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Rody and cuckoo clock heart

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And last but not the least :D 

This might a movie not too many will recognize
but if so happens you haven't seen Jack and the cuckoo clock heart  - I highly recommend it!
It's a lovely movie with a bit of a Burton -wibe, fun characters, cute story, kinda sad (I think my heart will never recover from it) 
and absolutely adorable main character! 

This costume was actually what started this all
- because even if Jack and Rody aren't too similar by character (Rody is way less confident and more timid)
he has this lovely gentleness and calmness in everything he does that I imagine Rody has too. And gosh his voice is perfect! 
So I had to dress Rody as Jack :D Giving away the key to his heart. 
Poor Rody had to loose some muscle to better fit the role - hence he looks skinnier than usual... Mercury approves

Well, now that this set has been wrapped up :D
Time to start preparing for Christmas! 
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Heyo! Im from ProjectComment  :constructive: 
Firstly I want to say I REALLY love this piece, from the outfit to the character to the expression. The colors resonate well with each other and absolutely fit with the theme of this movie. The line art is pretty solid, its clean and crisp and doesn't overpower the piece.

The anatomy is really good, I could see this art as a cartoon, well done!

The background is stunning as well! I like how you made the colors a bit lighter so the character stands out and doesn't get lost in it. The texturing of the background really brings it together and really makes you feel like you're in another era. The roses are a nice touch and are shaded well.

Everything is shaded well.

There are very few gripes I have about this piece, but I have a couple suggestions. 
This may be a nitpick but I feel like is facial features could be placed a bit more dynamically. Faces aren't completely flat so I feel like if they were rounded out a bit it might help to look more natural.
Like I said, the line art is clean and good. Because however the background is so detailed, I feel like adding a little bit more detail (not too much, or the character will get lost in the background) on the clothing would be nice. Try adding some more wrinkles or simply just add more ridges to the clothing.
Now their hair. The shading is good but I feel like the highlights clash a bit and stand out too much. I completely understand as hair is one of the hardest things for me. Maybe try less bright of highlights or maybe do the simple white lines. Maybe they need to be placed differently too.
Lastly the blush on the pace could be a bit more subtle, try using a softer color.
Hope this helps!
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
Thank you so much for your comment >u< I'm happy to hear you enjoy this piece! Are you familiar with the movie?

Tips noted! The outfit is very simple because I was partly mimicing the movie's puppet-styled animation 
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Hey! So sorry for the late reply - I haven't been on DA.

No I haven't seen the movie, but it sounds really fun!
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
I highly recommend watching it :3 especially if you happen to like Burton-styled animations or steampunk
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I do happen to like that! Will check out.
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saradrawingStudent General Artist
Hi!! Nice to meet you!! I recently bumped into  :icondevprojectcomment: :iconprojectcomment:  , and I really loved the idea because I think that giving constructive critiques and receiving them is the thing that makes us to grow as artists!!! So, if you wanna visit my gallery and put a comment, I will be delighted!!
Now comes my comment to your drawing!
The first thing I really love is the way you have adapted the character style to your own style. It fits SO WELL and gives him a completely new look. Second thing is the PERFECT color range you have chosen. Browns, black and red combine to create an old fashioned style, reminding to autumn and winter (when the story happens!). The roses around the clock add a beautiful touch of romantic melancholy, fitting so well with the character.
Only two things to consider. I would have smoothed that blue line around Jack. I wouldn't eliminate it, because gives a contrast and a touch of magic, but I would consider to give it a fade touch. And the other thing... I remember reading the novel and Jack was around 10/11 years old. In this drawing it seems a young man, almost adult. I don't know, perhaps you wanted to show an adult Jack, but if not, maybe you could have gave him more childhood features, such as for example softening face features.
Anyway, is a beautiful piece of art!!!

Kind regards!!
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
Thanks for comment :D you're one of the few who is actually familiar with the concept that I've come across! Though I haven't read the book, I've only seen the animated movie. 
And this is not Jack per say - this is my character (named Rody, 25 years old) sort of cosplaying as Jack, so that explains the slight differences. 
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EvelynmakesartHobbyist General Artist
Dear CuriousCucumber, 

