fun story elements. My learning style is very iterative. When I decided I wanted to make a comic, I jumped into making it without doing a lot of research or taking class and I researched things as I ran into problems. Many of the things I learned came too late to be applied to Mountain Divide and will be applied to Unfledged. This is how I learn. I only have 5 pages left to draw of Mountain Divide and with the light at the end of the tunnel in sight, I've been picking apart my experience to squeeze every last learning I can out of it. I've been thinking about writing it all down and sharing it and MangoMendoza expressed interest so here we are! 
I broke the process into four main chunks that I saw as the most important areas that I messed up or I did well. Planning, Writing, Art, and Promotion. The order matters because strong planning leads to good writing. Good writing facilitates good art, and good planning writing and art make promotion easier. 
I did the planning well for Mountain Divide. I figured out what rate I could produce pages at, determined how much of a buffer I wanted, then applied myself to drawing pages and meeting self imposed deadlines.

  1. An important thing I've learned about planning is the value of including days off. Just because I can draw two pages a week, does not mean I will be able to draw two pages every week. Some weeks I have other things I have to do. In order to prevent burnout from frustration of not meeting deadlines, I find it important to account for those days I won't have time to work on pages. For short term projects, it's possible to put the world on hold and just blast through the work, but for projects that will last for years it's important to build in flexibility to the schedule.
  2. Another important thing I did for planning was set and announce deadlines. Setting the deadlines was important because it forced me to look at what I'm capable of doing in a week/month/year and set realistic expectations of myself to myself. Announcing the deadlines was important because it created the feeling of accountability. 
Learning from this, I've started counting out the pages I have to complete to hit various goals and setting up sub-goals. This keeps me even closer on track and keeps me honest with myself. 
This is where I start to fall apart. I did write out the script before I started working on the pages. I did not spend a lot of time editing the script and I did not appreciate the difference between a novel and a graphic novel. 
  1. The pacing is poor. I wrote the story with the intention that an entire chapter could be consumed in one sitting. Then, when I realized I would only be releasing one page a week, I was editing pages to make them more interesting while I was drawing them. This resulted in sporadic and confusing pacing.
  2. I did not visualize every page. I wrote pages and could see the sequence in my head like a movie as I would if I were reading a novel, but I didn't stop and picture what that would look like as stills on a page.
  3. I didn't do enough edits. Dialog was week in parts and there were plot holes because I was too eager to start drawing pages and didn't spend the time editing the written pages. I had to fix these mistakes on the fly, which resulted in stilted conversations and contributed to the pacing problem.
For Unfledged, I have been far more rigorous with my writing. I've done a great deal of editing of the script and have a much more polished product than I did with Mountain Divide. I also plan on releasing Unfledged for kindle at the same time that I launch the page a week web comic which allows me more freedom to slow down the pace as there is an option to read it all at once. My own awareness of the medium has improved and influenced my writing substantially. 

Here again, I see glowing failures. Because of inconsistent writing, I threw off my carefully planned schedule and had to rush which dramatically impacted my art quality. 
  1. I established that I could create two quality pages of art a week to achieve my goal buffer of pages in time for launch. I drew twenty one pages of a chapter that I realized was awful and I had to cut. Because of this I had to draw three pages a week to achieve my goals. This resulted in low quality art.
  2. I focused on getting art on the pages and not on the quality of the art. Hitting goals is important, but doing so with good work is also important.
For Unfledged, I have been meticulous with my writing to avoid a time crunch, but I have also built in buffer days so that if it does take me more than a day to draw a page, I can rest easy knowing that I have some flexibility in my schedule. Quality has become a huge focus for me. I will take a break and come back to a page if I have to ensure quality.

