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Nur Zahida
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
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It's ya boii, CupcakeEdits20 AKA xCupcakeEdits_ or Nur Zahida on YT and randomcupcakey on IG! xD
You don't know much about me and want me to introduce myself? SURE WHY NOT-

Malay language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Indonesian language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Japanese language level OTAKU by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Russian language level CYKA BLYAT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Saudi Arabic language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

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Name: Nur Zahida
Age: 15 (not yet)
B Day: 11 October
Religion: Islam
Nationality: Malaysian
Languages: Malay (NATIVE), English, and random words of japanese, russian, arabian
Disorders: ADHD, Bipolar (thank god i finally get rid most of them)
Hearts by Alsuha
Let just say i love being busy, i personally enjoy both drawing and editing so yep. I don't know for my future yet because i wanted to be either a veterinarian, comic artist or athlete.
Hearts by Alsuha
I may act nice and innocent, but no im not. I HAVE SEEN THINGS. I accept critism but don't be a jerk towards me. I also seen too much stuff idk if should talk bout it
Hearts by Alsuha
Fandoms: MLP, South Park, Eddsworld, DDLC, RWBY, Anime
Fav anime: One Piece, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Goblin Slayer, K Project, Himouto Umaru Chan, Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, Servamp, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, etc.
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Cupcake Pie(Art Trade) by jokeypp (AT) Nice Wings by Callama-Team Zahida(Gift) by jokeypp
|AT| - Just an angel staring at your soul by NellaDang Commission 10 point slot 2 by SnowflakeCrystalYT Request for Cupcakeedits20 by SnowflakeCrystalYT
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Follow me on:

Instagram : randomcupcakey
YouTube: xCupcakeEdits_ (MV and Editing Channel) Nur Zahida (Art and Gacha Channel)

im the real one, if u see a fakie, tell me
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

  Exclamation Emote by Gasara  (this journal is still in update so i may do more commissions in the future ^^)   Heart Emote by Gasara


Exclamation Emote by Gasara RULES  Exclamation Emote by Gasara

1. I only draw ponies and base edits. I'm still practicing my own artstyle. 

2. Do NOT rush me. Remember i am still learning in middle school. I take some time since i am also busy in other stuffs.

. Don't ask me for a WIP for the draw. it kinda ruins the fun. 

4. Comment first, if i asked you to send the points then you will send it.

5. Send me the points to my donation pool first then i will do it.

6. My base edits are still cheap because my art is not that gud qwq.

7. I accept points only.

8. It can be an OC, Ponifications or Next gen. Except for Custom,Custom ships or next gen children.

9. Gifts and ships are allowed.

Heart Emote by Gasara I do: Base Edits (Headshot & Halfbody/ Fullbody/ Icons & Pixels) & MLP Bases  Heart Emote by Gasara

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Headshot & Halfbody [10  Purple Points by breerothman (+1 Pony =+5  Purple Points by breerothman) (Limit 3 Ponies/ Can be separatable)]

[C] Laylie Pie (Halfbody) by CupcakeEdits20  P A N C A K E S by CupcakeEdits20   Boop by CupcakeEdits20   [AT] Cotton Swirl Heart (Vector) by CupcakeEdits20  CUTIE WEREWOLFIE [G] by CupcakeEdits20  [CE] Thunder, Clear and Coco (Vector) by CupcakeEdits20

 Fullbody [20  Purple Points by breerothman (+1 Pony = +10 Purple Points by breerothman ) (Limit 6 Ponies/Can be separatable)]

[AT] SunShine by CupcakeEdits20     [C] Messy Beauty (Fullbody) by CupcakeEdits20  [C] Lantern Light (Shaded Fullbody) by CupcakeEdits20

Happy 61th Independence Day!!! (LATE QWQ) by CupcakeEdits20  Oops, I messed up my magic, sorry mom.. by CupcakeEdits20 

 Icons & Pixels [5 Purple Points by breerothman  (+1 Pony = +5 Purple Points by breerothman ) (Limit 2 Ponies/Can be separatable)]

Example:  Smol FlamingPie by CupcakeEdits20  [C] Aufa (Icon) by CupcakeEdits20  [C] Star Hearts (Icon) by CupcakeEdits20(more is coming soon)

 MLP Bases [10 Purple Points by breerothman  (+1 Pony = +10 Purple Points by breerothman ) (Limit 6 Ponies/Can be separatable)]

Examples:  MLP Base #2 BOOP by CupcakeEdits20  [Base #1] o boi i started a meme by CupcakeEdits20(more is coming soon)

FORM (Must fill it )

Type: (Headshot/Halfbody/Fullbody)
Base (optional) :
Reference sheet(s):
Shading: Yes (+2)/ No
Vector/ Background:
Separate or together in one pic? if more than 1 pony):
Total points:

