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LEGO Dimensions What-Ifs: Studio Ghibli
Totoro (voiced by Frank Welker)
-Super Strength
 -Super Strength Handle
-Drone (Chibi-Totoro)
-Plant Growth
-Belly Flop (unique; other characters can jump on Totoro's tummy to gain their Super Jump)
-Laser Deflection (his umbrella)
-Mind Control
-Weight Switch
-Character Change (Mei and Satsuki)
 -Pole Vault (their umbrellas)
 -Mini Access
Catbus/Nekobasu (Vehicle; voiced by Frank Welker)
-Accelerator Switches
-Tow Bar
-Super Speed
-Super Strength
-Special Attack
-Drone (Mouse)
Kiki (Voiced by Karen Strassman)
-Flight (Magic Broom)
-Super Speed
-Silver LEGO Blowup
-Laser Deflection
San (voiced by Tara Strong)
-Pole Vault
-Wall Climb
-Sword Switch (her spear)
-Vine Cut (twin daggers)
-Parseltongue Door
Porco Rosso Seaplane (Vehicle; Porco voiced by Steven Blum)
-Guardian (Dual Machine Guns)
-Flight Dock
-Tow Bar
-Silver LEGO Blowup
:iconcupenepen8:cupenepen8 2 0
LEGO Dimensions What-ifs: Angry Video Game Nerd
1. Target (Zapper)
2. Silver LEGO Blowup (Super Scope)
3. Sonar Smash (Miracle Piano)
4. Laser Deflector (Power Pad Mat)
5. Track, Relic Detector (LaserScope)
6. Super Speed, Grind Rail (LJN Roll & Rocker)
7. Acrobatics
8. Super Strength, Cracked Wall (Power Glove)
Vehicles: The SMDTSP (Super Mecha Death Tong Shau Ping, not Christ for the sake of blasphemy) = Silver LEGO Blowup, Laser, Sonar Smash, Accelerator Switches, Tow Bar
:iconcupenepen8:cupenepen8 1 5
LEGO Dimensions What-Ifs: Nostalgia Critic
1. Target (Pistol)
2. Grapple, Rope Swing (Clooney's Grapple Gun)
3. Drone ("TIMING!" Casper)
4. Illumination (Mako's head, posed as a lantern)
5. Silver LEGO Blowup (Sparky Sparky Boom)
6. Deflection Pad (The Burger King "ELEPHANT!")
7. Character Changing: Sailor Tamara (Target, Flight, Magic, Rainbow LEGO, Vent, Slurp Access, Laser)
Vehicle: Voltronimous Primo (Flight, Laser, Giant, Sword Switch, Guardian, Tow Bar)
:iconcupenepen8:cupenepen8 1 0
Death Battle Match Sale
1. Ember McLain (Danny Phantom) vs Marceline Abadeer (Adventure Time)
2. Mr. Freeze (Batman/DC Comics) vs Queen Elsa (Frozen/Disney)
3. Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible) vs Chase McCain (LEGO City)
4. B.A. Baracus and The Van (The A-Team) vs Michael Knight and KITT (Knight Rider)
5. E.T (E.T the Extra-Terrestrial) vs ALF (ALF)
6. Ghostbusters vs Beetlejuice OR Ghostbusters (1984) vs Ghostbusters (2016)
7. Gizmo (Gremlins) vs Slimer (Ghostbusters)
8. Black Adam (DC Comics) vs Doctor Doom (Marvel Comics)
9. Rachel Berenson (Animorphs) vs Yellow Ranger/Trini Kwan (Power Rangers)
10. John Cena (WWEVerse) vs Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat)
:iconcupenepen8:cupenepen8 1 1


All-Star WarZone: Elric of Melnibone
Entrance: Elric draws the Stormbringer and points it at the opponent, the blade briefly glowing.
Exit: Elric twirls the Stormbringer around before pointing it to the sky.
