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It's been such a long time since I've updated this...but things have been so hectic. Had some personal problems but now I'm back on track and I hope to be on here a lot more often :)
If you're a fan of Digital SLR mag, you can find a 2 page feature on me in the November issue

I'm also doing wedding photography now, if anyone is interested drop me a line :)

That's about it for now...I'd do some features but I don't have a subscription :( so I'll do it next time

Lots of love,
Raluca :heart:

Raluca S Photography

Promote Your Page Too
...pana pe 19 August. Daca vrea cineva iesit la bere/sedinta foto...lemme know :) aici sau pe email
I got my first proud :)
You can check it out here if you like…
Many thanks to :iconminato-kushina: for suggesting it and to :iconhellfirediva: for featuring it :D

Back to sunny sunny England

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 7, 2011, 4:48 AM
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Well...I got back...andventures and all....
Oh yeah on the ride back...those landing flaps on the wings weren't opening properly and the emergency lights went on and while shitting myself, all I could think of was "Please don't crash I'll lose my camera!" :rofl: (we're not allowed to keep anything on our lap and if you get evacuated they won't let you get anything from the overhead compartments) Woohooo!

Ah still I'm back safe and sound.

Tell me some of your little routine brakers! :D


Giselle's Dream 01 by MonicaEng


Rabbit by Voodica



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Visiting Romania

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2011, 5:58 AM
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I'll be visiting Romania from the 30th of this month to the 6th of April. If anyone wants to get together and do a shoot/go get drunk/ do anything else that will get me out of the house feel free to message me :D :heart:

And here's a Romanian feature :D

Paint it red by ScorpionEntity

Alina Radu V by CristianaPantea

Autumn fairytales IV by WildRainOfIceAndFire

Delicate White by roxaralu

Autumn fae by ideea

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I'm alive

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 9, 2011, 5:59 PM
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:party: :party: Apologies for the complete and utter lack of activity on here (seriously I checket it out and my last journal was may 3rd last year...daaaamn), I am commited to be on here more often now :D
I have deleted a butt load of old pictures (that were oh so crap and I was honestly slightly ashamed of),sorry if you :+fav: any of them, I promise I will upload much better ones as soon as I finish this journal :) :gallery:
Yeah, things have been a bit all over the place since last year...but I'm more or less settled now and if all goes according to plan I will be starting my degree in Fashion Photography this Fall.
Photography wise, I've been just a little bit busy (one of the reasons I've not been on here honestly). I've photographed at Miss England Grand Final, Clothes Show Live, a few fashion shows hosted by an agency around here and was invited to Britain's Next Top Model (OMG) but couldn't go cause exactly when I recieved the text about it I was waiting for my plane to visit Romania...seriously I never in my life wished a flight would cancell so bad. Oh, I also did a nice couple shoot in was very pretty and I still can't believe they flew me there just for a shoot. :)
So, yeah, I've pretty much decided that photography is going to become more than just a hobby. I've also had the pleasure of attending one of Lara Jade's tutorial where, besides learning stuff, I met a bunch of lovely people and had a laugh :D
I think that's pretty much it really.
I'm looking forward to going to Miss Coventry Grand Final this Saturday and after that having another shoot with the lovely Ivory Flame(she's an awesome model if you don't know her...have a nose through my recent photos...she's the one with curly red hair).
I will be on here more often! :D It will happen.
In the meantime, tell me what you've all been up to!:D Eagerly awaiting Spring? I know I am.
Oh if you'd like to "like" my page on Facebook here it is :)
Raluca S Photography

Other fun places I tend to linger
ModelMayhem and Flickr

And now that I have a subscription once more I shall resume my features :D
Come and dream with me by rosesforher

fragile by SabrinaCichy

Snow White 3 by Costurero-Real

Mature Content

The March Hare by Widmanska

dream..... by summer901

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Yay new subscription:D

eternal spring by SabrinaCichy

Rainbow by Mme-Roux

8745254235 by niqe

The silk of the dreamer by AlexandraSophie

Some sort of Fairytale 3 by Laura-Ferreira

Mature Content

Polanette 2 by Tatiannna

angel by gocealice
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I'm very bored...and can't have coffee...
Oh! Fun fact! I got to ride in an ambulance for my second stomach decided to have a fit so I got rushed to the hospital at 3am...and then my other half got to break into the pub we live in:rofl:...fuun times, we laughed about it the next day but it's so not fun right now cause I'm on a strict diet for a month just so I can drink on my birthday party without having horrible pain:D
Oh! They drugged me with laughing gas:rofl:...I was half asleep and giggling all the way home.
Fun times:)
I wanted to do some features but it just occured to me, my subscription expired....great...:D