Type: Icon/Pixel art
Base (NEEDED) (Make sure it is png and it can be used for commissions):
Reference sheet(s):
Shading: Yes (+2)/ No
Animated?: Yes (+2 )/ No
Separate or together in one pic? (if more than 1 pony):
Total points:

Separate or together in one pic? (if more than 1 pony):
Total points:



12 January 2018

1. Cryan-draws | Halfbody
[C] Laylie Pie (Halfbody) by CupcakeEdits20
2. Luigis-Sister18-Aufa | Icon
[C] Aufa (Icon) [C] Aufa (Icon) by CupcakeEdits20 [C] Aufa (Icon) by CupcakeEdits20 [C] Aufa (Icon) by CupcakeEdits20
3. PhantomBlue224 | Fullbody
[C] Mavis (Fullbody) by CupcakeEdits20
4. lynnqueenofsports | Icon
[C] Star Hearts (Icon) by CupcakeEdits20
5. SnowTheDemonFox | Fullbody
[C] Moonlight Galaxy (Fullbody) by CupcakeEdits20

6. Blue-Versper | Icon
[C] Kigen (Icon) by CupcakeEdits20

7. jokeypp | Fullbody
[C] Messy Beauty (Fullbody) by CupcakeEdits20

8. LanternLight14 | Fullbody
[C] Lantern Light (Shaded Fullbody) by CupcakeEdits20

9. ThatOnePeggles | Icon
  • Listening to: Wires (The Neighbourhood)
  • Reading: This
  • Watching: This
  • Playing: -
  • Eating: Ice cream
  • Drinking: -


Sorry for being inactive lately, recently got some issue with my family- and school.
Because we have PT3 this year and my parents wants me to score a best score in it. Tho its pretty clear im horrible at maths and science but they keep forcing me to get A on it.

My dad even rip one of my drawings and im in a really bad mood.
I dont have any inspirations what to draw and i still think my art is terrible because i never improved in it.
I dont know if i should quit deviantart or not. I want to draw but at the same time i dont feel like it..
Confession #2
I used to cut myself. And i still do. There are still scars on my wrist. I cut myself only when i feel depressed, hurted someone's feeling or i did something wrong. I broke a glass this morning and i was terribly scolded and beaten by my dad. And i cut myself.
(Im trying to stop my cutting habit, but i cant, it wont let me escape)

I never really liked my arts. I tried liking them but ended up thinking that i am really terrible at drawing. I can't improve my art style and i still can't draw ponies without using a base. I just suck at it. I tried learning but i failed. Looking at others art making me realized that not everyone able to do something even though they trained very hard.
This person above just sent me a note saying
"You wanna sex like Sonic.exe?"
and is an art stealer. Report him.

but seriously, what's up with weird ppl on DA noting me to fuck me like wtf
my cat scratched my face when im giving it a bath-
Am i eDGy yET?
(the scar is near my eye so oof)
Tuition classes: Hold up there boi
Me: aaaa fuck
Soo i was answering the English test and suddenly there was a question that involves Hatsune Miku and i went LMFAO WHATTTT
Just saw on the news about shooting happened at New Zealand's mosque. 49 muslims were killed when they did their prayers. My condolences goes to them. Rn i kinda dont feel safe going to the mosque..
Sorry for not posting arts or videos lately, tomorrow there will be exams so wish me luck QwQ I will be free during after next week so yep :'l
That moment when you play games with your friends with real weapons and ended up having a shuriken in your eye
Can anyone gimmw some tips on how to edit my page to look interesting? Mine looks like a total garbage QwQ
Me: *wants to watch all episodes of South Park*
Website: "Due to rules of your country blabla, all the episodes are blocked"
Me: fUUuucccccK

Also im a sucker for Craig x Tweek like SLAY ME I LOVE THEM
Cristali is so fucking disgusting. I felt bad for Peachy. She was manipulated by him. He ASKED HER FOR NUDES, FORCED HER TO MASTURBATE AND SENT HER HIS FUCKING DICK (and i saw it leaked on an IG post..very gross) but rn peachy exposed him. Here is it. AND THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT SUPPORT CRISTALI
There is a dude literally noted me pictures of gore. Like dead bodies, bodies that shows their insides and more
Thank god im actually used to gorey stuff so it doesnt affect me
Just wanna let you guys know if someone unknown sent a link in your note, immediately block them and dont click the link. What if it is nsfw picures of a very dangerous link that cause disadvantages on your phone/laptop. Just be careful ^^
Dad can you like give my laptop back plz? I need to finish my commissions and do more other arts and continue more speedpaints and make gacha life mini movie .-.


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Hello :) Haven't seen you in a while ^^
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Regardless, I'm pretty sure this video is gonna make your day ^^


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