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Viking Rody and Piper

A follow up to this
Because I'm weak and I'm apparently obsessed with playing around with my characters (read Rody's) hair. 

I had such fun with these sketches and they made me so happy - imagining Piper and Rody
as a married viking couple, Piper being the adorable wife who would do her husband's hair. I mean daaaw...

If Rody ever decided to actually grow his hair out,
Piper would LOVE it! She would be endlessly messing around with it
and Rody would have to sport different kinds of braided hairdos at least a few times a week. 
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Great job, they give very emotions

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Hi! I`m from Project Comment and I'm here to give you feedback on your piece.

Your sketches are very well drawn. The characters seem to be truly alive. The drawing conveys the sensual attitude of this couple to each other.

CuriousCucumber's avatar

Thank you :D I'm glad their adoration towards each other shows

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Yup. THAT’s a new AU for you my friend! Thank me later! MUAHAHAHHAHAA vähänkö ne näyttäää söpöiltäääääää!! 😍😍

CuriousCucumber's avatar

I knooow XD Luckily it has not taken over ... YET!

But bearded and braided boys might be here to stay....

Niiii >u< en kestä tota otsa pusua!

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Nice Sketches!

EclipseCipher's avatar

Aww these are adorable!!! Have to admit Rody rocks the bearded look!

CuriousCucumber's avatar

I know I'm biased - but I think he rocks basically any crazy looks I come up with XD

The forehead kiss would be my fav <3

EclipseCipher's avatar

I think that though biased that is true XD

That is pretty adorable! :D

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Thanks :D it was fun to sketch just for the fun of it for change

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En meinannu tunnistaa Rodya pitkillä hiuksilla. XD

CuriousCucumber's avatar

Hah mut komea on silti XD koska jos on niin paksu tukka ku Rodylla niin ei voi mennä vikaan

october-ink's avatar

Awwww!!! They are so adorable.... :love:I love these two so much, and you did such a wonderful job with their poses, and's like I can see their story right there! So cute! :la:

CuriousCucumber's avatar

Aren't they >u< these two always make me so happy

saki-noir's avatar

Oooooh new AU and I'm all for it! o3o

CuriousCucumber's avatar

Nooooooooooooo X'D I have way too many AUs already!!

I can't make this into a thing too! ... no matter how awesome it would be

saki-noir's avatar

You brought this upon yourself, I don't make the rules. ;D

CuriousCucumber's avatar

I KNOOOW! XD so much regrets and so little at the same time

DragonOfTheMists's avatar

Is it weird that I'm getting a HTTYD vibe from this? Because I'm totally getting a HTTYD vibe from this. And I love it.

CuriousCucumber's avatar

HTTYD vibes are ALWAYS a good things XD

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