Download and many more:D

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 28, 2010, 4:15 PM
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  • Drinking: Ammareto

Right, first off I'm off my face happy that I'm going to Download festival this'll be my first ever festival:D plus getting VIP tickets because I'm lovely and know peope:P
Second, I may get a new camera...but not sure about it yet...I'll find out in a few days:D...suprise suprise:D
...And third!...I'm getting featured in a magazine! It's called Macabre Magazine and the first issue comes out tommorow (1st of March)

So, weeeee....I happy bunny ^_^

Kind of nervous....

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 12, 2010, 10:54 AM
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...tomorrow is my first photoshoot with an actual propper model...and I feel a bit like before an exam...I'm really scared I'll disapoint her...
On the good side though...this is probably my most organized shoot ever!...I have all the materials I want...I fixed my tripod...apparently it's gonna snow tomorrow, so that can be a good thing.
Oh, oh! And a painter friend of mine is opening a gallery with 2 other guys on the 22nd of this month and she asked "want to put some of your prints in our gallery?" to witch my response was *blank stare* "wait just a second while I pick my jaw up my jaw off the floor". So, I'm horribly nervous about that as well...

Paris, chirstmas and photoshoots

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 7, 2009, 12:30 PM
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  • Drinking: lime squash

Triple yay:D
I booked my tickets for Paris and I can't wait...apparently it's lovely this time of year.
Christmas is comming and me and Alana(friend I work with) get to decorate stuff:D...yay for Christmasy goodness
And I even have a photoshoot wouldn't you believe it! She's an alternative model and she's stunning...I can't wait...we're gonna do some simple stuff for now and then talk about some dark fantasy shots:D
Oh and did I mention that our New Year's eve party theme is tarts and vicars? :rofl: fishnets and's gonna be great...

:boogie: :boogie: :party: :santa: :rudolph:

Paris*Power Quest and Sohodolls*

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 2, 2009, 10:32 AM
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  • Watching: South Park
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  • Drinking: coke

Power Quest and Sohodolls! They are actually booked to play at out pub! *faints*

I'm going to Paris for a few days in about a month:D
My best frined just called today and asked "hey fancy coming to Paris with me for a few days...i gotta take some pictures to convince my dad". basically the story is, she wants to come spend new years with me but her dad won't give her money for that...but he will for we'll spend a few days there just to take some pictures and have proof that she's been there:D. It'll be aweeesome...we wanna go to the Moulin Rouge one night too.
Will be a great opportunity for proper photos...but I'm not really going there for that...just going to have some fun...I miss that...and my best friend...miss her loads...

The Halloween Party....

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2009, 10:19 AM
  • Listening to: Danny Elfman - This is Halloween
  • Watching: South Park
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  • Drinking: Vodka

....was huge!...Huge isn't even enough said...I never had so many people come up to me to thank me for  great night...
OAK were just great...they got begged twice by everyone to play "one more song...come on the last one" ...I really do think that if they keep it up they'll be quite big someday. I fed them vodka jellies:D...and already booked them for next year:))...
The girl that won the best costume fell in love with the little fluffy toy devil I got her...and we still don't know how the guy that won looked like because he had a latex mask on and wouldn't take it off:)) (to clear up...we had 2 for male and one for female)
So beside the fact that we had 2 people that really weren't supposed to work for us collecting and washing glasses(they kept saing that it's no problem cause they love us and the pub) ...because we were all serving people...that we ran out of the most popular beer, lime cordial and a few others...and that me and Brad both had to work from 9 am through to about 3 in the morning.... was a really great night!
I'm so tired....nap time...