Standard (Light): Slashes
Standard (Medium): Slashes downward
Standard (Heavy): Ignites the Stormbringer and stabs forward
Launcher: Swings the Stormbringer upward
Aerial (Light): Slashes
Aerial (Medium): Stabs forward
Aerial (Heavy): Swings the Stormbringer downward
Crouching (Light): Stabs forward
Crouching (Medium): Slashes
Crouching (Heavy): Does a flaming slash
Grab: Fear the Black Blade
Elric does a backhanded slash with the Stormbringer before stabbing them in the chest and tossing them away.
Special Moves:
Magical Blast: Elric fires a blast of magical energy at the opponent.
Pyrokinesis: Elric blasts the opponent with a stream of fire.
Mystic Vanish: Elric turns himself invisible for a bit.
Supernatural Heal: Elric uses magic to regenerate some of his health.
Super Move: Raging Thunderstorm
Elric raises the St
:iconultimatesaiyaneddy:UltimateSaiyanEddy 5 0
All-Star WarZone: Juliet Starling
Entrance: Juliet walks onscreen smirking and holding her chainsaw over her shoulder, with Nick at her side. Juliet then revs up the chainsaw and points it forwards as Nick groans in exasperation.
Exit: A firework lights up in the sky behind Juliet as she plants her chainsaw in the ground and leans forwards on it’s handle, winking at the camera.
Standard (Light): Thrusts her chainsaw
Standard (Medium): Swings her chainsaw
Standard (Heavy): Swings chainsaw down
Launcher: Swings her chainsaw upwards
Aerial (Light): Roundhouse Kicks the foe
Aerial (Medium): Stomps underneath her
Aerial (Heavy): Does a spinning saw strike
Crouching (Light): Rams the foe with knee
Crouching (Medium): Sweep Kicks the foe
Crouching (Heavy): Sweeps saw across ground
Grab: Nick Shoot
Juliet grabs the opponent and kicks Nick towards them, leaving them groggy. Juliet smacks them with her chainsaw, knocking the opponent away.
Special Moves:
Chainsaw Dash: Juliet dashes with chainsaw extended, ramming any enem
:iconultimatesaiyaneddy:UltimateSaiyanEddy 5 0
Ultimate Destiny: Scar
Gender: Male
Debut: The Lion King (1994)
VA: Jeremy Irons
Title: Mufasa's Traitorous Brother
Alternate Costume: A Tale of Two Brothers Appearance
Signature Stage: Elephant Graveyard
Intro: Scar hops down from some mountain faces and then lands before standing up with a smug grin.
Intro Quotes
"Be prepared..."
"I am the TRUE king!"
"Ah, new prey."
"Mufasa cannot stop me and neither can you!"
Outro: Scar grins wickedly and raises his head to look down at the foe triumphantly.
Outro Quote: You never stood a chance...
Results Screen Quotes
"Now, I believe my Hyena friends will find you a delectable dish."
"I believe you could be rather good food for MY pride."
"You should have considered your actions when you challenged the king."
"I believe I shall use your remains as decorations."
Vs. Simba: Time to join dear old Mufasa, boy.
Simba as Teammate: Such delicious irony...
Vs. Sora: You got lucky last time, little one. But now, I had the high advantage!
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 8 4
All-Star WarZone: Rider Iskandar
Entrance: Rider rides the Gordius Wheel onscreen and hops off as it disappears, drawing the Sword of Kupriotes.
Exit: Rider grins and slashes at the air, summoning the Gordius Wheel in a bolt of lightning.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Slashes
Standard (Heavy): Swings his sword, summoning a wave of lightning
Launcher: Does a lightning-charged upward slash
Aerial (Light): Backhands
Aerial (Medium): Stabs forward
Aerial (Heavy): Slashes downward, leaving a trail of lightning
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Slashes
Crouching (Heavy): Does two lightning-charged slashes
Grab: Gordius Crush
Rider grabs the opponent with one hand, tosses them aside, and summons the Gordius Wheel on top of them, crushing them.
Special Moves:
Gordius Wheel: Rider summons the Gordius Wheel and has the bulls charge at the opponent.
Children of Zeus: Rider summons the bulls from the Gordius Wheel, who send a bolt of lightning at the opponent.
