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Emperor's Hand.

Character: Mara Jade
Source: Star Wars: Mara Jade - By the Emperor's Hand
Seamstress/Model: Tess (cupcake-rufflebutt)
Photography: Judy Stephens (TheDreamerWorld)
Location: Katsucon 2016

Construction Notes:
Like a lot of folks, Star Wars has left a sizable footprint on my life. My parents' first date was to see the original film in 1977, and I watched the films on repeat as a child. When I hit 6th grade and my parents finally agreed to let me read "grown-up books," I LITERALLY CONSUMED the expanded universe. (Seriously, I read 3-4 books a month.) When the prequels hit, it was OMG AMIDALA FEVER and, though I wasn't into costuming yet, I couldn't resist painting red dots on my face and running around in a kimono. And now there are the new movies and TV shows, and golly, I just love that my elementary school students are as obsessed as I am! 

Mara Jade has been a long time coming, not least of all because she is my favourite EU character. She's been cosplayed so many times by so many beautiful, badass ladies, it's honestly taken me a while to work up the courage to tackle her. I chose this outfit from one of the comic books because I wanted something a little different than her typical black catsuit, and also because I LOVE the earthy brown and purple colour scheme. I started by making a hooded tunic with side-slits from a dusty purple knit. The bodice is made from a brown leather-look fabric and zips in the back for a tight fit. The bolero vest is made from a quilted leather-look fabric that just looked SO COOL in the store (I love playing with textures!) and I made the shoulder armor from craft foam using the same technique as my original Terra costume. The armor has gold chain detailing and attaches to the vest with velcro. The silver unitard, boots, and gun were all purchased, and I borrowed the lightsaber from my husband. (Since it's impossible to find a reasonably-priced replica of Mara's hilt, I logically ordered a replica of Luke's from Ultrasabers. Unfortunately it took them MONTHS to mail it to me, and it literally arrived the evening after we left for Katsucon. Seriously, Ultrasabers? Thankfully my husband came to the rescue and I was able to wield her purple blade after all. Thanks, love! :3) 

Anyway, I'm happy I can finally say that I've cosplayed from Star Wars! Next up will be Hera from Star Wars Rebels. I've wanted to cosplay a Twi'lek forever, but never found one that I liked enough (or that wore enough clothing, LOL). Hera is brilliant and strong in the most wonderful matronly way, and I know I'll have a lot of fun making her!

Special Request:
Please no critiques/criticism; I'd like to keep this gallery happy! :3
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My favorite cosplay of Mara Jade to date.  Do you have any more of this cosplay?
Deltaturtle's avatar
Whoa, that's amazing!!
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Oh man, I love that you went with one of her more sensible outfits. It's awesome. Love it!
RachsCosplays's avatar
I love the expanded universe and Mara will ALWAYS BE luke's wifey,Expanded universe to me is still cannon! very lovely mara jade!
cupcake-rufflebutt's avatar
True that! :D And thank you!
Goldencard's avatar
i remember borrowing the graphic novel from the library numerous times many years ago.

Great cosplay!
cupcake-rufflebutt's avatar
That's awesome! And thank you! :D
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Have you join the Legion? it's a beautiful costume!
cupcake-rufflebutt's avatar
Not yet! I'm honestly a little intimidated by them, since I know they have high standards. But thanks for the vote of confidence! :D
ThomasBlack1's avatar
they do, but I bet they would be willing to help you get there :D
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Your cosplay is outstanding ^^ the detail on the blaster is exquisite and I'm absolutely envious about you having that excellent lightsaber; I take it you got it from Ultrasabers? Either way, excellent job and may the Force be with you ^^ lol, I ought to tone down on my nerdiness XD
cupcake-rufflebutt's avatar
Thanks so much! I can't take credit for the blaster detailing; I got it from a seller on Etsy. (I would link you, but I just noticed that his shop has been taken down. It's a shame, because he did great work!) The saber is an Ultrasabers that my husband purchased second-hand. I don't know much about it, but it's apparently one of the best you can buy. Programmable sound effects, changes colors, the works. I'm so lucky he had it, since they didn't mail the one I ordered in time for this event!
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Now this is one dapper, clean cut and classy lookin' Mara! I love all of her costume iterations to DEATH, but I've never seen anybody do this outfit- you fit the part so well- gosh :heart: Just stunning work.
cupcake-rufflebutt's avatar
AHHHHHHHHH, you always leave the sweetest comments. Thank you so much! :D 
Skirtzzz's avatar
:hug: :heart:
You're welcome! I've been away from DA for a while- and I really missed your beautiful costumes!! 
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