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Since the Mirta story is getting towards the last half dozen chapters, my brain's already considering what I might do next.  I'm thinking I might do more Winx Cllub, specifically a fanfic about the Company of Light.  Marion & Oritel in love, Faragonda and Hagen in love, Faragonda and Griffin being BFFs, Daphne getting some screentime, Valtor, Mandragora, the ancestor witches... should be enough to do a few chapters about!

But I need help from you, o watchers!

1) Do you know of any other Company of Light fanfics out there?

2) Would you read mine if I wrote one?

3) Do you have any cool headcanon bits you'd like to see in a fanfic?  Any awesome scenes you've imagining?  Anybody else want to take a stab at the timeline for the destruction of Domino?  I've got ideas but maybe you've got better ones.

4) Miss Faragonda and Miss Griffin do not have good names for being young and fighting battles.  They will need first names or nicknames or SOMETHING because I love Miss F but her name is too darn long!  Any ideas on how to solve this name problem?  Any name suggestions?

If this Winx story idea doesn't get off the ground, I might do some more novelizations-- anything you'd like me to do?  Might do So Weird. That was a good show.  Or a video game novelization, haven't tried one of those yet!  Or maybe I'll try a Sailor Moon webcomic-- my drawing skills aren't really up to it, but if I do it like nads6969 does hers that would probably work.
So me and my mediocre art are chugging along happily, sketchbook on top of the pile, half-finished craft projects on the table... when the house got infested with bedbugs.  And we couldn't get rid of them.  People can get rid of bedbugs, but six people cannot get rid of bedbugs if two of them aren't willing to do the necessary cleaning and stuff.  So everyone had to move out.

Away went the craft projects, buried under the fuss of moving and being treated in case the bugs had invaded, and away went the sketchbook into the freezer because bugs can live in paper, and away went my space to work and my privacy and my drawing books and my lightbox and my colored pencils.

About two months later everything's coming out of quarantine and I'm getting set up in my new digs, still kind of shellshocked from the sudden disintigration of life as I knew it.  

In that time I've drawn exactly one picture.  And written half a notebook full-- the epic adventures of Mirta is going to have a lot more chapters someday when I type it all up.  The Tales of the Crystals Deluxe project is suffering from craft fail (need more dots in Craft Wonderous Item!) but will be completed if it's the last thing I do!  And there's another project that I hope will revive, but its nature is a secret for now. =)
For this:…;

Anyone! Color and background for me?  *puppy dog eyes*  I'll buy you a subscription! and draw your characters!  and paypal you some electronic folding green!  Ok, probably not all three.  How much does a coloring comission cost?  :-?

Also!  Anyone, point me at a tutorial that'll actually show me how to make layers work in Gimp and I'll draw your character.  I really did spend 5 hours trying to figure out the layers + looking for tutorials with no luck.  The only tutorial I found said, "this dropdown, then click on THAT" only in my shiny new Gimp, this dropdown did not have a THAT listed. T_T  Gimp's so great the rest of the time, but not about layers I guess.
Steal one!
To distract myself from the Sunday-night gloomies, here's a list of picture ideas I'm meaning to draw and may or may not ever get to:

Sailor Moon:
-Ikoku-mama meeting Neo Queen Serenity for the first time
-Princess Mars making a priestessy offering with one of Sakky's bowl poses
-Princess Mercury in the royal library
-Princess Venus sitting before a truly tacky vanity
-Human Luna cuddling kitty Artemis
-Luna and Usagi with their newborn baby and kitten
-Graceful queens, either Serenity 1 and Pluto or Serenity 2 and Kakyuu
-more of reborn Chibichibi

-the mothers as teenage fairies
-Flora's little sister Rose/Mielle
-Mirta henshin

-Avalon 'mages' drawn as Lyrical Nanoha 'mages'
-what the ending of Narutaru seemed like to me
-Angelica with a zebra
-the Jewel Riders
-X-Men chibis, making fun of Emma Frost's clothes
-Ponyo eating ham and giving her fishy sisters fish food
-heroic deeds translated into modern deeds

People's characters:
-Iris-Angel's pigtails and ears girl
-Silver-eyes-blue's Queen Diana and the spirit of the moon
-Elila's Blue Moon
-My friend Jess' blue-haired elf
-MY characters!  It's a sad state of affairs when a girl hasn't drawn her own darling Mary Sue in years!