Sword of Kupriotes: Rider does a powerful, l
:iconultimatesaiyaneddy:UltimateSaiyanEddy 3 0
Ultimate Destiny: Scorpion
Name: Hanzo Hisashi
Gender: Male
Debut: Mortal Kombat (1992)
VA: Patrick Seitz
Title:  The Specter of Shirai Ryu
Alternate Costume: MK1 Costume
Signature Stage: The Pit
Intro: A pillar of fire erupts onscreen and Scorpion emerges from it, his body covered with flames, before extinguishing the fire and taking a fighting stance.
Intro Quotes
"Venegance will be mine!"
"You will regret your impulsiveness..."
"Get out of my way."
"Your soul will burn!"
Outro: Scorpion raises his sword skyward, lighting it on fire, and extinguishes the flames with a slash.
Outro Quote: You regret attacking me now, I presume.
Results Screen Quotes
"The Shirai Ryu will return to the world of the mortals."
"You mustn't pick battles you have no chance of winning."
"That will teach you not to stand between me and my vengeance."
"Sink within the flames of Hellfire!"
Vs. Sub-Zero: There will be no peace between us...Not in this or ANY lifetime...
Sub-Zero as Teammate: This is our burden to bare,
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 9 5
Ultimate Destiny: Izuku Midoriya
Name: Izuku Midoriya
Gender: Male
Debut: My Hero Academia (2014)
VA: Justin Briner (English) Daiki Yamashita (Japanese)
Title: The Next Symbol of Peace
Alternate Costume: Sports Festival Attire
Signature Stage: UA High School
Intro: Deku is seen with his back turned to the camera and his fist raised towards the sky as the green sparks of One For All crackle around it. Deku then turns to face his foe with a determined expression and takes a fighting stance.
Intro Quotes
"I'll do my best!"
"I can't just sit around!"
"I'll work for my dream!"
"It's a Hero's job to meddle in!"
Outro: Deku is seen holding his hand towards the sky, as a light shines in his palm, before he grabs the light in his hand and places his closed fist over his heart.
Outro Quote: I'll always give it my all!
Results Screen Quotes
"I'm the Deku who always does his best! And that'll never change!"
"I just know I'm going to be the strongest hero if I keep trying."
"You can't expect me to sit
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 13 9
Ultimate Destiny: Narancia Ghirga
Name: Narancia Ghirga
Gender: Male
Debut: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo (1995)
VA: Bryce Papenbrook (English) Daiki Yamashita (Japanese)
Title: The Hot-Headed User of Aerosmith
Alternate Costume: Blond Disguise
Signature Stage: Burning Roman Backstreets
Intro: Narancia is seen using Aerosmith's radar before he notices the opponent and points at them angrily, summoning Aerosmith to his side.
Intro Quotes
"Leave the hard stuff to me!"
"I swear by God I'm gonna kill you!"
"It's you and me..."
"Go, Aerosmith!"
Outro: Aerosmith flies in circles through the air before Narancia holds his arms out to his sides and lets Aerosmith land on them like a runway.
Outro Quote: I'm older and tougher than I look, dammit!
Results Screen Quotes
"I did a good job out there, right?!"
"If you need any help in fighting, I'll gladly help you out!"
"Crap, you fought pretty damn good!"
"Heheheh, Aerosmith wins again!"
Vs. Fugo: Sorry about that, Fugo! I promise t
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 7 11
The Azure Vampire Assassin.
"If you willing to fight me then you making a big mistake you fool."
Name: Richter Belmont
Age: 29 (psychically)
Country of Origin: England
Date of Birth: 1773
Occupation: demon slayer
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: B
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Race: Human
Demeanor: Heroic
Relationships: Anette (wife), Maria Renard (friend and distant relative), Alucard (benefactor), Simon Belmont (ancestor), Juste Belmont (grandfather)
Hobby: reading the books
Favourite Band: JAM Project
Likes: his wife (Anette), children, happy smiles, sushi, japanese tea ceremonies
Dislikes: Mathias Cronquist a.k.a Dracula, evil itself, tears of children
Fighting Style: Original
Signature Weapon Type: Whip
Signature Weapon Name: Vampire Killer Sigma
Control Scheme: GG-IZM
P1 Outfit: Rondo of Blood
P2 Outfit: Harmony of Despair
P3 Outfit: Symphony of the Night
P4 Outfit: Modern Outfit
P5 Outfit: Dracula X Chronicles
Voice: Kiyoyuki Yanada (JPN), David Vincent (ENG)
:iconazmodan0210:Azmodan0210 4 1
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer
The one who hunts goblins and monsters/Beardcutter.
