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Provins 2019 by Curionomicon, visual art

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Jewelry and accessories for curious minds.

Hello !

I'm a 28yo self-taught crafter.

I love working with different mediums and I'm always trying new things and new technics. I draw my inspiration from various sources, but mostly Cabinets of curiosities, victorian era, old science, occultism, fantasy, steampunk, post apocalyptic universes, and nature. I love things that are strange, unusual, ancient, damaged and forgotten.

I'm also an analog photographer (lacking time unfortunately...), you can check my photographic work here : Photo account

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H.P. Lovecraft
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Fallout, Dishonored, Baldur's Gate, Hunt: Showdown, Darkest Dungeon, Don't Starve, Payday 2. Dice and paper rpg
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Hands & imagination.
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I tested some homemade leather dyes today ! Here is the result when I applied just a few layers. It looks quite similar to the store bought dye I used on my last plague doctor mask. And here’s my previous mask right after dyeing for comparaison. As you can see the color is a bit richer and warmer (and took only one layer so much easier and faster to use). Buuuuut…. here’s the result whith many more layers and a different application technic : It looks a bit darker than intended but I’m so in love with the rustic look 😍 I’m thriving for this aged leather effect and I’m totally making my next mask with this dye 😃
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Why the hell did the categories disappear ? How am I supposed to check cool artisan craft now ? :(
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The medieval fair of Provins has been canceled this year due to Covid, so I didn't get to wear my costume (the irony !) :( So, here is my post for next year ! Mask : - Almost the same pattern than 2020, just modified a bit (beak a bit thinner, some adjustments), different dye job to get an even more rustic/distressed look. Outfit : - a long black dress : same as last year, distressed - a hood I plan to make a proper headwrap this time, and maybe re-do the capelet. - a white tabard : need cutting and sewing. - white arm wraps : same. - shoes : I'd like to try my hands at medieval shoes, but as they will be mostly hidden by the dress, it's not a priority Accessories : - a leather belt: new one with latin sentences embossed/carved, and rings to attach more accessories. - a leather pouch : need to design it first - a small potion bottle : The one from last year. A new one if I have enough time - a jar of leeches: needs a bit more of weathering, and well, leeches.
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Thank you so much for the watch!! :)

You're welcome :D

Hi! Amazing job as always!

Just wondering, did you see the contest journal for Halloween at @The-Lunatic-Asylum ? I ask because with Eclipse messing around I'm afraid the patients didn't receive the notification we are open to contestants. 0.o

Hi, thank you !
No I didn't see it, I'll check it 😊
Ah, so you are still here. :hug:
Yes, thank you for the kind message ! :hug:
I really miss photography too :( Unfortunately my eyes are getting more and more light sensitive which makes it very difficult to go for photo walks.