No one wants to talk about this, but the fact of the matter is, it's difficult to maintain enthusiasm for a project if you're not receiving feedback. It take a lot of work to get pages posted, even after they're done, and if it feels like you're shouting into a void, that can be disheartening. I am lucky with Mountain Divide in that I do have some wonderful and supportive followers! I think I did somethings well here and other things poorly.
  1. I am happy that I posted about Mountain Divide long before launch. It helped people commit to reading the story because they already knew and liked the characters.
  2. I did not have a good plan. I had a plan. It was not good. I didn't have a solid tag line or elevator pitch. When I talked about it with people in real life, I was vague and it sounded like I didn't know my own story. I still don't know what genre to put it in!
  3. I didn't have a clear goal. I wanted people to read my story, but why and how? I didn't have the kindle version ready until well after launch. 
  4. I didn't have a following on the linkable social media accounts. I have an instagram, but it's hard to promote a webcomic on a website where you can't post links! 
For Unfledged, I have continued my practice of posting about the characters and a little of the story as I work it out for myself. This is the easiest thing for me to do as I would do it on my own anyway. I have a much better plan for Unfledged. The genre is supernatural urban fantasy, vampire novel is practically a genre of it's own. My pitch for the first chapter is "A vampire, Lisa, is arrested by vampire hunters that work for the FBI, leaving her human daughter alone in the world. She must find a way to take care of her little girl, while the FBI tries to figure out why Lisa is different from the other vampires they've encountered." I will also launch the kindle version of the chapter the same day I launch the web comic. I've also been working to cultivate a twitter presence although I should also try to diversify into a facebook space aswell.

All in all, Mountain Divide was a wonderfully positive experience! I learned A LOT and I cannot wait to apply what I've learned! Unfledged is going to be so much better for what I've done with Mountain Divide. I hope my experience can help others! There's always room in the world for another story :)

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Haven't Done One of These in a While

Wed Sep 13, 2017, 6:35 AM

Tagged by MangoMendoza 

How old are you?
: 27

Your name?:

How social are you?: Depends.

How long have you been on Deviantart?: Oh, god. So long. I was probably 15ish when I got my first account and that was 2005 so, that's what? 12 years? I am old.

What are your future plans for the site?: Same as always, mess around, have fun, meet people, continue my vain attempts to make a buck on this art biz

Do you want to pursue a career in art?: If only if only. 

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?:
 This is a stupid question. What is art skill? Technical? Flexibility? Productivity? I suppose I'll go with the omni-correct answer, 42. 

Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?: Hahahahahahaha I can't. I try. I delete an account. The sirens call is too strong! She keeps sucking me back in!

Who is your favorite visual artist? IDK 

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?: Tablet. Huion. Also, I do the thing with the paints and the pencils and the markers.

How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?: Depends. Writing and drawing Mountain Divide will have taken about a year and a half. Unfledged will take about three years top to bottom. But a traditional painting takes about 4-6hrs. An inked traditional illustration take about 0.5-1hr. A digital illustration takes about 1-4hrs. 

How well do you handle criticism?: DEPENDS!! If I've had a garbage day I am not going to take criticism well. If I didn't ask for it, if the piece is super old, if I say in the description that it's a concept piece not a finished piece, I don't appreciate criticism, but I try to be cordial about. If I ask for it and a person provides feedback on the thing I'm asking for feedback on, I greatly appreciate it!


What is your sexuality/romantic preference?: Straight.

Are you currently in a relationship?: Yes.

Is your partner/spouse a deviant? (if so, paste the link to their profile here.): No.

How long have you been together?: 5yrs

anniecoleptic TurningTideStudio t3h3r3ee Summer-Peaches 

A Wonderful Wednesday Surprise

Wed Aug 16, 2017, 6:29 PM

I wanted to do a quick journal to show off this amazing icon :iconlinux-rules: made! 
Curious Doodler Studio Icon ultra by linux-rules

Reduced Activity

Sun Jul 30, 2017, 11:36 AM

Hi All,
I wanted to pop on here and give you a heads up that I'm going to be off line for a bit.

As the attentive watcher may have noticed, I'm gearing up for a wedding. As such, I'm going to have people in town who need entertaining and a party to ensure runs smoothly. Both of these things are going to pull me away from DeviantArt. I'll still be on, responding to comments and chatting. I might even post a few things, but I won't be able to give the internet the tender love and care I usually devote to it. 

This will not affect the previously announced launch dates. I built in three weekends off for the wedding when I calculated the launch of the second chapter of Mountain Divide (1/1/18) and first issue of Unfledged (7/3/18). I have also already scheduled all the pages of the current chapter of Mountain Divide to post on time. So the main stuff should chug along without me for a bit :grin:

Thanks for understanding!

1K Watchers Giveaway! - WINNERS!

Sun Jul 9, 2017, 10:13 AM

I have my winners for the giveaway! There were 11 entries and the random numbers generated were: 

11 - :iconvampireknightangel:
3 - :icont3h3r3ee:
1 - :iconsummer-peaches:


I'll be contact you shortly to find out what you want :D

Another big thank you to everyone who participated! All my watchers are the best Heart Love 

Pixel icon - Banana - F2U Pixel icon - Banana - F2U Pixel icon - Banana - F2U 

GUYS! I just hit 1,000 watchers :excited:! I want to do something special for this milestone so I'm doing a giveaway! 