"You've picked the wrong person to fight against."
Name: Nathaniel Orcbolg
Age: 23
Country of Origin: Heaven Falk Village
Date of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: goblin hunter, monster hunter, adventurer
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Crimson
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Race: Human
Demeanor: Anti-Heroic
Relationships: Elena the Cow Girl (childhood friend, girlfriend), Burglar (mentor), Emily the Priestess (girlfriend), Amira the High Elf (girlfriend), Relana the Witch (lover), Aria (elder sister, deceased), Ralf (father, deceased), Elonia (mother, deceased), Chester the Spearman (best friend and sworn brother)
Hobby: meditating, doing squats
Favourite Band: MYTH & ROID
Likes: his friends, running sprints, his girlfriends, children, happy smiles, vine, tea
Dislikes: evil goblins, evil itself, tears of children
Fighting Style: Albein (Albane) Sword Fighting Style
Signature Weapon Type: Broadsword
Signature Weapon Name: Arc Ballous
:iconazmodan0210:Azmodan0210 5 4
Deadman Possesses DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: 
Strange Adventures #205 (October, 1967)
Species: Ghost
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 201 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Occupations: Hero, Circus Performer
Aliases: Boston Brand

-Founding member of the Justice League Dark.
-Discovered the truth behind his murder and accepted his role as a hero.
-Defeated Sensei, who was mind-controlling him to attack Batman.
-Assisted Batman on the capture of Captain Boomerang Jr.
-Has worked with Batman on numerous different occasions.
-Confronted the sorcerer Caldera, but altered the lives of Barry Allen & Robin.
ssisted "Secret" in confronting Teekl, Klarion's companion, in an effort to restore every
:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 19 4
Death Battle Moveset: Yuno
Entrance: Yuno lowers himself onscreen using a spiral of wind before summoning his grimoire and opening it up in front of him.
Exit: Yuno holds out his grimoire as gusts of wind blow around him, before shutting the grimoire and turning to walk away from the battlefield.
Standard (Light): Sends out a blast of wind
Standard (Medium): Slices with a blade of wind
Standard (Heavy): Creates a sphere of wind that expands outward
Launcher: Summons a tornado that shoots up from his grimoire
Aerial (Light): Slices with a blade of wind
Aerial (Medium): Fires an arrow of wind forward
Aerial (Heavy): Forms a trident out of wind and throws it downward
Crouching (Light): Sweeps his hand forward and slices with a blade of wind
Crouching (Medium): Fires three daggers of wind forward
Crouching (Heavy): Conjures a giant bullet of wind that explodes
Grab: Tornado Fang
Yuno grabs the opponent and opens his grimoire before firing a tornado straight at them to blow them back.
Special Moves:
Towering Tornado:
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 3 0
BBCTB Isekai series....
This is a little something I had in mind. The main idea is to use the four main characters from the game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and send them into different settings and/or worlds, from Medieval Europe, Feudal Japan, JRPG worlds, regular human Earth, etc.
Main Characters:
-Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue
-Yu Narukami from Persona 4
-Hyde Kido from Under Night In-Birth
-Ruby Rose from RWBY
For those who don't know what Isekai means, here's a selection of series that will give you a good idea of what I'm talking about:
-Alice in Wonderland
-Sword Art Online
-The Devil is a Part-Timer
-Saga of Tanya the Evil
-That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
:iconredrojo17:redrojo17 1 2
Ultimate Destiny: The Beast
Name: Adam
Gender: Male
Debut: Beauty and the Beast (1991)
VA: Robby Benson
Title: The Cursed Prince
Alternate Costume: Formal Wear
Signature Stage: Beast's Castle
Intro: The Beast drops down, wrapped in his cloak, before throwing his cloak over his back and snarling at the opponent.
