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My Bio

Ahoy there!

Hobbyist inkdemon, INTP, Capricorn, Rat, Waterbending, and ultimate Edgelord - all the good stuff :D

Link to OC/character overview: fav.me/dc4la


I do a little bit of everything; Here to get as good as I can in the things of interest, like drawing, programming, writing, animation, making games, making music and people skill; The start will be like a kid saying "Look I did this!" very proudly while the people think "Oh yeah, that's... nice", but I'll snail my way to a surprised "Hey, that's actually not bad!"

<sub>Might take a while to get there lol</sub>

I'll spam my page with OC's and stories, and some fanart from time to time!

I might be a bit too childish and edgy for my age, but I genuinely enjoy edgy stuff and hope you can find it in you to hand me an edge-pass.

I do have aspergers and ADHD though, so, erm, if I'm acting stupid without noticing, feel free to yeet a pillow in my general direction.

Becoming an animator would be really cool, both for Animations and Youtube Videos, so gotta ready that drawing tablet, practice, and work towards earning myself a course or two in a few years.

Am also vocaloid fanbase trash so if u know gud songs send em my way!!!

Pinocchio-P, Crusher-P, VocaCircus, Ferry, Kikuo and KIRA if you're on the hunt urself


I'd like to become good enough to make people feel curious, happy, sad, or just intrigued. You know, instead of an "animator" or "musician", "artist" or "game-developer", I'd rather like to be a distributor of worlds, stories, messages, and emotions. If I can make someones day, or make something that others get invested in, then that's what I want to achieve.

Sooo, that's why I'm here - that and because of the community

If how I do things seems like your thing, then welcome on-board!!!

Fyover and out


Interests and other stuff:

Sleeping, all day every day

Music, all night every night

Drawing *gasp* SHOCKING isn't it? ^^

Complete edge trash - I really like living on that edge; That char in chains with bleeding eyes? BRING IT ON!!!

Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] Lust Confirmed Watanuki Looks Up Icon

Anime, Manga and Cartoons <sub>Also I am old as hecc, which you can tell through my fav studios being shaft and madhouse and fav Mangastudio's clamp. XXXholic all the way!!! <sup>ALSO also also... madoka magica, monogatari and katanagatari, seven deadly sins, pandora hearts <sub>(the manga, though must watch anime for yuki kajura soundtracks <sub>(same goes for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles best connected Universe but HECC is the anime slow and the second season just changes the end halfway through but that's why the tokyo revelations OVA exists because it is great)</sub>)</sub> also MAGI <3 and Nichijou is great and then there is cromartie highschool and Trigun and Soul eater and Deadman wonderland and I also recently watched the new version of Dorororororororo and while at it Durararararararara is also a thing and Mushishi is fascinating and Kiznaiver and also BNHA and Promised neverland just because and did I already scream Madoka magica??? You're welcome - and hopefully busy watching some gud anime <3 </sup></sub>

YouTube, Youtube animators and also Markiplier <sub>Still watched him play amnesia and miss the five star rating, that's how old I am</sub>

Easily excited and easily bored

Half Swede half German; that said, Hej hej auf wiedersehen tschüss Tschau Kartoffelsalat Einen schönen Tag euch allen!!!

Shiro Thumbs Up Icon Thumbs Up [F2U] Watanuki Moving Icon Watanuki - XxxHolic Watanuki Smokes Icon

5 minute Fyo

Favourite Visual Artist
My faaar-distance-future-self, until then jun mochizuki and a whole bunch of you guys
Favourite Movies
Madoka rebellion, monogatari, ghibli movies and many more!
Favourite TV Shows
Tons of cartoons and anime; Madoka Magica for life, made in abyss, and if we talk old anime xxxHolic is best. Currently hyped to see hazbin hotel
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
YUKI KAJURA like geez she mixes up everything from jazz to orchestra into her songs
Favourite Books
ALL. Mostly manga and children's fantasy books. Loved it as a kid, never grew out of it I guess
Favourite Games
Tons of indie games. Everything from platformer to visual novel, from serious to utterly silly. Fallout NV is one of my old favs tho. And old tomb raider is classic. Complete Touhou-trash. Currently playing Stardew Valley and Hollow knight
Favourite Gaming Platform
The PC, though many of my Childhood favourites like Layton were for the NintendoDS
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio Paint
-Commissions open!- Made website! Very intuitive! 10/10 https://fyoriosity.weebly.com/commissions.html
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Animal crossing new horizons dream~ MI-ZBYA-0139-CEAS-CIPH It’s a WIP, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! cqn vxcq urpqcb hxdz yicq iuu liw kn znilqnm iuu liw kn nwcnznm lxvn erbrc db MI-9371-0913-9253 kdc mxw'c bcih cxx uxwp ERROR 404 island not found bxvncqrwp rb xoo
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Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the Llama!


Beautiful Art^ ^)

Thank you too <3

I love the drawing you did with Stacy of the girl sitting on the dock. I've fave it. It reminds me of Otis Redding's song, Dock by the Bay. Well, done and kudos, Sweetie.

Thank you so much for leaving this comment <3 I'm glad to hear you liked it~

My pleasure, Sweetie. I love to see art done in a beautiful way.

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