To join, all you have to do is mention me in a post, it can be a journal, status, submission, whatever as long as you end up in my mentions box. I will assign each mention in my mentions box a number and use a random number generator to choose at least three people (might be more if I have more time, doubtful though). That means, more mentions will get more chance to win :dummy:

All entries must be in by midnight on Saturday 7/15/17

Winners will get a head shot or waist up commission (lines, color, and shading, but no background). I will draw what ever character your heart desires :D

Each individual can only win one prize. 

If I comment on your submission that means I saw it and it's on my list. If I don't for a few days, you might have to note me. ^^;

Have fun! I'm so happy to have each and everyone of my lovely watchers :hug:

A Diversity Tag

Thu Jul 6, 2017, 6:12 PM

I was tagged by :iconturningtidestudio: :D

How many ocs do you have?

I'm going to use a few stories 
Mountain Divide
Lily Mia Alex Glenn Earl 
Lisa Ti Ambrose Madeline Doc
Dragon Story
Bree Juliet Arthur
New Orleans (I haven't forgotten this one I promise!)
Jon Dawn

So that's 15 characters

#=unsure but probably cannon

Gender and Love:
-You have an OC that is...

(x) Male
(x) Female
( ) Intersex
( ) Non-binary or genderqueer
( ) Genderfluid
( ) Transgender
(x) Heterosexual
(x) Bisexual
(x) Homosexual
( ) Pansexual 
(X ) Asexual
( ) Demisexual
() Aromantic
() Polyamorous 
(x) Single
(x) Dating
() Engaged
(x) Married 
( ) Divorced
() Widowed 
(X ) In a civil partnership
( ) In an open relationship
( ) In a poly relationship
( ) gender/orientation of your own creation
  [world-building bonus +2]
( ) relationship role of your own creation
  [world-building bonus +2]

Race and ethnicity
-You have an OC who is...

() Dark complected 
  [world-building bonus +2]
() Olive Complected 
  [world-building bonus +2]
() Lighter complected
  [world-building bonus +2]
(X ) Black 
(x) Caucasian
(X ) Latina/o
( ) Indian
(x) Asian
( ) Middle Eastern
( ) Native American
( ) Pacific Islander
() Another race or ethnicity
(x) A race or ethnicity or your own creation 
  [world-building bonus +2]
(x) Multiracial

-You have an OC that is...

(X ) Christian
( ) Jewish
( ) Hindu
( ) Buddhist
(X) Islamic
( ) Pagan or Wiccan
( ) Satanist
( ) Another religion
(x) A religion of your own creation
  [world-building bonus +2]
(x) Agnostic
(x) Atheist
(x) Pro-LGBTQA+
() Anti-LGBTQA+ 
( ) Pro-choice
( ) Pro-life
(x) ideology of your own creation
  [world-building bonus +2]

Illnesses and disabilities
-You have an OC with...

( ) Cancer 
( ) Lupus
( ) Diabetes
( ) Crohn's
(x) Depression 
(x) Anxiety 
() Bi-polar disorder or bi-polar depression
( ) Schizophrenia 
(x) PTSD 
() Self-harming habits or tendencies 
(x) Alcoholism (or is a recovered alcoholic)
(#) Drug addiction (or is a recovered addict)
( ) Asperger's, Autism, or another form of ASD
( ) Down's Syndrome
( ) Infertility issues
() Allergies
(x) Insomnia
(#) A missing limb, multiple missing limbs, or prosthetics 
(#) Blindness or a missing eye 
( ) Deafness
( ) The inability to speak
(X ) Confinement to a wheelchair
() Paralysis (temporarily)
( ) Another illness or disability
() An illness or disability of your own creation 
  [world-building bonus +2]

-You have an OC from...

(x) North America
( ) Central America
( ) South America
( ) The Caribbean Islands
(x) Europe
( ) The United Kingdom
( ) The Middle East
( ) Africa
() Asia
( ) Russia
( ) India
( ) Australia
( ) New Zealand
( ) Antarctica
(x) Another dimension, realm, planet, or place of
  your own creation. [world-building bonus +4]

Appearance and abilities
-You have an OC with...