     I have come to critique your art, I know a plague in itself. For my critiques I like to begin with the things I like, then the things I don't, and wrapping it up with how to better those things. Sounds good, great, perfect. Now the thing I enjoy. I really enjoy the victorian influence! I understand it's based on the movie Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart which admittedly I have never seen, but if I had to assume that's where said influence comes from. Similarly I enjoyed the main colors of darker, wood-esc browns paired with deep reds and blacks. I also think from an anatomical perspective this is very correct, there are no weird angles or a limb that doesn't bend in the right way so it's nice to see that. 
     Now to address the things that I felt could be worked on and how to fix them. I want to start off with I felt there wasn't a lot I felt needed to be worked on. The main gripe I had was the detail colors. I think you did fine with the main coloration, but the details seem clashing. The electric blue outline and back hue seem out of place for lack of a better term. If I had to assume this is an homage to the original movie, but if not then it might be better to make a dark sea green or maybe more of a desaturated aqua. Similarly, I feel his red hair is too bright. Now I'm certain this was in accordance to the character and may be in interest of accuracy, so in respect of that you could add a darker overlay to it or maybe transfer the shade of hair a bit more into an auburn.
     All in all I felt this was a solid piece. As someone who has a fondness for victorian aesthetic and especially roses I enjoyed this piece and feel you're a very talented artist!
All the Best,
Empress Evelyn Rose

This was done on part of ProjectComment as a force for better critique and exposure of art. 
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
The whole picture was inspired by the movie yes - I tried to imitate a little of the style, feel and atmosphere but still keeping my own touch in it. 
The blue hue isn't from the movie actually, but I rather brought it in to be a strong accent color to bring the character to the front and make the image appear less "brown" so to say. His hair is also kinda of a thing :D
he really has this carrot orange hair as his trademark and while the movie character has it darker I wanted to keep my own character accurate - but I appreciate the points! Especially on the blue. 

I highly recommend the movie too :D if you're anyway into fairy tales, steampunk, Victorian style or Tim Burton style I'm sure you'd love the movie! 
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ZotcoHobbyist General Artist

Hello ! I'm from ProjectComment !

I'll try to write you a constructive comment. It's just my own thinking and I hope it will bring you another point of view.

At first glance, I like your character drawing. The clothes look neat, sweet and classy ! The details about wood, hair and clock round area textures are very well done and there is a true feeling of warm while seeing your artwork. I like a lot too how you composed the scene : the pose and the facial expression give the viewer a worried feeling and make him/her ask questions. I know the title of the movie but I haven't seen it yet. Now I want to :D .

I noticed how you played with complementary red and green tones and how you focused on the character with this greenish blue line. So I wonder myself if it could be avoided. At the moment, your orange light comes from the left of the scene. With the character's pose, I think you could make the orange light coming from the other side, the right. Then the inside left part at the bottom of the coat would be brighter and as the area is large enough, it would be increase the contrast on the character. The same thing could be thought about the arm on left and the legs. I think it could allow you to render a little more "readable" the dark clothing at the first sight. Another way could be keeping the greenish blue lighting and increasing it in the areas already mentioned.

Now, the background and particularly the roses. You precisely lined their borders and kept their inside suggested by the painting. I guess you did so in order to keep the main focus on the character and I understand it. However, in my opinion, it doesn't bring justice to your great work with textures and light all around. I imagine two ways to fix this :

- to change the colour of curtains ( a green tone to continue the colour game ?)

- to line with a dark green and with an opacity < 100 % ?

Whatever I like a lot your fan artwork, the composition scene and how efforts you put in it to make it warm and eye-catching ! Keep up the great work !

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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
I highly recommend the movie ;D it's super cute! 
Thank you for the comment as well! Much appreciated

The colorwork of the movie is very... brownish I'd say hence I wanted to have similar color scheme in this piece too.
The roses and the curtains are also from the movie and I didn't want to alter their colors, though I do think too that the curtains blend in a bit too well. 
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Star10Hobbyist General Artist
Awwwww here comes the orange boy! and he looks very handsome in his tuxedo! :heart: that clock behind him looks awesome,love the wood and texture to it!
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
Yeees my favorite >u< he deserved to be presented last! 
I'm so happy with the background even though it's so simple
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Star10Hobbyist General Artist
Yos >u<
lol simple, it's not that simple xD it's pretty :D
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it look great ^^
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Deathlydollies13Hobbyist General Artist
Se on täydellinen!
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
Sä olit osallisena aiheuttamassa tätä!! Se sun tekemä piirustus oli vaan niin ihana! 
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Deathlydollies13Hobbyist General Artist
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Mystic2760Student General Artist
Awwww, look at him! All dressed up with his hair slicked back, ahhh what a dapper fellow~
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
It's acutally just shorther XD but hey Rody looks good in any hairstyle
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Mystic2760Student General Artist
He has that inexplicable way of pulling off any hairdo :meow:
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EshiSnuProfessional General Artist
I like this character design so much! it's so charming.
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CuriousCucumberProfessional General Artist
Have you seen the movie??? :D it's super adorable and has such a lovely style!! 
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