Intro Quotes
"You...Why do you come here?!"
"You should never have come here!"
"Get out!"
Vs. Belle: I don't want to fight you, Belle...
Outro: The Beast growls and wraps himself in his cloak before turning his back to the camera.
Outro Quote: Now...Get out!
Results Screen Quotes
"I'm um...sorry if I hurt you too badly...I'm trying to better myself..."
"I fight for Belle's sake!"
"If you don't want me to lock you up, run away now."
"If I ever catch you near my domain again..."
Vs. Belle: Forgive me, Belle...I was too lost in my rage...
Belle as Teammate: Your not too hurt, are you Belle?
Vs. Gaston: I may have the features of a beast, but YOU are the real monster, Gaston!
Akuma as Teammate:
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 7 12
Death Battle Moveset: Chazz Princeton
Biography: The Princeton family is considered one of the richest in the world. With the two oldest sons of the family already at the top of the political and financial fields, the youngest son Chazz was pressured to become the greatest player of the card game Duel Monsters, as a way to help his brothers become even more powerful. To help with this goal, Chazz was sent to Duel Academy, where he was placed in the top-ranked Obelisk Blue dorm. Chazz started out as arrogant and only respecting cards he considered powerful, but after losing a duel to known slacker Jaden Yuki and briefly leaving the Academy, Chazz returned with a more respectful attitude and the desire to defeat Jaden once and for all.
Play Style: Similar to Jaden, Chazz's play style revolves around disrupting the opponent and upgrading his Duel Monsters to make them more powerful. But while Jaden's fusions only last for one attack, Chazz can level up his signature Armed Dragon and make it last, causing its attacks to become
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 4 1
Ultimate Destiny: Mirai Trunks
Name: Trunks Briefs
Gender: Male
Debut: Dragon Ball Chapter #330 (1991)
VA: Eric Vale (English) Takeshi Kusao (Japanese)
Title: The Future Super Saiyan
Alternate Costume: Saiyan Armor
Signature Stage: Ruined West City
Intro: Trunks steps onto the arena and the camera pans up to show his face, briefly focusing on the Capsule Corp. logo on his jacket. Trunks then clenches his fists as he speaks his quote before he lets out a mighty yell with ki pulses around him and he transforms into a Super Saiyan.
Intro Quotes
"Give me everything you've got!"
"There's no need for a warm-up here!"
"So, you're sure you want to go through with this?"
"Goku isn't the only Super Saiyan. There's another one right here!"
Outro: Trunks tosses his sword into the air and leans to the side as it falls perfectly into its sheath, with Trunks putting his hand on its hilt with a smirk.
Outro Quote: You didn't think this through!
Results Screen Quotes
"I will defend the peace of this world!"
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 8 4
Death Battle Moveset: Incineroar
Biography: Incineroar, the Heel Pokémon, is the final evolved form of Litten, a Fire-type Pokémon given out to new Trainers in the Alola region. A rough-mannered and violent combatant, Incineroar gets excited to battle strong opponents, though foes it finds weak cause it to get bored. It can spew flames from the fiery belt around its waist to finish off opponents, and the fire gets more intense as it gets more motivated in battle. This particular Incineroar belongs to Professor Kukui, a famous Pokémon Professor who researches the different moves Pokémon can learn, while also secretly acting as a pro wrestler called the Masked Royal.
Play Style: Incineroar shines when it comes to high-damaging physical attacks, and powerful grapples. He is an incredibly fierce combatant once he gets in close, and while his attacks themselves don't have a lot of range, most of them come out surprisingly fast so Incineroar can unleash quick combos on his opponent. T
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 4 0


Cup Melt
after getting this done i don't have much to say lol. Though i would have put her in a bikini or even nothing to do this so there wouldn't be extra colors i'd have to diffuse/get rid of.
2012 Level Pack
Jackson Curtis, RV, The Ark


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