(x) Glasses
() Freckles or visible birthmarks
( ) Acne
(x) Scars or burns
() Missing or crooked teeth or a gap
(x) Fangs
(x) Wings and/or horns 
(x) A tail or tails
() Fins or gills
(x) Magical powers or supernatural abilities
(X ) Traits of your own creation 

40% Diverse

World Building 10

I think I did alright for only playing with 15 characters.

Tagging :iconanniecoleptic: and :icont3h3r3ee:


It has been a busy month for me! I posted double updates of Mountain Divide on my Patreon all month, participated in Draw Everything June, and launched the first installment of Mountain Divide for Kindle!!! I'm really excited about all of these things! As the title suggests, I also now have an official launch date for Unfledged!

:excited: excited happy Squee!:vampire  Unfledged Launches 7/3/2018 :vampire Squee! excited happy :excited: 

I know it's a long way out, but I still have to launch the second chapter of Mountain Divide before Unfledged ^^;. I have drawn 5 pages of Unfledged and I have 73 pages to go plus all the promotional material and cover art before I'm ready for launch. I should be finished drawing pages 5/26/18 and I gave myself a month to format and get everything nice and pretty Aww 

Now that I know how to publish a comic on kindle, I will be launching the webcomic and the complete chapter kindle book at the same time! That means when page one of a webcomic is posted, you can read the entire years worth of pages that same day if you want :D

For those of you who may not know, Unfledged is my story about a vampire who is captured by vampire hunters and separated from her human child. 
Madonna and Child by curiousdoodler

Mountain Divide

The entire first chapter of Mountain Divide is available for Kindle! That is all the pages from the beginning through the end of the year! The next chapter of Mountain Divide will launch 1/1/18 and the webcomic will launch concurrently with the kindle book :D. I have 15 pages left to draw of the second chapter and I might redo the cover art before launch ^^;. There will be one off week between the end of chapter 1 and chapter 2 because I didn't want to launch the same week as Christmas ^^;

Draw Everything June

This month I also participated in the Draw Everything June challenge hosted by the lovely :iconsenshistock:. There is still one week left of the challenge and entries aren't due until 7/15 so there's still time if you want to jump on this lovely bandwagon :dummy:…. As a Patreon, I've seen all the poses for the month and I know there are a couple more goodies coming up this week, but here's a run down of my favorites that are up so far. You can see all of my entries in this folder…

Dangerous by curiousdoodler  Regrets by curiousdoodler  Dancing with Fire by curiousdoodler  Cuddles by curiousdoodler  It Begins by curiousdoodler  Stick the Landing by curiousdoodler  Caged Bird by curiousdoodler
Finally, I wanted to mention that I have a newly most favorited piece this month! As always, I am baffled by what the internet likes and what it ignores. One of the Draw Everything June entries, that I wouldn't consider one of my favorites, took the title that has been held by the same piece since January!

My newly most popular piece:
Important FBI Work by curiousdoodler
Which dethroned this (also, can't believe this was as popular as it was :no:)
Dancing in the Spring by curiousdoodler

Here's to the end of a good month. Hope July can keep up :D
Fire-orb Fire-orb Fire-orb 
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Guess what I learned today!!!! I figured out how to publish a graphic novel on kindle!! It was actually really easy. I already had the pages formatted for posting on line and it turns out that is basically the format you need for kindle too. 
So, $4.99 on kindle, you get this entire years worth of pages! That's 26 pages that haven't gone up on the main website yet! 

For my new watchers, Mountain Divide is my webcomic about what happens after a failed rebellion both to the rebel leader and a conquering general. The two former enemies must work together to achieve peace and prosperity for their mutual home. If you like strong women and rivals forced to work together for the greater good, you'll love this story!

It is available for free here: mountaindivide.thecomicseries.… (one page per week on Saturdays)
It is also posting on DA here:… (one page behind the main website)

Now that I know how to do this, I'm going to start publishing all my chapters on kindle the same day that I launch the webcomic. That way, you can still get every single page for free, but if you want read everything in one sitting (which is really how I feel the story should be read) that option will be available too!

* Let me know if you check this option out and please tell me how the experience goes for you on your device etc. This is my first time doing this and I want to be able to improve!! * 

As always when playing the Amazon game, reviews are gold. If you do read it, please leave a review! Even something short can really help! 

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Sun May 28, 2017, 7:38 AM

It's June! Time for a stravaganza! 


