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The Way of the warriors

Now this is a looooong overdue part of an art trade 
october-ink and I agreed on like.... in May XD
I took my sweet time since I again ended up going full render instead of something simpler! 

Sooo... We agreed that both would come up with a some sort of a theme to put our characters in and surprise one another...
I had difficulties with choosing so I asked a friend and she was like "Do vikings!" and then I was like "But which of my crew" to which she responded "Rody of course!" and I went like OuO 
I mean who doesn't like the aesthetics of manly men with glorious hairdos! And as you've learned before I would never pass a chance to draw Rody with a manbun! 

October I gathered all your blonde characters for this and I actually had to raffle which one to choose XD
I wanted to do someone I haven't drawn before, but I don't know how often Tucker is around these days,
but his hair was just perfect! Hope you like it! 

Her lovely part Piper's Delivery Service
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It looks amazing :0

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was a pleasure to get a glimpse of this on your stream. it looks so cool! those thick clouds are really bring everything together. I do wonder if the ship could've had some of that blue back-lighting you gave to Rody and Tucker, but at the same time maybe that would distract from the characters? either way, I love it! :D

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I really gotta stream more often :D then I maybe get stuff done actually.

Hmm good point, I kinda wanted the ship to blend to the background so that the focus is on the characters, but you're right it does look quite plain.

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oh please do! your streams are always so fun <3

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And I have too many wips to work on too X'D

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All the more reason!!

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Thanks I do too :D

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Dette ser flott ut!! Really love the background and little details on this one!

Sounds like it was a fun challenge/art trade! :D

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Tack ska du ha! XD I don't think the background is my strongest, but I always love painting sky and I think the colors look good.

It was :D wanna do something similar with me someday?

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Well either way I think it looks great! Plus if it was fun that's even better!

That's great! Yeah for sure! :D

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Yay lemme survive inktober first :la:

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Jotenkin mietin, ettet tämmöstä AUta oo vielä tehny vaikka rakastat sitä Lohikäärmeleffaa. :'D

No ei sama asia, mutta...

Aika cool! Kyllä parta sitten muuttaa ulkonäköö!

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En kyl ajatellut tehdä tästä mitään AUta, mulla on niitä jo ihan tarpeeksi!

Mut hauskaa kokeilla kaikenlaista! Lisäksi luulen että parta ei ole tullut jäädäkseen XD babyface sopii Rodylle paremmin, vaikka tää oli hauska kokeilu!

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This is so badass!! I love it so much! You did such an amazing job with the detail, and the theme, and I really, REALLY love that you gave Tucker some love!! (I should probably go back to a few other characters that don't get a lot of attention lol.....) Thank you so much for doing the trade with me, I had so much fun! I'll post mine on here soon, but I seriously love this! You're so talented, and amazing!! :glomp: :hug: :la:

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I'm so glad you like it >u< I had so many fun ideas I had difficulties in choosing and same went with your characters XD so many great ones to choose from! This was fun! Let's do it again soon!

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I can't help but admire the amount of details and texture in this piece. It's absolutely gorgeous, and beautifully rendered! Day115 - Sparkly Eyes

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Hahah XD I went full render mode again even if I was aiming for something simpler, but I'm happy how it turned out.

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Hehe, it happens! All that matters is that you're pleased with the end result.

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