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Geron [GeronKizan] as Detective Gumshoe, Miles [CaptainMiles] as Phoenix Wright, and myself as Maya Fey from the Phoenix Wright series. Photo taken by Lionel [lionboogy] at Otakon 2009. Funny story: Miles and I had actually been planning to cosplay Nick and Maya LAST Otakon, but I was offered my teaching position a week and a half prior to the convention and everything went to pot, since I had to focus on moving. I made Maya in November for Nekocon, but never quite finished her, and this summer I was FINALLY able to sew Miles' suit and put the finishing touches on Maya! PHEW. Plans for a larger group seem to continually fall through with these costumes, but we were so happy to have the most excellent Geron as our Gumshoe. ENJOY OUR FABULOUS POSES. Both Phoenix and Maya were constructed by myself. Miles made his attorney pin. XD

Please no critiques/criticism. I'd like to keep this gallery happy! <3
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I just finished this game a month ago...these cosplays are so much win!!