Over on my patreon, I'm going to posting :excited: double updates of Mountain Divide:excited:  every week for the entire month of June! That's a two bob peace  pages a week update schedule! I'll be posting pages on Tuesday and Thursday! In addition to double updates on patreon, I will be giving all three donation tiers access to all the rewards:bademoticon:  ! That means for the price of $1 you will have access to the $10 rewards! I have also started working on pages for Unfledged and will be posting exclusive sneak peaks of that on Patreon Starstruck / Starry Eyed !

At the end of the month, I will be announcing the launch date for Unfledged for everyone!
So thats:
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Thank You!

Mon May 22, 2017, 7:17 PM

Thanks so much to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! You all helped make my birthday special :hug:
A special thanks to :iconprotosasyn: for this wonderful birthday art :hug:
Lisa by Protosasyn
Another amazing piece of birthday art! Thank you to the amazing :iconanniecoleptic:
Lisa by anniecoleptic
More wonderful birthday art! This time from :icont3h3r3ee:

Hogwarts Character Meme

Sun May 14, 2017, 6:24 PM

Found another character OC meme on tumblr Pikachu yays This one is Harry Potter themed :D


Sometime a Caged Bird Sings by curiousdoodler
what’s their hogwarts house? :Hufflepuff:  I'm not sure on this one, but I usually think of her as Hufflepuff, however she definitely has her Ravenclaw moments and even Slytherin sometimes.
what’s their patronus? Fox Emote  A fox. she likes to sit and watch before she makes her move and she's very protective of her pup.
what do they see when they look into the mirror of erised? Her and Madeline safe and happy somewhere bright and sunny.
what does amortentia smell like to them? OCEAN The ocean. 
what memory do they focus on to cast a patronus? The first time Madeline said Mommy.
what is their animagus form? bird-ehya fariba A songbird. Maybe a robin. Something people wouldn't notice.
what is their wand made of? Willow with dragon heart string core.
what position do they play in quidditch? Does not play quidditch. She hates being in the spotlight.

Tiberius (Ti)

Tiberius Portrait by curiousdoodler
what’s their hogwarts house? :Gryffindor:  Gryffindor. Very gryffindor.
what’s their patronus? Bb14 A bear. Usually slow and lumbering, but aggressive when provoked.
what do they see when they look into the mirror of erised? Him sitting on his couch, not being bothered.
what does amortentia smell like to them? :fire:  Wood burning fire. 
what memory do they focus on to cast a patronus? Walking in a completely deserted park in the middle of a beautiful autumn night where it's just crisp enough to see his breath but not quite cold.
what is their animagus form? :wolfnoid: A wolf or dog, Some sort of pack animal.
what is their wand made of? Oak and unicorn hair core. 
what position do they play in quidditch? A chaser. 


Ambrose Portrait by curiousdoodler
what’s their hogwarts house? Slytherin Crest icon 1 CHAT FRIENDLY Slytherin.
what’s their patronus? Dancin CAT Panther or tiger. A big cat that plays with it's prey.
what do they see when they look into the mirror of erised? Celina, his oldest fledgling, alive and well.
what does amortentia smell like to them? Gatorade and slim jims.
what memory do they focus on to cast a patronus? The first time he saw the northern lights.
what is their animagus form? :vampire  I want to say bat because he would do that just to be hilarious and totally the sort of thing he would do just to mess with people. More seriously though, he would probably be the same as his patronus, a big cat.
what is their wand made of? Mahogany with a thestral hair core.
what position do they play in quidditch? Seeker. He's strategic and is good at directing the rest of the team until it is exactly the right moment to catch the snitch.

Stuff to Know

Tue May 2, 2017, 6:10 PM

Stole this from Tumblr ^^; A few of these questions helped me nail down some aspects of my characters so I thought I'd share :D

Lisa Elizabeth Hudson

Sunflowers by curiousdoodler

how is their relationship with their family: Broken and non-existent. I talk about this in more detail in the 8 facts post about Lisa  8 Facts About Lisa HudsonTagged by :iconanniecoleptic: ! i might do this for other ocs too
1.) Post these short rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about one of your characters.
3.) Tag 8 people.
1. Lisa has been playing violin since she was eight. She's quite good but does not enjoy having an audience. Playing for herself helps her relax.
2. Lisa's parents are alive, but they were estranged from their daughter before she was turned into a vampire. Lisa was cut off from her family when she had Madeline. She got pregnant after a one night stand at a party and her parents wanted her to get rid of the baby. Lisa refused and her parents cut her off. They tried to reach out to her a couple years later, but Lisa didn't want them in her life if they didn't love Madeline from the second she was born.
3. Lisa grew up in an upper

