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Police line up ThunderCats



Here is a line up of all of the major characters from the Rankin Bass TV series ThunderCats. Leonard Starr, the head writer of the show always referred to it as a police line up. It has been a while since I've posted any artwork from the series and that is because there has been little in the way of comments posted on the illustrations that I put into my gallery and so it doesn't seem like there are very many people interested in them.
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Hi, first off I want to thank you for making these high res images available to fans like me of the original Thundercats show. These model sheets are great and while I do have a few of them it’s hard to find them in resolution high enough to print out for reference in drawing the characters. I was wondering if there is a way to get the original color and unclothed versions of Cheetara and “Lion-El” (before his name change to Lion-O) as well as the color version of “the police line-up”. For some reason these 3 images are not downloadable in the higher resolution that‘s listed in the post. I would love to add these to my collection and the rest of the downloaded images that I could find on your account. Thanks again, it’s greatly appreciated.