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Angels Fall First.

Character: Angel
Source: sakizo's "Sakizo Art Works" Artbook
Seamstress/Model: Tess (cupcake-rufflebutt)
Photography: Kevin Chan (solartempest)
Location: Katsucon 2015

Construction Notes:
I originally constructed Angel for Katsucon 2014, but it was such a hectic weekend (there was a blizzard, we drove from TX, my wonderful friends threw me a bridal shower, etc.) that I never got around to wearing her. When Katsucon 2015 rolled around, I was so excited to finally get her out of the closet! The costume is based on an illustration from the artbook "Sakizo Art Works" by Japanese artist sakizo. (If you're not familiar with this lady's work, please go enlighten yourself! The level of detail in her artwork is absolutely staggering, and I can't NOT look through her artbooks and feel inspired in my costuming.) This is the third Sakizou costume I have made and definitely the most simplistic. I particularly loved this design's contrasting whites/creams and golds, subtle textures, and her long, flowing hairstyle crowned by a mass of braids and halo. All of that said, I wish I could have a "do over" on this costume! I made some very poor decisions with regard to materials (fabrics, patterns, wig) and, as I was putting the costume together, I quickly realized that nothing was meshing with the original design. My fabric was too white and heavy, the textures simply weren't photographing, the wig was a giant ball of poof, and the bodice detailing wasn't "popping." While I think the final product is very pretty, I would not call it "accurate" by any means. (Gomen, Sakizou-san, I will do better next time! ;___; ) The one part of the costume that I am satisfied with are the cuffs, which were made by adhering 3D vinyl fabric to a base of craft foam, then weathered and "bling'd up." Other than that, this was a lesson in DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE MAKING A SAKIZOU COSTUME. Live and learn! :D

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Special Request:
Please no critiques; I'd like to keep this gallery happy! <3
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