what are their beliefs, if they have any: Lisa's beliefs are focused on survival. She doesn't have time to worry about anything not directly related to geting herself and Madeline from day to day. 
what is their motivation: Lisa primary motivation is taking care of her daughter. Madeline is the center of Lisa's world. Without Madeline, Lisa's motivations would be incredibly self preservationist. Lisa put's Madeline first, and Madeline keeps Lisa humane.
who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming: Lisa was raised to be a perfectionist straight A's students. While some of that drive definitely remains. Her focus in life is no longer on career success. 
what are their plans for the future: To have a future. Lisa can't afford to be too picky.
how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour: Lisa doesn't think about herself very much. She doesn't draw attention to herself as a survival mechanism. She is good at what she does but doesn't seek out recognition because she'd rather just get her paycheck and go home. People in the spotlight also tend to be in someone else's cross hairs. 
how do they feel about things they cannot control?: Wary. If Lisa can't control something, she'd rather not have anything to do with it. She is aware that she can't control everything, but she'd rather distance herself from things that are outside of her control.

WHY IS THIS CHARACTER THE PROTAGONIST: I chose my protagonist based on who's motivations will carry through the story and plot I want to tell and who will have the most interesting character development. I considered making Ti or Ambrose the protagonist. Ti's character development is interesting, but his motivations wax and wane in interest and aren't enough to sustain the story I want to tell. Ambrose has strong motivations, but his character development isn't interesting enough to sustain a story. Lisa is the goldilocks of solid motivation and interesting character development.
LBR DO THEY EVEN MATTER: Yes. Although, as my husband often complains, she's a bit passive for a main character. I'm still trying to work out how to fix this :(

Tiberius (Ti) Smith

Tiberius Portrait by curiousdoodler
how is their relationship with their family: Loving but intentionally distant. Ti's parents are long dead. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was a junky. They died when Ti was young. Ti raised his younger sister, who went to school and moved away when she started a family. Ti's ex-wife and two daughters still live nearby, but Ti doesn't want to interfere with his ex-wife's relationship with her new husband so he stays away from his family while remaining financially and emotionally supportive. As his girls get older and are moving out he's taking a more active role in their lives, but he still keeps them at arms length. He doesn't want to risk them being put in harms way because of the dangerous life style he's chosen to live.
what are their beliefs, if they have any: After spending two decades around vampire's Ti is not interested in an afterlife of any kind. He believes humans are fundamentally flawed but ultimately good. 
what is their motivation: Ti's motivations shift throughout the story. His overall character motivation is to protect people. He's conscious of the greater good. Unlike Lisa, he isn't fixated on protecting one person. He believes in protecting all people, including those who have done terrible things.
who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming: Ti wasn't very well raised, see item one. He is self made and has become a noble and compassionate person. 
what are their plans for the future: Ti likes his life. He'd mostly like to maintain it. Money isn't a problem for him. He wants to make sure his neighborhood (not the nicest one in town) is relatively safe, although he is also worried that if it's too safe, gentrification will become an issue.
how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour: Ti is incredibly self conscious. He worries that because he is willing to protect people who have done bad things, he too is a bad person. This coupled with the fact that he's torn a loving mother (Lisa) away from her daughter, leaves Ti with a tumultuous self image. He tries to do what's right, but the more he tries the more doubt he faces. As a response, he tries to focus more on doing his job, getting vampires off the streets which protects everyone, good bad and indifferent.
how do they feel about things they cannot control?: Ti is at peace with things he cannot control. He sees them as a relief. Things he cannot control are also things he cannot ruin or mess up. 

WHY IS THIS CHARACTER THE PROTAGONIST: Not the protagonist. See Lisa's section for why not.
LBR DO THEY EVEN MATTER: Yes. Ti is actually a more of an active driver than Lisa.


