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Character: Anya
Source: Anastasia
Seamstress/Model: Tess (cupcake-rufflebutt)
Photography: Paul Karpey (popecerebus)
Location: Katsucon 2014

Construction Notes:
Anya was one of those costumes that I HAD to make, not only because I have SUPER INTENSE FEELS for this movie, but because I knew it'd take me an evening to throw together. I mean she's wearing a sack. 

So naturally I started with a sack dress pattern, which I modified to be even more sack-like. You can't really tell in this shot, but I chose upholstery fabrics and buttons with a heavy grain to them, and did a bit of hacking and weathering to make the garment look worn. The necklace was made from some gold filigree and rhinestones, and the wig was styled to include her tiny wrapped ponytail. (I love her hat, but that little puff of a ponytail just sounded like too much fun to style!) The leggings, boots, and belt were purchased. 

Sadly Katsucon 2014 was the year of THE GREAT SNOWPOCALYPSE and it took renting a car and driving from TX to MD for CaptainMiles and I to make it to the convention. (Why were we crazy enough to do this? Well, my beautiful friends had planned a bridal shower for me, and I knew it was my only chance of seeing them before my wedding. Otherwise I DO NOT recommend driving from TX to MD on 2 hours of sleep. We were so miserable!) Anyway, I wore Anya for maybe an hour on Saturday. It was enough time for me to grab a few quick photos with Paul, and that was that. Someday I'd like to get more wear out of her, maybe even make the rest of this outfit (coat, scarf, hat) or her ballgown. Until then, let this be photographic proof that I made it to Katsucon 2014!

Special Request:
Please no critiques/criticism; I'd like to keep this gallery happy! :3
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i love this cosplay its unique 
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So good to see you back!
Your cosplays are always a joy to see!
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Aw, thank you! ;___; I hope to be more active this summer!