Thunder and Lighting

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What do you want from your miserable life
What harmony do you see in a future so dark?
Get away to safety
Do whatever you can
You'll get no friendship from me
I always wanted to destroy all this cuteness
I always wanted to rule by the lightning
Standing in the chaos, the thrill never fades
The ultimate shock, frighting and terrifying
Maybe you'll bow, maybe you'll break
You'll never escape my all powerful storm
Life on the run isn't easy, my friend
You can't beleieve, you cannot unsee
All of your world will be transformed
All of my guards are waiting here for you, too
I always wanted the bad life
I always wanted the thunder's delight
Standing in the rain, promises made
Under the thunder, shocking and awesome
Maybe you'll get shocked, maybe you'll escape
boom in the sky, thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning
What do you think's gonna be your reward
broken unicorn, a shocking betrayal
crys of sadness, you don't get it back
Move out and pull out and always attack
I never wanted to meet no ponies
I spent my whole life conquering
I'm in the storm, out of hiding
Shouting out rage, slippin' and slidin'
Maybe you'll shiver, maybe you'll quiver
Quick on the bolt, thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning
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