Sleep Well by curiousdoodler
how is their relationship with their family: I'll read this as his relationship with his fledglings (vampires he turned) because his human family has been dead for centuries and he did not keep track of his blood line. Ambrose loves his fledglings more than himself. He puts them first in every decision he makes. Because of this, his fledglings, who also love and care for him, are careful not to take advantage of Ambrose. In fact, they keep themselves at a slight distance from him so that he doesn't get too invested in their lives. Ambrose knows what they are doing, but doesn't force himself into their lives. He understands their desire to make their own way. 
what are their beliefs, if they have any: Ambrose believes in vampire superiority over humans. To him, humans are food and sometimes entertainment. Nothing more. He doesn't remember being human very well as it was so long ago and he didn't know his fledglings for more than a few hours, maybe a day max, as humans before he turned them into vampires.
what is their motivation: Ambrose's main motivation in the story is that he wants to be free, but in general, his character motivation is to be comfortable. He spends a lot of time ensuring his finances are secure, but he loves nature and spends as much time away from cities and bustle as he can. He does have a streak that seeks out excitement, but that is difficult for him to satisfy.
who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming: I'll interpret 'raised' here to mean by his maker, the vampire who turned him, rather than his human parents because, as previously mentioned, he doesn't remember his human life. Ambrose's maker was honestly disappointed in him. She hoped he'd be more into partying and having fun. Ambrose does like those things, but he' more sensible than to spend all his time on debauchery. He does have a bend of psychosis and is a bit of a psychopath, but that was far more prevalent as a human. Over the years, he's learned to control himself and is much more level headed than his maker would have expected. Nicos, the second fledgling Ambrose turned, was much more of the party animal Ambrose's maker would have wanted (although she was already dead before Nicos was turned). 
what are their plans for the future: Freedom! Other than that, continue to build his world and make himself as comfortable as possible. He also seeks out challenges that will provide excitement for his life, but these are hard to come by.
how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour: Ambrose has a bit of a superiority complex. This fuels his disregard for human suffering, but also fuels his support for his fledglings. When you're the best, you have to take care of the people you care about. 
how do they feel about things they cannot control?: Ambrose finds things he cannot control exciting! Over the years he's managed to nail down most aspects of his life into a predictable and controlled mold. When he finds something he can't control it gives him a rush. That is a large part of how he was taken by the FBI. He was looking for a rush and managed to bite off more than he could chew with heavily armed humans. He finds his new fight for freedom exciting despite the danger. It's a level of lost control Ambrose hasn't experienced in hundreds of years.

WHY IS THIS CHARACTER THE PROTAGONIST: Definitely not the protagonist. See Lisa's answer to this question for details.
LBR DO THEY EVEN MATTER: Yes. Ambrose is the antagonist and provides a lot of exposition given his age and extensive knowledge base.

Get to Know me Meme

Mon May 1, 2017, 4:58 PM

More About Me

Name: Mary
Star sign: Gemini...I think...May 22? That's Gemini right?
Average hours of sleep: 6-7 during the week and 7-8 during the weekend 
Lucky number: lol
Last thing googled: "Shego" My sister was saying Kim Possibles arch nemesis was called Shelia and I was proving her wrong :)
Favourite fictional characters: ....Shego? I like my own characters more than other people characters ^^;
When did you start this account?: January 2016
Number of watchers: 538 :heart:
What do you post?: Mostly digital, some traditional (hopefully more traditional work once I'm settled into my new house :D). Most of my stuff is from one of a few stories I'm working on. Scenes for the most part, but I am posting pages of a webcomic also :love:
Current attire: sweet pants and a tank top...aka pjs :D
Do you run any more blogs?: I have my website and the main website for my webcomic mountaindivide.thecomicseries.…
Do you get a lot of comments?: I get a few and I love each and every one of them :D
Why did you choose this username?: I am curious and I enjoy doodling :)

A Month in Review

Sun Apr 30, 2017, 6:13 PM

April has come and gone and a lot has happened! I wanted to do a quick rundown of what's happened here in my little corner of DA this month :D
Tiny Pear Big Bite by curiousdoodler

I hit 500 watchers this month! Welcome to everyone new and old :excited: . In celebration of this milestone I put together two bookmarks free to download. Check them out here:

Mountain Divide
Mountain Divide is flying along! Pages are going up here and a page ahead on the main website mountaindivide.thecomicseries.… Here are this months pages if you missed them :lovesquee: 

Mountain Divide - Chapter 1 - Pg 12 by curiousdoodler  Mountain Divide - Chapter 1 - Pg 13 by curiousdoodler  Mountain Divide - Chapter 1 - Pg 14 by curiousdoodler  Mountain Divide - Chapter 1 - Pg 15 by curiousdoodler
And some not pages art :iconohyoublushplz: 
A Night Out by curiousdoodler  Watching the Show by curiousdoodler
Still rolling along with writing the script for Unfledged. It shaking out pretty well and I'll hopefully be announcing a release date soon! :eager: by darkmoon3636 
I unofficial lauched a series in my head entired "Shut up, Ambrose" in which Ti tells Ambrose to shut up repeatedly Shut up :
Besties by curiousdoodler  Shut up, Ambrose by curiousdoodler  Hats off Shirts off by curiousdoodler
This month we also met Bree and Juliet. I don't know where there story is going yet, but I'm looking forward to the ride Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
Salve on the Burn by curiousdoodler  Bree at Work by curiousdoodler 
And finally, there were a few stand alone pieces this month as well that I'm fairly proud of excited happy 
Queen Of Heart by curiousdoodler