And I want to photograph some of my massive collection of miniatures.  I've had the World's Most Spoiled Cupcake Doll for sixteen years and she's aquired quite a lot of cute stuff.

Just got some new kittens, they're about a week old.  Tiny round heads, ears hardly there, eyes still stuck closed. A whole kitten fits in the breast pocket of my shirt.  I'd take a picture of that, but they're BLACK kittens, so they photograph as featureless furry blobs.
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I choose my books by what shows up at the used book stores, or what I can get for under ten dollars including shipping on amazon. =)…

This is the first drawing book I got—picked it up at a used bookstore.  It has the basic how to draw eyes and bodies, the usual.  It also has bucketloads of cool poses, which is why it remains my favorite drawing book.…

About the same as the first, but this one has stuff about drawing guys too.  Also lots of poses ready to be stolen whole cloth!  I particularly like the page with reference drawings of bows and ruffles, for people like me who cannot visualize where all the lines go for longer than a second without looking at a picture.…

The unique feature of this book is that it has a lot of pointers on how to design a magical girl costume that doesn't look stupid.  This is interesting but maybe not useful—I mean, most of us already know what our girls' costumes look like!  It also has a few pages on designing magical pets if you want to go beyond the basic moonkitty.…

This book has my favorite shoujo eyes tutorial out of my books.  Other than that, it's the same stuff as the other Chris Hart books.  It actually has nothing about how to draw romantic scenes, and no couples poses. WTH with that? You could skip this book.…

I have this book in Japanese so I can't read it.  (didn't buy it, borrowed it from Nuriko.)  It has lots of hugs, glomps, some sex poses.  A few shots of how hands look when people are holding hands, which is super useful.  I really need to do more couples pictures!…

Good clean fun with tips on drawing severed limbs, leeches, and blood splatters as well as lots of monsters and critters.  Also has a lot about using tones to create effects.  (I can't use tones…)…

This book is old, the translations are clearly from before the days when everyone knew some Japanese.  Chibi characters are called "tiny tot characters" for example.  It's so quaint!

The usual faces and bodies stuff.  Has sections about anthro girls, different ways to do wings, a little bit about girls in mecha.  One-page spreads about maids, miko, bunny girls etc.  Also has a lot of pictures of girls getting dressed.  (Why are those there?  Does anybody want to draw their characters getting dressed?  I don't dislike it, but it confuses me.)…

This is one of my favorite books.  It's less a drawing book and more a bunch of pictures of everyday items a Japanese schoolgirl would own, with cute translated-from-Japanese descriptions.  Great if you're researching to write a manga with authentic props, otherwise, probably not so helpful to your art.  But…

To tell the truth, I sort of dream of being a Japanese schoolgirl as they're portrayed in anime. (Is this something I should talk to my therapist about?!)  Their lives are so ordered and cute and romantic, not messy and annoying like my real life!  Of course the real Japanese schoolgirl life is not like the fictional one.  But I can't be the only girl out there who longs for the fictional one just a little.  This book is ALL about that feeling of the cute, orderly, romantic schoolgirl life.…

All about female anatomy, how the different body parts look at different angles.  Mostly naked.  Quite a lot of naked.  Very few complete poses for lazy artists like me to steal.
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I really like some of the books like "Manga Mania" and "How to Draw Manga."  (not enough to pay full price though, yikes! But used bookstores are good and some of them are cheap on amazon.)  The reason I like them is because they show you how to draw lots of poses.  Yay poses! Poses I can use for my Sailors!

But then Nuriko told me the poses in drawing books, you're not actually supposed to use them, and if I use them people will make mean comments.

But... they're drawing books, for drawing, for people who draw!  if you're not supposed to draw the poses, why do they show you how to draw the poses?  The confusion... my brain hurts...
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It's three times as fun as drawing my own characters:
1 I'm happy because I drew a picture.
2 The owner is happy because someone drew her characters.
3 I'm happy because the owner tells me "thank you."
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