New home update

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 26, 2009, 5:02 PM
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  • Watching: South Park
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  • Drinking: Vodka

I have been...stupidly busy lately. I love this new pub, but it's so wearing me out I swear:). Anyway...enough about me whining...I do plan to put some photos up soon...when I get a decent internet connection and when we hire another god damn member of staff...they will be a bit more naked than usual though;)
Most of the people around here have been lovely up to now...I've made some nice friends...
Oh and speaking of witch...if anyone has a band and wishes to show off their talents in a music pub do give me a note...we have quite a few empty slots we're trying to fill since the Idle Hands Club who was doing our bands decided to live up to their name and quit...
Can't wait for the Halloween party though...we have an industrial metal band playing and I get to wear my pretty leather corset:D..yaay..
Well that's all for now...will come with more updates later on...
Buh-Bye:D :hug: :hug:


Journal Entry: Mon Sep 14, 2009, 11:55 AM
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  • Drinking: Water

...yes yes yes...remember that i mentioned in the previous journal that I may be moving from Reading soon?'s actually happening.
In 2 weeks I will say goodbye to Reading and move to Kidderminster.
Another cool thing....I'll be living in a pub!...a pub I will be kind of co-owning with my other half:D
So yes...mega super extra excited...I can't even stand it:D

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Back to normal...

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 20, 2009, 12:39 PM
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Hellos! I'm back in dear old Reading. The trip home was a bit of a....bumpy ride...but it's all good now and I'm sooo looking forward to things going back to normal. I've also decided, no more slaching around! I will do those photoshoots I keep wanting to do. People are willing I've just been a lazy bastard and never got around to setting something up:blush:.
Also, I may be moving from Reading soon. Nothing is certain so I will not give further details just yet.
:hug:s to y'all :D

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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2009, 9:58 PM
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Yep, I'm now in Romania. If anyone wishes to go in search of beer give me a buzz round here. I'm in need of some fun, really I am. Oh, and for people who have my mobile, don't bother trying to use it I don't have it right now.

On another note, when a group of people are a boring bunch of cunts and you make them aware of this, why do they get upset?  

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2009, 4:39 AM
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Dap, vin in Bucuresti. Pazea:D.
Cam pe 25 probabil, nu sunt sigura ca vin cu masina(cateva zile in masina cu ai mei...bleah...there better be beer at the end of that trip) dar sigur plec pe 14 pentru ca atunci e avionu'. I shall poke people to come beer with me. Pe 3 plec in Delta vreo saptamana si dupa stiu...unde ne duce masina:rofl: asa ca daca vrea cineva sa imi vada mutra zbierati pana atunci va rog:D

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Seven Deadly Sins - What's yours?

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2009, 6:02 PM
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I'd say mine is probably sloth (and lust), but I like to dabble in all of them really.

Which one's yours? ;)

Seven Deadly Sins Feature


Mature Content

Lust by annikenhannevik
The Seven Deadly Sins: LUST by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins- Lust by raemarshall plus :thumb114027547: :thumb127254792: they aren't really part of any series but come can you NOT want to be between them;)

Vanity: Vanity by annikenhannevik The Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins- Pride by raemarshall

Wrath: Wrath by annikenhannevik The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATH by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins- Wrath by raemarshall

Sloth: Sloth by annikenhannevik The Seven Deadly Sins: SLOTH by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins- Sloth by raemarshall

Envy: Envy by annikenhannevik The Seven Deadly Sins: ENVY by dahlig Seven Deadly Sins- Envy by raemarshall Seven Deadly Sins - Envy by Barkhaussen

Greed: Greed by annikenhannevik The Seven Deadly Sins- Greed by raemarshall

Gluttony: Gluttony by annikenhannevik The Seven Deadly Sins:GLUTTONY by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins-Gluttony by raemarshall

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 12, 2009, 2:55 PM
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Can't wait to visit home:D - - Delta Dunarii:D - -
For now I'm...overworked...waiting to move into new home...still thinking about how I should paint my new room(any suggestions?) ...and that's about it really. Oh, oh! I have a new lady at work and she's gorgeous and she agreed to pose for maybe I'll actually upload something soon....

                                          - - - - FEATURES - - -
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