A Storm Inside by curiousdoodler

Out on a Limb by curiousdoodler
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8 Facts about Ambrose

Sun Apr 23, 2017, 11:07 AM

I've done Lisa and Ti, so I should finish up the set :)
1.) Post these short rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about one of your characters.
3.) Tag 8 people.
Family Portrait by curiousdoodler  Ambrose Portrait by curiousdoodler  Ambrose Feeds by curiousdoodler  Hats off Shirts off by curiousdoodler
1. Ambrose was born human in Greece around 500 CE. He doesn't know exactly what year he was born and he doesn't know exactly where it is now that the maps have all been redrawn. He doesn't remember his human life very well because it was so long ago (it's like trying to recall memories from before 10, he can remember somethings clearly, but most of his human life has been forgotten). He doesn't even remember how old he was when he was turned. 
2. Ambrose speaks 8 languages fluently and understands many more. 
3. Ambrose owns a lot of land. He keeps himself wealthy through strategically buying property cheep then renting it to humans for a huge profit when the area becomes valuable. He doesn't always manage to buy property that becomes valuable, but he owns so much land at this point that the rent on all of it could drop and he'd still be wealthy. Neither of them realize it, but if you trace the money back far enough, Ti actually lives in a building owned by Ambrose. 
4.  Legally, Ambrose has been Canadian since Canadian has been a citizenship option. The property where Ambrose likes to live most often (he owns several homes all over the world) is in Quebec. Before he became Canadian, Ambrose had never been a citizen of a country in the modern sense of the word.
5.  Ambrose's favorite human food is beef jerky and Gatorade. 
6. Ambrose is the only vampire that his maker turned which means he doesn't have any siblings (vampires turned by the same maker are considered siblings).
7. Ambrose was turned by a woman. She died when Ambrose was 300 years turned when she got drunk and was caught out in the sun. She was a little over 500 years turned at the time.
8. Ambrose is possessive. 

I already tagged people so I'm not tagging again. Still will probably do some other characters

8 Facts About Tiberius (Ti) Smith

Sun Apr 23, 2017, 5:55 AM

Tagged by :icont3h3r3ee: who wants to learn about Ti :D
1.) Post these short rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about one of your characters.
3.) Tag 8 people.
A Good Morning by curiousdoodler  Hats off Shirts off by curiousdoodler  Tiberius Portrait by curiousdoodler  Ambrose Feeds by curiousdoodler

1. Ti has been in the FBI since he was 17. He joined right out of high school and he has always been in the vampire hunting division.
2. Ti lives in a rough part of town. He could afford to live somewhere else, but he likes his neighborhood. It's where he grew up and it's quiet during the day when he sleeps. 
3. Ti works 9pm to 5am and has since he was 17.
4. Ti is a fan of the work of a vampire art collective, particular a small sculpture and decorative weapons artist (he doesn't know the name of the artist or anything other than that he finds the pieces somewhat regularly and he really likes them). When they raid vampire nests he looks for pieces and takes them before they're put in evidence. 
5. Ti doesn't have a car and never got a drivers license. He takes public transit everywhere he needs to go. 
6. Ti put his sister through college on the money he's saved by living in a building with cheep rent and without car payments.
7. Ti was married and has two daughters. One is 18 and one is 20. The marriage didn't last because Ti's work hours were not conducive to family life. His relationship with his daughter has improved dramatically as they've gotten older and he goes for coffee with them every Saturday. His ex-wife was bitter about being left alone with two children (even before the divorce because he wasn't around to help during the day), but she remarried and is happy and no longer holds a grudge against Ti which also helped his relationship with his girls. 
8. Ti should have a desk job on the day shift by now. No one has worked in his position as long as Ti has. They tried to transfer him to a day job once and almost had to fire him for tardiness and absence. He was moved back to the night shift.

I already tagged people so I'm not tagging again. Still will probably do some other characters